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NSWCA Girls Rankings-12/9/2022

Girls Ratings
Girls Teams (rated girls)
1. South Sioux City (7)
2. Westside (4)
3. Norfolk (3)
4. Yutan (3)
5. Papillion-LaVista (3)
6. Chadron (3)
7. Grand Island (3)
8. Winnebago (3)
9. Fremont (3)
10. Millard South (2)
Contenders: Pierce, Northwest, Schuyler, Conestoga, Lexington
South Sioux City showed why they are the heavy favorites to repeat as they easily dispatched the 37-team field at the Friday Night Fracas winning by 55 points over a very tough Southeast Polk, IA team without the services of returning State champ, Yohaly Quinones, who was under the weather. Westside competed at the Dan Gable Donnybrook national showcase in IA without Rosseter finishing with three medalists. Zatechka is down to 155 and Macy Barber looks more than ready to make noise at 170. Norfolk is solid in most weights and will need some other girls to step up this season to challenge SSC for the title. Yutan has a solid core of three this season. Will anyone else on their team emerge to push them up the medal stand? Papillion-LaVista has lots of talent but started without all their girls at the weights they want them at. They will be a force to be reckoned with if they all show up at the end of the year this season. Chadron’s big three all easily won opening weekend. Grand Island had an amazing opening weekend winning two different tournaments on the same day with different line-ups, impressive! Their depth will make them tough at the end of the year. Winnebago’s three returning medalists all showed up big opening weekend. Fremont has some good young talent, and they should make some noise this year. Millard South looked tough and had a big opening weekend at the Friday night Fracas taking 3rd place as a team. The team race should be very exciting this season. However, districts will be brutal this year with 36 teams per district. Which squads will get their point scorers through the gauntlet in February? Exciting times ahead!
Girls Individuals
1. Gloria Flores – South Sioux City, 12
2. Payton Thiele – Louisville, 10
3. Autumn Bartlett – Beatrice, 12
4. Carlie McKibbin – Bayard, 10
5. Sandra Guitierrez – Grand Island, 10
6. Azaria Ruby – Nebraska City, 11
Contenders: Stutzman-South Loup, Hull-SS, Negley-Gothenburg
Flores won the Friday Night Fracas in West Point and looks to be the early favorite this year at 100. There are plenty of returning state qualifiers to give her a run for her money and there could be some new freshmen that end up being tough at this weight. Time will tell. Thiele, Bartlett, McKibbin, and Guitierrez all easily won their respective opening tournaments. Ruby struggled up a weight class opening weekend, but she is on her way down to 100 where she was one match away from a medal last year.
1. Afftynn Stuesse – Battle Creek, 12
2. Jocelyn Prado – Johnson County Central, 10
3. Mileena Notaro – Lincoln East, 10
4. Madelynn Bohnet – South Sioux City, 9
5. Sofia Blanco – Fremont, 10
6. Sinai Sanchez – Schuyler, 10
Contenders: Siefken-LSW, Martin-Millard North
Stuesse wasted no time announcing she is back for her senior campaign easily dispatching the field up at 110 at the O’Neill Invite. Her descent plan will allow her to compete at a lower weight and look for her to be the favorite all year at 105. Prado won up a weight class, and like Stuesse will be down to 105 in no time. Notaro and Bohnet had a great semi’s match with Notaro getting the 4-2 decision and going on to win the Friday Night Fracas. They are both experienced, tough wrestlers and will be major players in February. Blanco beat Sanchez head-to-head winning the Fremont Invite. Don’t be surprised if one or two of these girls makes the trip down to 100 after Christmas with the two-pound allowance, we will have to wait and see. There also appears to be some other solid freshmen at this weight class.
1. Maycee Peacher – Bennington, 10
2. Fransisca Walsh – Lexington, 12
3. Tiearra Pollard – Norfolk, 10
4. Ella Reeves – Battle Creek, 10
5. Taylee Williamson – Chadron, 10
6. Jadyn Cottam – Sidney, 10
Contenders: Dennis-PLV, Sowles-Minden, Salgado-Schuyler, Morales-GISH
Defending champion, Macy Peacher, is the easy favorite at this weight class. Walsh did not wrestle this weekend for Lexington. Pollard, Reeves, Williamson, and Cottam all won their respective brackets this weekend. We will need to wait and see who ends up where to get a better idea of this weight class.
1. Aubrie Pehrson – Yutan, 10
2. Sophia Schultz – Raymond Central, 11
3. Kylee Plowman – Conestoga, 10
4. Jolyn Pozehl – Ainsworth, 10
5. Lacy Lemburg – Lakeview, 10
6. Talia Astorino – Papillion LaVista
Contenders: Maschmann-Beatrice, Bisbee-Aurora, Haller-Norfolk, Darling-Wahoo, Robbins-Bridgeport
This is one of the toughest looking and deepest light weight classes on paper right now. There will be shifting of weight classes for sure, but for now, the premier match-up between returning champ, Pehrson of Yutan and boys state qualifier, Shultz of Raymond Central who make the switch to girls only competition. If Schultz goes down to 110 then the match-up with Peacher would be the mega-match people will be excited to watch. Either way, these types of matchups will be important for the continued growth of NE girls wrestling. Plowman, Pozehl, Lemburg, and Astorino all won their respective brackets, looking good early on. There are many solid wrestlers right behind them that will be pushing all year long to get on that medal stand.
1. Alexis Pehrson – Yutan, 10
2. Madisen Petersen – Crofton, 12
3. Corah Linnaus – Stanton, 11
4. Selena Mccrery – Bennington, 10
5. Kaylee Bedsole – Fremont, 9
6. Nella Dolan – Skutt, 12
Contenders: Taylor-Papio, McKenzie-Sidney
Pehrson beat Petersen last year in the state finals at this same weight. It looks like they will be battling it out again this season. Linnaus beat out Mccrery last season on her way to a 3rd place medal. They both won their respective brackets first weekend out. The big surprise came from incoming freshmen, Bedsole of Fremont, as she pinned returning medalist, Taylor of Papillion-LaVista, in the finals of the Fremont Invite. Dolan wrestled up a weight class at the Donnybrook in IA but looks like she will be down at 120 after Christmas.
1. Regan Rosseter – Westside, 11
2. Sydnie Brown – Overton, 10
3. Patricia Arroyo – Red Cloud/Blue Hill, 11
4. Kylie Sullivan – Fremont, 10
5. Maggie Painter – Pierce, 11
6. Jordyn Campbell – Yutan, 9
Contenders: Bruns-Wayne, Kuester-West Point, McGillivray-Stanton, Robbins-Bridgeport
Rosseter did not wrestle this last weekend or in their dual with Marian. Will she make the drop to 125 or stay at 130? Time will tell. She will be the favorite at either weight, but 130 looks a little more stacked right now. Arroyo is a returning medalist from 126 a year ago, but Brown beat her head to head in a tight match last weekend at the Southwest Girls Invite. Sullivan is a dangerous wrestler and she won 130 at her home invite. Painter has dropped a weight class this year and should look to push high on the medal stand this season. Campbell is an experienced freshman making her debut by winning the Bennington Invite up at 130. She can’t ask for better practice partners and will look to help her team move up on the team standings this season.
1. Selena Zamora – South Sioux City, 11
2. Lesley Rodriguez – Norfolk, 10
3. Kayden Sipp – Adams Central, 9
4. Madison Davis – West Holt, 11
5. Ann Marie Meiman – Omaha North, 11
6. Emory Trofholz – Conestoga, 12
Contenders: Osborn-B-R, Custard-McCook, Skrdla-Pierce, Hansen-Stanton
This weight class looks very stacked on paper. Rosseter could be here or her teammate Barber could drop down? We will have to wait and see. For now, returning state champion Zamora has the claim to the top spot as she will look to defend her title from 132 last year. Rodriguez is a runner-up from last season at 138 and will be a huge threat to win a title at 130. Kayden Sipp is one of the most experienced freshmen this season and is a huge contender for the gold medal. She pinned her way to gold at the Fracas including a win over returning medalist, Meiman. Davis from West Holt is another huge threat at this weight class. She wrestled a lot over the off-season and is primed for a huge year. She won the O’Neill Invite. Returning medalist Trofholz from Conestoga won her home invite on the opening weekend.
1. Zoey Barber – Westside, 10
2. Kristin Schellenberg – Scribner-Snyder, 11
3. Fia Rasmussen – Chadron, 11
4. Yvette Vargas – Millard South, 12
5. Haley Miller – Pierce, 12
6. Victoria Maxey – Norfolk, 10
Contenders: Bengtson-Aurora, Finecy-Lakeview, Hensch-Conestoga
Zoey Barber is the favorite at 135 for now, although she could end up at 130. Barber wrestled at Donnybrook in IA and finished runner-up to a highly rated IA girl. Her biggest threat has to be Schellenberg from Scribner-Snyder who is back from an injury that kept her out all last season. She easily won the Fremont Invite at 140 over returning medalists Maxey of Norfolk and Wemhoff of Schuyler. Vargas started off the year with two big wins over returning medalists Sutton of Weeping Water and Maxey of Norfolk. Miller was beaten by Lindo-Marente of GI up at 140. There are plenty of good wrestlers waiting in the wings to shake things up in the coming months. This is another weight class that could have a lot of changes throughout the year with girls going up and down to find their best matchups.
1. Reagen Gallaway – Amherst, 12
2. Dylen Ritchey – Ralston, 11
3. Carly Wemhoff – Schuyler, 11
4. Koryn Kline – Ord, 12
5. Maria Lindo-Marente – GISH, 11
6. Addeline Graser – Papillion-LaVista, 9
Contenders: Sutton-WW, Cuevas-Norfolk,
Gallaway is the reigning NE girl’s wrestler of the year. She never made it out of the first period the entire year last season. She picked up where she left off pinning all of her opponents in the first on opening weekend. Ritchey won the O’Neill Invite over Lindo-Marente who was one match away from medaling at 152 last season. Wemhoff lost to Schellenberg. Kline hasn’t wrestled yet. Perhaps, the best incoming freshmen is highly touted Graser of Papio. She did not wrestle this last weekend, so it will be interesting to see where she fits into the line-up and how she stacks up against the very best in NE high school girls wrestling.
1. Kenli Boeselager – Chadron, 11
2. Miah Kenny – GINW, 11
3. Avani Wilke – Winnebago, 11
4. Emma Stice – Papillion LaVista, 11
5. Persephone Prochaska – Marian, 12
6. Jesi Hasenkamp – Wahoo, 10
Contenders: Oliverez-SSC, Bobeldyke-Norfolk
Boeselager is back to 145 to defend her title from last season. Will anybody be able to push her this season? Kenny did not wrestle opening weekend. Wilke and Stice easily won their respective brackets last weekend. Prochaska started at 155 and took a few losses to some good wrestlers but she will be down to 145 sooner than later. Haskenkamp had some good wins as a freshman and will be looking to improve her sophomore season.
1. Yohaly Quinones – South Sioux City, 12
2. Jayda Parker – Bellevue East, 12
3. Makayla Pate – McCook, 11
4. Amelia Jacobsen – Minden, 12
5. Chloe Mader – GINW, 12
6. Piper Zatechka – Westside, 10
Contenders: Green-Omaha North, Velasquez-Schuyler, Taylor-Columbus, Ceballos-JCC, Hampton-Millard South
This looks to be the toughest weight class in the state this year. Probably because it will be a little harder to drop down to 145, plus a few girls have cut down to this weight for a shot at gold. Quinones is the reigning champion who was unbeaten last season. Parker had a big win over Green at the Fracas. Pate did not wrestle opening weekend. Jacobsen had a huge win over Mader at their dual on Tuesday. Zatechka has made it down and started off with a big win over Prochaska of Marian in their dual. We will see how she stacks up against the best at this weight class. This is going to be a deep class of good wrestlers.
1. Kaylee Ricketts – Wahoo, 11
2. Paola Vergara – O’Neill, 11
3. Rowyn Wiltgen – Millard South, 10
4. Megan Hixon – Grand Island, 12
5. Macy Barber – Westside, 9
6. Annabelle Poppe – Crofton, 10
Contenders: Rose-Omaha Central, Acosta-Schuyler, Gomez-Hemingford
Ricketts is the defending champion. She has the individual NE records for most wins, pins, nearfalls, and takedowns in a single season. Will anybody be able to challenge her this season? Vergara and Wiltgen both started the season off with gold medals at the O’Neill Invite and Friday Night Fracas. Hixon lost to Vergara in the finals at O’Neill. Incoming freshmen, Barber, showed she is ready by placing 3rd at the Donnybrook in IA. Returning medalist, Poppe, took a loss up a weight class but should be back down to 170 in no time.
1. McKena Schramm – Fairbury, 12
2. Darian Earth – Winnebago, 11
3. Danielle Carney – Norfolk Catholic, 10
4. Ali Edwards – Grand Island, 10
5. Jacquelyn Zamora – South Sioux City, 12
6. Martha Hinneh – Marian, 11
Contenders: Jakubowski-O’Neill, Alba-Schuyler, Janovich-Elkhorn
Schramm opens the year as the favorite at 190. She was runner-up a year ago to the now graduated Parsons from Pierce and is hungry for that gold state medal. She won a huge early season match-up with Paasch of West Point at the Friday Night Fracas. Earth is very good and will be nipping at her heels. Carney from Norfolk Catholic won the O’Neill Invite in convincing fashion over Edwards of GI. Zamora and Hinneh both lost to Schramm at the Fracas finishing 3rd and 5th respectively.
1. Claire Paasch – West Point-Beemer, 12
2. Melissa De La Torre – South Sioux City, 12
3. Caitlyn Sohm – South Sioux City, 10
4. Precious DeCora – Winnebago, 10
5. Savannah Koch – Minden, 12
6. Raina Krebs – Summerland, 10
Contenders: Kennel-Norfolk Catholic, Ramirez-Crete, Sistek-Seward
Paasch is the defending champion at 235. I would anticipate her coming back up to defend her title. SSC has two good wrestlers at this weight and iron sharpens iron in the practice room. DeCora is looking to climb onto the medal stand this year along with Koch of Minden. They both bring experience from last year’s state meet. Krebs had a good opening weekend winning the O’Neill Invite over Kennel. It will be interesting to see which new girls emerge over the coming months in all the different weight classes. Very exciting for NE girls wrestling!

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