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Membership FAQ's

Is Huskerland and NSWCA membership the same?

Yes, since the merger of NSWCA and Huskerland, membership has been streamlined to be the same membership:   both enjoy the benefits of each organization.

Is the $75 High school coach and club the same membership?

Yes, in order to be covered for the $10 million liability coverage, each high school head coach or youth wrestling club coach needs to sign up  for the $75 membership.

If a High School coach applies for the $75 membership, does the youth club get the same coverage?

YES.  Any youth club associated with a high school program will receive the save coverage as the high school under the same membership.  ALL youth coaches still must pay the $25 membership and obtain their own AAU Card to enjoy the same privileges.

What is included in the $75 membership?

With the $75 membership fee, each high school or club is covered under the $10 million liability coverage.  Along with the $75 fee, One (1) head coach is included in that membership. Additional coaches at $25 per assistant coach. (Head coach and Assistant coaches are required to obtain their own AAU Card)

What is included in the $25 membership?

Coaches that pay the $25 and obtain their non-athletic AAU Card are covered under the High school/club liability umbrella AND will receive free admission to all Huskerland events.  (This is a $40 value.)

What if I’m not a Coach, but want to be a member of NSWCA?

If you are not a coach and do not plan on coaching at any Huskerland events, but still want to enjoy a membership to NSWCA, you can sign up at the $25 rate.  Non coaches do not have to purchase an AAU Card.  You will also receive free admission to all Huskerland events (General admission).  (This is a $40 value.)

What are the additional benefits of the AAU insurance?

Along with the $10 million liability coverage, The list can be viewed by clicking the following link: Insurance Brochure

Do coaches need to obtain their own AAU Card?

YES.  In order to qualify for AAU Coverage, all coaches must obtain their own non-athletic AAU Card.

Why do I have to obtain my own AAU Card?

Due to the sensitive information required to do the background check, Huskerland/NSWCA cannot securely protect that information.  Each coach will have to obtain their own AAU card.

How do I obtain an AAU card?

Be sure to register for a NON-ATHLETIC AAU CARD.  Go to: Non Athletic AAU Card

What if I pay for a membership and DO NOT obtain an AAU Card?

You will not be covered under the AAU umbrella and WILL NOT be allowed on the floor of any Huskerland events, but you will enjoy free entrance to ALL Huskerland events as General Admission. ($40 value)

How much is a Non-Athletic AAU Card?

$14-$16 based on your level of coverage.

Do my athletes need an AAU Card?

YES, if your athletes want to participate in any AAU events, they will need their own athletic AAU card.  This becomes the secondary insurance in case of any injuries.