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NSWCA Class D Ratings 1-24-19

Class D Tournament Team Rankings

  1. Burwell
  2. Plainview
  3. Archbishop Bergan
  4. Mullen
  5. Amherst
  6. Neligh-Oakdale
  7. Morrill
  8. Central Valley
  9. Elkhorn Valley
  10. Weeping Water





Thayer Central

North Central




Class D team race is looking like a tight one with several teams capable of challenging the defending champs. Burwell will have competition this year as Plainview beat them in the team race at West Holt. Plainview could qualify some extra guys and rely make things interesting down in Omaha. Archbishop Bergan is also still wrestling strong with good showings at Arlington and their conference tournament. Mullen continues to be the team to beat out west dominating both Sandhills/Thedford and Mullen Invites. Amherst is also coming on strong with a great team race with Pierce at Neligh. Not much has changed in terms of my district projections. The district projections have Burwell leading the way out in D1 followed by Elkhorn Valley, Central Valley, and Neligh. D1 should make for a very competitive district. D2 seems like a fight between Plainview and Amherst. Archbishop Bergan looks deep enough to hold off Palmer and Howells-Dodge in D3. D4 has Mullen out in front. Sutherland and Maxwell will try to match them and keep pace. Thank you to the coaches who take time to send information and contribute to these rankings. As the season is heading down the homestretch, best of luck to all Class D wrestlers and coaches!


Class D Dual Team Rankings

  • Plainview (6-0)
  • Thayer Central (10-0)
  • Neligh-Oakdale (12-0)
  • Burwell (7-1)
  • Amherst (7-2)
  • Archbishop Bergan (4-1)
  • Winside (8-0)
  • Elwood (5-1)
  • Weeping Water (18-5)
  • Maxwell (8-0)





Tri County


In order to qualify for the State Duals this season, they are no longer using the 4 district champions and 4 wild cards format. The duals date has changed to the Saturday before the district tournaments so they won’t factor in anymore. The qualifying method for the duals are through a wildcard system that is now based on regular season dual results. Each team must wrestle at least six duals to be eligible for the tournament. As of right now Plainview, Thayer Central, Neligh-Oakdale, Burwell, Amherst, Archbishop Bergan, Winside, and Elwood round out the top 8 in the Wildcard standings. Teams like Weeping Water and Tri County still have duals left that could affect these ratings.



  1. Logan Russell, High Plains
  2. Eli Lanham, Plainview
  3. Jesse Sauceda, Shelton
  4. Samuel Foster, Sutherland
  5. Hunter Bennett, Elkhorn Valley
  6. Dalton Hansen, Harvard



Zachary Dickau, Elwood

Ashton Sinn, Thayer Central

Tristin Grooms, Mullen



Russell remains undefeated on the season and remains the favorite to repeat. Lanham avenged his loss from earlier in the season over Bolling from Pierce. Since the last ratings Sauceda has only wrestled once, winning his home tournament up at 113. Foster remains undefeated and the clear favorite from D4. Bennett’s only losses come from wrestlers outside of Class D. Hansen moves in to the ratings with a win over Dickau.



  1. Teven Marshall, Mullen
  2. Caden Arps, Archbishop Bergan
  3. Cameron Wilkinson, Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Nathaniel Murillo, Morrill
  5. Scout Ashburn, Plainview
  6. Brenner McLaughlin, Thayer Central



Jon Peterka, Sutherland

Colten Dawe, Burwell

Brock Kester, Neligh-Oakdale


Marshall recently won the Mullen Invite up at 126. Arps moves up to the #2 spot after a decision over Wilkinson, his only loss of the year so far. Murillo has continued to impress out west along with Marshall. Ashburn continues to win since the last ratings. Hadn’t seen much earlier in the year, but McLaughlin moves in with wins over Peterka and Dawe at Elm Creek.


  1. Koby Ellis, Winside
  2. Isaiah Shields, Amherst
  3. Cyrus Wells, Anselmo-Merna
  4. Jeremy Larson, Brady
  5. Tate Phillips, Burwell
  6. Adam Miller, Elkhorn Valley



Shaye Wood, Central Valley

Brendan Warman, DCS

Koby Smith, Elm Creek


Ellis moves into first with consistent wins and a conference championship. Shields finished third at Neligh in a tough bracket, avenging an earlier season loss to Wood in the process. Wells moves up with a head to head win over Larson. Miller gets into the top six with an OT win over previously #1 Wood at Neligh as well.


  1. Zach Hamilton, Archbishop Bergan
  2. Quentyn Frank, Amherst
  3. Ruger Reimers, Palmer
  4. Keegan Casey, Thayer Central
  5. Coy Gideon, Burwell
  6. Zak Palmer, North Central



Nolan Blevins, Weeping Water

Clay Church, High Plains

Cal Janke, Archbishop Bergan


Hamilton has yet to return but has a match at this weight; seems that he will be at 120 when he comes back. Frank moves up with no losses in Class D and a recent major decision over Reimers. Casey and Gideon met up in the finals at Elm Creek with Casey also earning a major.



  1. Tyler Pawloski, Pleasanton
  2. Nate Christiansen, Plainview
  3. Andrew Herley, Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Tayten Eggleston, South Loup
  5. Trigger Pokorny, Central Valley
  6. Dennis Vogl, Crawford



Bradey Gracey, Mullen

Baiden Planansky, Hay Springs

Jacob Lantis, Sutherland



Pawloski remains undefeated and number 1 after wins over Herley and Eggelston. Christiansen has been wrestling well, pinning his way through the Lewis & Clark Conference tournament. Herley moves up after a semifinal win over Pokorny and a competitive match with Pawloski at Neligh. Vogl recently has wins over Gracey and several contenders to get into the top six.



  1. Joel Ostrom, Burwell
  2. Enrique Martinez, Central Valley
  3. Cole Laible, West Holt
  4. Levi Lewis, North Central
  5. Elijah Green, Nebraska Christian
  6. Jade Lovitt, Mullen



Dominic Stewart, Thayer Central

Conner Sonderup, Fullerton

Caleb Payne, Neligh-Oakdale



Ostrom is #1 with wins over multiple rated wrestlers. Most recently he won in OT over Martinez during their dual. Neligh was filled with rated guys (#2-#5) at this weight. Green wrestled for the first time in the new year and dropped matches to Martinez and Lewis. Laible is now 2-1 with Lewis with the recent win. Lovitt is still the favorite in D4.


  1. Brett Riggs, Maxwell
  2. Jacob Johnson, Archbishop Bergan
  3. Prestin Vondra, Elkhorn Valley
  4. Sam Florell, Amherst
  5. Will Gunning, Plainview
  6. Kaden Guerrero, Southwest



Colton Holthus, Garden County

Colin Arehart, Ansley/Litchfield

Alex Schmit, Randolph


Riggs has pinned all but one opponent this year. Johnson has been wrestling well against some great competition lately. Vondra hasn’t lost to anyone in Class D and beat Florell at Neligh. Gunning won the Lewis & Clark Confernce over Schmit. Guerrero’s only losses are to Gunning and Riggs this season.



  1. Austin Garcia, Morrill
  2. William White, Sutherland
  3. Colby Coons, Twin Loup
  4. Conner Schutz, Elwood
  5. Cole Stokebrand, Amherst
  6. Brandon Bloomquist, Randolph



Trace Ebert, North Central

Blake Racicky, Ansley/Litchfield

Hunter Arehart, Ansley/Litchfield



With a lot of movement lately 152 has great depth. Garcia and White both drop down a weight class and have already split matches this year. White also gave Coons his first loss of the season in the finals at Sandhills/Thedford. Stokebrand picked up big wins over Ebert and Bloomquist last weekend winning at Neligh.



  1. Seth Simants, Stapleton
  2. Josh McFarland, Elkhorn Valley
  3. Bode Jensen, Burwell
  4. Derek Gibson, Maxwell
  5. Dylan Soule, High Plains
  6. James Polen, North Central



Jackson Fuelner, Thayer Central

Bryan Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford

Joseph Felix, Alma



Simants has beaten several rated wrestlers and contenders, only losing to 152 #1 Garcia. He picked up wins over Gibson and Polen. Very impressed with McFarland. Chose to wrestle up at 170 at Neligh and won the invite over several ranked wrestlers. Gibson moves up with wins over a few contenders.



  1. Carl Mundt, Nebraska Christian
  2. Noah Scott, Randolph
  3. Bryce Zimmerer, Creighton
  4. Tyson McCurdy, Alma
  5. Jarin Potts, Amherst
  6. Colton Ratkovec, East Butler



Chase Hausserman, Franklin

Kaleb Pofahl, Neligh-Oakdale

Chad Samuelsen, Palmer


Mundt was inactive this week but has an earlier season win over Scott. Scott beat Zimmerer in back to back weeks to take a 2-1 lead. McCurdy is unbeaten since the last ratings. Potts picked up wins over Hausserman and Pofahl at Neligh. Ratkcovec picked up a win over Pofahl in the finals at Weeping Water.



  1. Corey Dawe, Burwell
  2. Slater Mozena, Weeping Water
  3. Edwen Baptista, Friend
  4. Dylan Horejsi, Howells-Dodge
  5. Ethan Villwok, Archbishop Bergan
  6. Daylan Russell, Alma



Micah Noel, Meridian

Brock Schaecher, Elkhorn Valley

Codey Snider, Clearwater/Orchard


Dawe picked up his first loss of the season to an out of state opponent but picked up wins over Russell and Snider. Mozena picked up wins over Baptista and Villwok to enter the ratings. Baptista was able to get a win over Horejsi who also avenged an earlier season loss to Villwok. Several contenders are wrestling well at this point too.


  1. Karsen Hunter, Bayard
  2. Collin Gale, Plainview
  3. Austin Wolfe, Medicine Valley
  4. Zane Musgrave, Hyannis
  5. Michael Jensen, Winside
  6. Clay Thiele, Clearwater/Orchard



Justin Brock, Nebraska Christian

Drew Bogard, Amherst

CJ Pickrel, Fullerton



Hunter is still the favorite at this weight. Gale hasn’t lost to a Class D opponent. Wolfe hasn’t lost since the last rankings and has split with Musgrave now this season. Jensen enters the top six after beating Thiele at his home meet in Winside. Thiele now has a couple of wins over Brock on the year.


  1. Schuyler Brown, Overton
  2. Clayton Hassett, Mullen
  3. Peyton Cone, Archbishop Bergan
  4. Donovan Nolze, Clearwater/Orchard
  5. Cole Rosenkrans, St. Mary’s
  6. Alex Slagle, Shelton



Jaxon Taubenheim, Amherst

Carter Throener, Howells-Dodge

Ethan Williams, Laurel-Concord


Brown is undefeated in his return to the mat. He was able to pin Hassett in the finals at Mullen. Nolze and Rosenkrans keep meeting up with Nolze winning the most recent match. Slagle moves back in after winning at Amherst. Several contenders at this weight already have some wins over rated guys.



  1. Jakob Jerabek, Arcadia/Loup City
  2. Jade Buss, West Holt
  3. Marcus Cave, Weeping Water
  4. Eli Simonson, Archbishop Bergan
  5. Kien Martin, Overton
  6. Tommie Peed, Clearwater/Orchard



Gus Ducker, Arcadia/Loup City

Cameron Nelson, Plainview

Levi Kerner, Arapahoe



Jerabek is a big favorite after picking up a win over York’s Stafursky giving him his only loss of the year. He is also the only one to beat Buss so far this season. Cave and Simonson have split matches head to head.  Peed avenged an earlier season loss to move back into the ratings.

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