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NSWCA Class D Rankings 12/9/2022

Class D Teams
1. Aquinas
2. Thayer Central
3. Mullen
4. Neligh-Oakdale
5. Plainview
6. Elkhorn Valley
7. Hitchcock County
8. Sutherland
9. Shelby-Rising City
10. Southern Valley
Ratings this early in the season are mostly based off the end of last season’s performance. Aquinas is the clear-cut favorite to win Class D, followed by several teams that can fight for 2nd. Neligh-Oakdale is currently 4th, but only because of their performance from end of last season. The move-in of Levi Drueke could very well move them to 2nd soon. Thayer Central, Mullen, Plainview and Elkhorn Valley should all be very close at the end of the year. Sutherland returns enough to be in the mix, and we will have to see how Shelby-Rising City competes with their young talent. Southern Valley took a big loss by losing medalist Mason Noel to injury. First teams out are Anselmo-Merna, Southwest and Alma.
Class D Individuals
It is a guess where some of these kids will end up after Christmas. After looking at bodyfat and gut feeling this is what we settled on for our first-round ratings.
1. Grady Romshek, Aquinas
2. Cole Sinn, Thayer Central
3. Grady Dempcy, Sutherland
4. Matthew Johnson, Kimball
5. Abraham Lopez, Guardian Angel CC
6. Levi Russel, High Plains
Romshek and Sinn lead the weight class because of returning state medalist. Dempcy was undersized at 106 last year, so should be a force by being a full 106.
1. Creel Weber, Hemingford
2. Braxton Hammond, Southern Valley
3. Sebastian Sauceda, Shelton
4. Carter Brandyberry, Alma
5. Jeffery Forsen, Mullen
6. Tristan Olson, Anselmo-Merna
Returning state champ Creel Weber looks like the guy to beat, followed by 5 state medalists moving up from 106. Sauceda had a quick pin over Brandyberry on week one. A few others wrestled up the first week, but we feel like they will settle in at this weight after Christmas.
1. Gatlin Krepela, Pleasanton
2. Zander Kavan, Aquinas
3. Triston Wells, Thayer Central
4. Tristen Kruger, North Central
5. Blake Devitt, Hitchcock County
6. Luke Harper, Sutherland
Krepela was runner-up to Weber last season and has the frame to easily handle the move to 120, so he gets the nod over Kavan and Wells also state medalist.
1. Eli Paxton, Mullen
2. Braxton Siebrandt, Wisner-Pilger
3. Reece Kocian, East Butler
4. Mason Nitz, Elkhorn Valley
5. Dierks Nekoliczak, Central Valley
6. Carter Beckman, Elgin Public/Pope John
Paxton defeated Siebrandt in the 120 state finals 4-3, justifying 1-2. Kocian missed the end of the season last year but was a medalist contender if he could have wrestled. Nitz and Beckman returing qualifers. Nekoliczak medaled last season but has not bodyfat tested yet. Guessing he will be at this weight.
1. Jakob Kavan, Aquinas
2. Dylan Brichacek Howels-Dodge
3. Lane Bohac, East Butler
4. Carter Van Pelt, Southwest
5. Jordan Mosel, Plainview
6. Brock Burry, Bayard
Kavan returning runner-up leads this weight. Brichacek and Bohac returning placers, followed by 3 qualifiers.
1. Nickolas Kuehn, Kenesaw
2. Kyler Mosel, Plainview
3. Cauy Kohl, Sutherland
4. Nathan Halsey, Elkhorn Valley
5. Wesley Jacobs, Hay Springs
6. James McGinnis, Kimball
This weight had 3 runner-ups in the top 3 positions with Kohl possibly moving to 132 after Christmas. Qualifiers Halsey, Jacobs and McGinnis make this a balanced weight class.
1. Kelby Coufal, Aquinas
2. Daniel Kohel, Morrill
3. Mavrick Hagemann, Elkhorn Valley
4. Adam Corbett, Cambridge
5. Tyce Porter, Anselmo-Merna
6. Gavin Prewit, North Central
This weight seems to be wide open. We expect some shuffling during the season with no returing medalist. Your guess is as good as ours.
1. Tanner Frahm, Plainview
2. Wyatt Urkoski, High Plains
3. Cole Broeker, Southern Valley
4. Jacob Moravec, Aquinas
5. Tristan Smith, Elkhorn Valley
6. Trey Schindler, Kimball
Returning champ Frahm moves to 152 to fill the #1 spot. #2 and #3 were medalist last season. Moravec did not qualify last year but is good enough to deserve the 4th spot.
1. Justin Knoll, Shelby-Rising City
2. Taaron Lavicky, Axtell
3. Levi Drueke, Neligh-Oakdale
4. Tanner O’Brien, Hitchcock County
5. Lane Belina, Howels-Dodge
6. Tripp Davenport, Overton
Knoll and Lavicky are returing medalists. Levi Drueke transferred to Neligh-Oakdale and could be the best at this weight. O’Brien was a qualifier, Belina and Davenport have started strong this year.
1. Gunner Mumford, Thayer Central
2. Aiden Kuester, Neligh-Oakdale
3. Garett Schneider, Twin Loup
4. Chase Gracey, Mullen
5. Mathew Phelps, North Platte St. Pat’s
6. Alek Malzahn, Alma
Mumford has head-to-head over Kuester last year at the state meet. Schneider, Gracey and Malzahn are qualifiers. Phelps has a win over Malzahn.
1. Jestin Bayer, Howells-Dodge
2. Brett Bridger, Fullerton
3. Austin Rudolf, Neligh-Oakdale
4. Kolyn Gaston Hitchcock County
5. Conner Bryner, Sutherland
6. Cameron Schulte, Thayer Central
Top four were placers from last season. Bryner was a state qualifier that transferred to Sutherland and Schulte has started the season strong.
1. Sid Miller, Anselmo-Merna
2. Keegan Shuler, Hitchcock County
3. Elijah Fjell, Shelby-Rising City
4. Mason Topp, Winside
5. Slate Micheel, Twin Loup
6. Blake Emig, Dundy County/Stratton
Miller with the win over Shuler at the Mullen Invite. Shuler had a quick turnaround from football, so that might factor into their next meeting. Fjell must be a solid freshman with a 9-3 win over Topp. Micheel did not wrestle the first week, but bodyfat tested here. Emig with a strong start rounds out the top 6.
1. Calib Svoboda, Aquinas
2. Clayton Hardy, Southwest
3. Cade Buss, Burwell
4. Daven Whitley, Lyons-Decatur
5. Luke Pawloski, Pleasanton
6. Collin Vrbka, Shelby-Rising City
HWT Class C state placers Svoboda and Whitley moved to 220 this year. Hardy was 4th and Buss finished 6th at 220. Pawloski and Vrbka are two quality sophomores.
1. Isaac Welch, Mullen
2. Thomas Psota, Ravenna
3. Juan Perez, Perkins County
4. Xander Albin, Plainview
5. Taylor Hubl, Hitchcock County
6. Ben Melton, North Platte St. Pat’s
Welch and Psota return as state placers, followed by 3 qualifiers. Melton comes in a 6th with his only loss being to Welch.

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