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NSWCA Girls Rankings 12/23/21

NSWCA Rankings 12/23/21
Girls Rankings
NSWCA Girls Ratings
December 21, 2021
Top 10 Teams (district assignment)
1. West Point-Beemer (A-2)
2. South Sioux City (A-3)
3. Schuyler (A-1)
4. Pierce (A-2)
5. Amherst (A-4)
6. Wahoo (A-1)
7. Nebraska City (A-1)
8. Grand Island (A-4)
9. Norfolk (A-1)
10. Yutan (A-1)
The returning top three schools have all had incomplete line-ups so far this season. It will be interesting
next week at Winnebago which team will be full strength as all three teams will be there. There will be
37 teams at Winnebago and should have many exciting match ups. Lookout for the Bluejays, with the
move-in of Miller to Pierce, they may end up with a line-up that can make a run at the end of the year in
Omaha. For whatever reason Amherst has not had more than three girls wrestle at any one
tournament. Still waiting to see what their final line-up will look like. Wahoo has their line-up set and
they look good. Nebraska City and Grand Island have been wrestling well as of late. Norfolk has some
good pieces but haven’t been all together yet. Yutan will score the same amount of points in any
tournament they enter with their two stud freshmen sisters.
1. Maycee Peacher – Bennington, 9 th
2. Ichell Rivas – Wayne, 11 th
3. Azaria Ruby – Nebraska City, 10 th
4. Peyton Thiele – Louisville, 9 th
5. Autumn Bartlett – Beatrice, 11 th
6. Jessica Ortega – Schuyler, 10 th
Contenders: McKibbin-Bayard, Flores-SSC, Hohn-WW
The big question is whether Peacher will drop to 100 or stay at 107. She will be the indubitable favorite
at either weight. Rivas has not wrestled much but has a win over Hohn. Ruby and Thiele have split and
both own wins over Bartlett. Bartlett has a win over Ortega. Ortega has multiple wins over Flores who
has split with Hohn. The real wildcard is unbeaten McKibbin out at Bayard who hasn’t been tested yet.
1. Afftynn Stusse – Battle Creek, 11 th
2. Raelyn Wilson – Weeping Water, 12 th
3. Fransisca Walsh – Lexington, 11 th
4. Hasley Salgado – Schuyler, 11 th
5. Joslyn Yarbrough – Valentine, 11 th
6. Lay Lay Tun – Omaha Northwest, 12 th
Contenders: Cottam-Sidney, Morales-GISH, Prado-JCC
We are still waiting on whether Stusse will be back or not this season. We wish her a speedy recovery!
Wilson and Walsh both lost to Peacher week 1 and did not get to wrestle each other. Both have been
untested since. Salgado did not wrestle last week at Platteview but owns a win over Tun. Yarbrough’s
only loss is up at 114 to Williamson, and she did not wrestle at her home tournament. Wilson, Salgado,
and Yarbrough should get a chance to see each other next week at Winnebago. Cottam is a bit of an
unknown at this point. Morales and Prado have been placing at all their tournaments.
1. Aubrie Pehrson – Yutan, 9 th
2. Brisa Figueroa – West Point-Beemer, 12 th
3. Jolyn Pozehl – Ainsworth, 9 th
4. Micaela Bivanis – Amherst, 12 th
5. Taylee Williamson – Chadron, 9 th
6. Zoey Barber – Plattsmouth, 9 th
Contenders: Plowman-Conestoga, Reeves-Battle Creek, Linnaus-Stanton, Lemburg-Lakeview
Possibly the deepest weightclass due to all the freshman studs that are at this weight. Pehrson remains
unbeaten and is clearly the favorite with two wins over defending champion, Figueroa. Pozehl is tough
and remains unbeaten winning the Valentine Invite with pins over Bivanis and Williamson. Barber has
also burst onto the scene giving Pehrson her only 6-min match in NE and owns a win over Reeves.
Plowman’s only losses are to Pehrson. Reeves beat Linnaus at Pierce but has a loss to Plowman as well.
Lemburg is also unbeaten and untested. She may be a big wildcard at this weight.
1. Alexis Pehrson – Yutan, 9 th
2. Diana Cervantes – West Point-Beemer, 12 th
3. Madisen Petersen – Crofton, 11 th
4. Tiearra Pollard – Norfolk, 9 th
5. Korah Ellis – Amherst, 11 th
6. Callie Arnold – Pierce, 12 th
Contenders: Packett-Neb City, Mccrery-Bennington, Custard-Southwest, McKenzie-Sidney
Pehrson is the heavy favorite with her only loss to an Iowa girl. She is yet to make it to the third period
against the rest of the field. Cervantes will make her way down to 120 and try and give Pehrson a run.
They should meet up at the Winnebago tournament after Christmas. Petersen’s only loss is to Pehrson.
Pollard is unbeaten and has broken onto the scene with big wins over Mccery and Anderson of
Columbus who is one to watch. Ellis has not wrestled yet. Arnold has dropped a few really close
matches. She will be a hard out at the end of the year. Packett has looked good as of late. Mccrery has
some solid wins this year. Custard and McKenzie have split this season already.
1. Reagan Rosseter – Westside, 10 th
2. Taleah Thomas – Amherst, 12 th
3. Pacie Lee – Nebraska City, 12 th
4. Masilia Arndt – Centura, 12 th
5. Nella Dolan – Skutt Catholic, 12 th
6. Brooklyn Kuester – West Point, 11 th
Contenders: Robinson-Wahoo, Arroyo-RCBH, Brown-Overton, Pester-Mitchell
Rosseter is the clear favorite at this weight and has not been challenged yet. Thomas is finally back and
won the Valentine Invite. Lee is a dangerous wrestler with her throwing ability, never out of a match.
Arndt was beat by Lee at the Fairbury Invite. Dolan has not wrestled much yet. Kuester makes her way
down to 126 after dropping matches to Zamora and Painter up at 132. Robinson, Arroyo, Brown, and
Pester all look solid and are waiting in the wings to make their move.
1. Phoenix Jensen – Platteview, 11 th
2. Selena Zamora – South Sioux City, 10 th
3. Carly Wemhoff – Schuyler, 10 th
4. Markael Zeleny – Wahoo, 11 th
5. Rylee Hoppe – Norfolk, 12 th
6. Maggie Painter – Pierce, 10 th
Contenders: Rasmussen-Chadron, Davis-West Holt, Second-PLV
This is going to be a fun weightclass to watch. Jensen is a bit of an enigma so far this season. Dropped a
match up a weight to Ritchey but has cut back down to 132 and did not wrestle at her home invite. By
virtue of being a returning runner up she goes to #1. Wemhoff dropped a match to Zamora after
suffering a concussion in the match. She will be back after Christmas. Zamora, Zeleny, Hoppe, and
Painter are all undefeated on the year. SSC, Schuyler, Wahoo, and Norfolk are all at the Winnebago
Invite next week, so we should see some great matches. Will be interesting to see if Hoppe stays here
or goes down a weight. Rasmussen, Davis, and Second are solid wrestlers who will have something to
say about the final results.
1. Reagan Galloway – Amherst, 11 th
2. Dylen Ritchey – Ralston, 10 th
3. Koryn Klein – Ord, 11 th
4. Alannah Osborne – BRLD, 10 th
5. Karina Rainey – Wahoo, 9 th
6. Ashley Stadt – Scribner-Snyder, 10 th
Contenders: Cuevas-Norfolk, Bengtson-Aurora, Meiman-North
Galloway is the heavy favorite at this weight. She has not been challenged yet this year. It looks like
some wrestlers are leaving to take their chances at a different weightclass. Ritchey and Klein have their
only loss on the year to Galloway. Osborne looked great early but dropped a match to Meiman. Rainey
is back up to 138 to make room for Zeleny at 132. Stadt had a great tournament at Platteview beating
Meiman and Second. Bengston had her first loss to Cuevas. Meiman suffered her first losses of the
season at Platteview.
1. Haylee Miller – Pierce, 11 th
2. Emma Stice – Papillion LaVista, 10 th
3. Adriana Cabello – GISH, 11 th
4. Taylor Roach – Amherst, 11 th
5. Karen Gomez – Schuyler, 11 th
6. Catalina Jones – Louisville, 9 th
Contenders: Boeselager-Chadron
It looks like defending champion Barnes may be staying up at 152 leaving this weight wide open. Miller
is moving to Pierce and will help them tremendously in the team race in Omaha. Stice is unbeaten and
untested as she has only made it to the 2 nd period one time so far this season. She has looked much
improved from a year ago. Cabello’s only loss in NE is to Zeleny and she has a nice win over Roach.
Gomez and Jones have split on the year. Boesalager is undefeated on the year but did not wrestle at
Valentine. Perhaps, she is on her way down to 138.
1. Yohaly Quinones – South Sioux City, 11 th
2. Maria Barnes – Ogallala, 11 th
3. Jayda Parker – Bellevue East, 11 th
4. Aniya Roberts – Grand Island, 9 th
5. Saige Miserez – West Point-Beemer, 12 th
6. Danica Taylor – Columbus, 11 th
Contenders: Ceballos-JCC, Jones-Louisville, Velasquez-Schuyler, Mader-GINW
Quinones did not wrestle at Platteview but she is undefeated on the year with a big pin over Parker
week 1 she has not really been tested. Barnes staying at 152 makes this one of the deepest weights of
experienced wrestlers in NE. She has a win over Roberts already. Parker’s only loss is to Quinones and
looks solid. Roberts has beat Miserez and split with Taylor. Jones’s only two losses on the year are to
Ceballos who has losses to Parker, Miserez, Roberts, and Jones. Velasquez is coming down from 165
and picked up a win over Miserez but was beaten by Jones in the finals at Platteview. Mader is
unbeaten on the year and may prove to be the dark horse at this weight.
1. Kaylee Ricketts – Wahoo, 10 th
2. Tiffany Senff – Aurora, 10 th
3. Annabelle Poppe – Crofton, 9 th
4. Piper Zatechka – Westside, 9 th
5. Lauren Sash – Millard West, 9 th
6. Jasmine Acosta – Schuyler, 10 th
Contenders: Jacobsen-Minden, Gonzalez-SSC, Wiltgen-Millard South, Burke-HPC
Ricketts has taken care of the stud freshmen at this weight already as she looks to defend her title.
Senff finally was able to wrestle at the Flatwater Fracas and easily dispatched the field. Poppe and
Zatechka have split on the year. Sash made a splash onto the scene as she won the Platteview Invite
over previously ranked Burke and Acosta. This is a deep weightclass with many contenders fighting to
make their mark this year. Should prove interesting down the stretch.
1. Kenzie Parsons – Pierce, 12 th
2. McKena Schramm – Fairbury, 11 th
3. Darian Earth – Winnebago, 10 th
4. Jacquelyn Zamora – South Sioux City, 11 th
5. Lila Bloomer – South Loup, 12 th
6. Gina Alba – Schuyler, 10 th
Contenders: Siebrass-Millard North, Hinneh-Marian, Bravo-Torcios-Fremont
This will be a fun weight as well with Parsons and Schramm at the top. They haven’t wrestled yet this
year, but they do have history. Earth is unbeaten this year and will have something to say about this
weight. Zamora has only two matches so far. I wonder if she is making her way down to 165. Bloomer
is undefeated as well and has yet to be tested. Alba did not wrestle this past week but her only losses
are to Schramm and Earth. Siebrass has losses to Schramm and Earth as well. Hinneh won the
Platteview Invite over returning medalist Bravo-Torcios. Her only loss on the year is at 235 to Ybarzabal.
1. Claire Paasch – West Point-Beemer, 12 th
2. Janiyah Earth – Winnebago, 12 th
3. Precious DeCora – Winnebago, 9 th
4. Melissa De La Torre – South Sioux City, 11 th
5. Neva Ybarzabal – Bellevue East, 11 th
6. Tia Tiegra – Aurora, 12 th
Contenders: Edwards-GISH, Sohm-SSC, Acosta-Schuyler
Paasch is the favorite here but has not been tested yet. She will get a chance to see the Winnebago girls
next week. Earth and DeCora have handed each other their only loss so far this season. De La Torre lost
to Paasch week 1 and hasn’t wrestled since. She may be making her way down to 185 would be my
guess. Ybarzabal has looked good for Bellevue East. Her only losses are to Paasch. Tiegra finally
wrestled at the GI Fracas and lost to Ybarzabal to finish 2 nd . Edwards and Sohm are a couple of freshmen
figuring things out. I have been impressed with the number of girls at 235 willing to lay it on the line and
get after it, good stuff NE!

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