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NSWCA Class C Rankings 12/16/21

NSWCA Class C Rankings 12/16/21
Class C team rankings
1. Aquinas
By far the deepest team in Class C. Lead by State Champion Chris Nickolite and finalists Hunter
Vandenberg and Jakob Kavan. They could potentially earn state medals a at least 9 weights.
2. O’Neill
O’Neill returns three huge point scorers this season. All three have the potential to reach the
finals and score huge points for the Eagles. John Alden, Ty Rainforth, and Brady Thompson will
all score huge points in Omaha. There are several other pieces that can also add important
3. Milford
Milford brings a deep team back this season with 7 returning state qualifiers. They will build off
of their two state medalists Thomas Vance and Eli Vondra. They will need the other talented
wrestlers on their roster to take the next step to push make the push into the top 3.
4. Central City
Central City brings back three top end point scorers in State Champions Drew Garfield and Cole
Kunz. They will also return state medalist Tristan Burbach. With two other returning state
qualifiers in Jaramie Elton and Bryce Sutton, there is potential for a top 5 finish.
5. Valentine
Valentine will make a surge back into the mix for a top 5 finish this year. They will welcome
back several wrestlers that were injured down the stretch last season. They will be lead by
seniors Gunner Battershaw and Tobin Olson. They will also welcome in transfer Will Sprenger
to the team. Sprenger was a state runner up in North Dakota a year ago.
6. Battle Creek
The Braves will be a very deep team from top to bottom which will make them a dangerous
team in tournaments as well as duals. State medalist Dhalas Zlomke will lead the team as well
as Kase Thompson, Boston Reeves, Korbyn Battershaw, and super talented Freshman Ryan
Stusse. Several other Battle Creek wrestlers will also be very important to the team success.
7. David City
David City will return five state qualifiers this season. Leading the way will be state runner-up
Tre Daro. They will once again be very tough in the lighter weights with the likes of Zach
Bongers, Simon Schindler, and Ethan Underwood. Don’t count David City out from making a
surge into the top 5. This is a program that knows how to win.
8. Crofton/Bloomfield
Crofton/Bloomfield will return 41.5 state points this season. Leading the way will be Jared
Janssen and Robbie Fisher. Both bought home hardware from Omaha last February. If the
other three returning state qualifiers can make a jump into the medals, they will have the
potential to move up in the standings.
9. Bishop Neumann
Bishop Neumann could be ranked higher on this list and it would not surprise me to see them
move up as the season goes on. They will rely on Aaron Ohnoutka and Cade Lierman to lead a
very deep team that could have a breakout season. Trent Moudry and Sam Vrana were also
state qualifiers a season ago.
10. Raymond Central
Raymond Central will bring back very talented wrestlers in Conner Kreikemier and Logan Bryce.
They will also return qualifier Jacob Schultz. As with other teams on this list, they will need to
have production from other guys on the team that have big potential.
Top 10 list
1. Aquinas Catholic
2. Milford
3. O’Neill
4. Central City
5. Valentine
6. Battle Creek
7. David City
8. Crofton/Bloomfield
9. Bishop Neumann
10. Raymond Central
Top 10 Dual teams
1. Aquinas Catholic
2. Milford
3. Battle Creek
4. O’Neill
5. Raymond Central
6. Crofton/Bloomfield
7. Valentine
8. Bishop Neumann
9. St. Paul
10. Syracuse
1. Ryan Stusse- Battle Creek
2. Dominic Liess- Norfolk Catholic
3. Grady Romshek- Aquinas
4. Carter Wander- Syracuse
5. Ace Hobbs Mitchell
6. Kendall Schindler- David City
106 is wide open. I expect to see a few 113 pounders drop into this weight. Freshman Ryan
Stusse has asserted himself as the early favorite.
1. Drew Garfield- Central City
2. John Aldan- O’Neill
3. William Sprenger- Valentine
4. Jacob McGee- Logan View
5. Pedro Hernandez- Wilber- Clatonia
6. Robbie Fisher- Crofton/Bloomfield
Drew Garfield continues to show that he is the favorite in this weight but John Aldan showed he
is very capable of competing for the top spot with his dominating win over Sprenger. McGee
should be down to 113 soon and will be in the mix.
1. Cole Kunz- Central Ciity
2. Jacob Kavan- Aquinas
3. Aaron Ohnoutka- Bishop Neumann
4. Jose Escandon—Gibbon
5. Zach Bongers- David City
6. Jace Goebel- Syracuse
Cole Kunz is remains in the #1 position but this is a deep weight class. Kavan should be down to
weight soon and will be right in the thick of things.
1. Tristan Burbach- Central City (8-2)
2. Simon Schindler- David City (9-0)
3. Hayden Neeman- Superior (14-1)
4. Kaleb Baker-St. Paul (8-2)
5. Grant Wells- Lincoln Luthern (13-1)
6. Aaron Ohnoutka- Bishop Newman (12-0)
This weight is shaping up to be one of the best to follow in the state. Returning State Champion
Baker has taken a few early season loses and Burbach and Schindler take over as the guys to
beat in the weight class.
1. Alex Schademann- Fillmore Central (12-0)
2. Eli Vondra-Milford (15-1)
3. Logan Bryce-Raymond Central (6-0)
4. Levi McGrew-Lincoln Christensen (6-0)
5. Jacob Moravec- David City Aquinas (11-1)
6. Dalton Anderson-Ponca (3-0)
This weight seems like a 3 person race as Schademann has a big win over Vondra with Bryce
nipping at their tales in the rankings. Watch out for McGrew from Lincoln Christian, he is still
kind of unknown in the rankings.
1. Ty Rainforth- O'Neill (8-0)
2. Keaghon Chini- Conestoga (10-0)
3. Kanyon Talton- Norfolk Catholic
4. Josh Spatz- David City (3-2)
5. Maverick Hagemann- Elkorn Valley (4-1)
6. Riley Waddington-Wood River (4-1)
Rainforth is the top guy and returning Champion, looked very dominant on his way to winning
the Wood River Invite over Waddington. He is the guy to beat in the weight class.
1. Brady Thompson-O'Neill (8-0)
2. Hunter Vandenberg- David City Aquinas (7-2)
3. Quentyn Frank-Amherst (6-1)
4. William Poppe-Crofton/Bloomfield (10-2)
5.Carter Plowman- Conestoga (9-0)
6. Aiden Hinrichs- Fillmore Central (10-2)
This is a very loaded weight class from top to bottom. Thompson holds the #1 spot after
winning over Vandenberg and Frank at the Wood River Invite.
1. Christoper Nickolite- David City Aquinas (11-0)
2. Logan Burt- Tekamah-Herman (5-0)
3. Dylan Ancheta- Wood River (10-1)
4. Ashton Lurz- Valentine (9-0)
5. Jace Freeseman- Gordon Rushville (8-3)
6. Allan Olander- Norfolk Catholic (5-3)
Nickolite continues to prove why he is the returning State Champion with his victory over
Ancheta. Burt and Lurz are both undefeated and looking to challenge the Nickolite.
1. Cameron Graham (15-0)
2. Cal Janke- Archbisop Bergan (10-1)
3. Bryce Sutton- Central City (9-1)
4. Ben Alberts- GICC (10-0)
5. Levi Drueke- O'Neill (8-1)
6. Tobin Olson- Valentine (6-1)
Graham continues to dominate and hold the #1 ranking as he has a wi over Janke. Sutton and
Alberts have been the two biggest jumpers in this weight as they are both off to impressive
starts to their seasons.
1. Gavin Zouha Sr. Malcolm (8-0)
2. Chris Scdoris Sr. Milford (14-1)
3. Sam Vrana Sr. Bishop Nuemann (11-1)
4. Bryce Sutton Sr. Central City (9-1)
5. Ashton Meinecke So. St. Paul (10-1)
6. Andy Maloley Jr. HTRS (7-2)
This is a solid and complete weight class. Zouha is the early favorite with a 13-6 decision
over Scdoris. Vrana has an overtime win over Maloley.
1. Tre Daro Sr. David City (8-0)
2. Micheal Andel Sr. Aquinas (12-0)
3. Thomas Vance Sr. Milford (11-3)
4. Jeramie Elton Sr. Central City (8-4)
5. Jed Jones Sr. Twin River (7-2)
6. Josh Jessen Sr. Yutan (9-2)
1. Ryan Gabriel Jr. Ord (9-0)
2. Hunter Oborny So. Milford (14-2)
3. Koa McIntrye Archbishop Bergan (3-0)
4. Paul Buresh Sr. Aquinas (10-2)
5. Isaac Bittner Sr. HTRS (12-1)
6. Ty Tramp Sr. Crofton Bloomfield (9-1)
Solid top 4 guys here. I predict that we might see a couple 220s drop or 182s bump up
as guys will want their best chance at a medal.
1. Logan Booth Sr. Logan View (12-0)
2. Jared Janssen Sr. Crofton/ Bloomfield (11-0)
3. Reilly Miller Sr. Aquinas (9-3)
4. Jaret Peterson So. Chase County (12-2)
5. Kolby Casey Jr. Quad County NE (8-1)
6. Issac Wilcox Sr. Norfolk Catholic (9-2)
Lots of Depth here probably 3 or 4 more guys you could argue should be in the top 6. It
will be interesting to see how this weight class Develops as the season progresses.
1. Carson Fehlhafer Sr. Centennial (12-0)
2. Dahlas Zlomke Sr. Battle Creek (4-0)
3. Bridger Rice Sr. Ord (8-0)
4. Kazz Hyson Sr. Fairbury (10-1)
5. Daven Whitley Jr. BRLD (12-0)
6. Kale Nordmeyer Sr. Malcolm (5-2)
Fehlhafer of Centennial looks to repeat as state champ. Zlomke of Battle Creek finished
3 rd last season. Fehlhafer and Zlomke will be in the same district. Rice, Hyson, and Whitley are
also off to a strong start and could make this heavyweight bracket one to keep your eye on.

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