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NSWCA Class A Ratings

Top 10 Teams Meets

  1. Omaha Burke
  2. Millard South
  3. Kearney
  4. Columbus
  5. Lincoln East
  6. Grand Island
  7. Papillion LaVista
  8. Papillion LaVista South
  9. Bellevue East
  10. Omaha Central

COMMENTS: The top 10 does not change a lot this time around.  Burke won the Metro   Meet, narrowly beating Millard South, and Kearney won the HAC meet.  I feel the State Class A Team title is up for grabs with the top 3-5 teams above, with the bottom half filled with solid teams with 3-6 individual medalists.  Burke definitely has the high end firepower to get it done, with 3 strong favorites to win individual titles in the Burks boys and Miller.  Should be a great finish to an excellent competitive season!


Top 10 Teams Duals

  1. Kearney 0
  2. Millard South 8
  3. Omaha Burke 78
  4. Grand Island 3
  5. Lincoln East 28
  6. Papillion LaVista 3
  7. Columbus 9
  8. Papillion LaVista South 17
  9. Lincoln Pius X     55
  10. Fremont      5

COMMENTS:  I went with the NSAA online rankings here, from #1 to #10.   This ends this weekend, so the last duals are being competed this week.  The points stop Saturday, January 26…1 week before the State Duals February 9.    I can say this….there are A LOT of teams not in the top 8 that are/were close!  It will be interesting to see how the new date works this year……I have talked to a number of coaches who don’t like the new date, over injury concerns before Districts the next weekend.  It is what it is…….


Top 6 Individuals


  1. Gabe Grice Bellevue East
  2. Archie Heelen Kearney
  3. Branden Baustert Lincoln East
  4. Juan Pedro Grand Island
  5. Caleb Coyle Millard South
  6. Nate Rubino Omaha Burke

COMMENTS: Grice stays atop 106, although he has not wrestled for 2 weeks. Should be back soon.  Really have not seen the western competition, so interesting weight class.



  1. Garrett Grice Bellevue East
  2. Emelio Haynes Omaha Central
  3. Blake Jackson Millard South
  4. Quentin Donald Omaha Benson
  5. Blake Cushing Grand Island
  6. Hunter Nagatani Kearney

COMMENTS: Grice goes to #1 on the strength of his 1 – 0 win over Haynes in the Metro finals.  Collegiate style match…intense!  Hopefully these 2 are separated at State, and meet in the Finals, as it should be.  Again, have not seen the couple western kids, so a bit of a mystery.



  1. Jakason Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Nathan Rizek Lincoln East
  3. Arman Erickson LSE
  4. Rylie Steele Kearney
  5. Solomon Allerheiligen Millard North
  6. Levi May Millard South

COMMENTS: Burks stays #1 after his dominating Metro win.  Could be anybody against him in State Finals….lots of guys hoping they are on the opposite side of the bracket!  Allerheiligen jumps in after his 2nd place behind Burks at Metro, with May entering after his 3rd at Metro.



  1. Conor Knopick Millard South
  2. Ladamien Sturdivant Omaha Bryan
  3. Cody Niemic Papillion LaVista
  4. Cody Carlson Fremont
  5. Camden Russell Millard West
  6. Daniel DeRosier Bellevue East

COMMENTS: Knopick moves to #1 after beating Niemic and Sturdivant at Metros for the title. The Metro is loaded at 126!  This is perhaps the most competitive weight in Class A…you medal here – you have done something!



  1. Phillip Moomey Kearney
  2. Antrell Taylor Millard South
  3. Nolan Niemic Papillion LaVista
  4. Carter Kucera Columbus
  5. Jeromy Nielsen Omaha Burke
  6. Brecklin Sperling Lincoln East

COMMENTS: Moomey still rests atop 132….prohibitive favorite!  His recent dual win over Mayfield at 138 was the stuff of legend.  Very competitive after him for State medals, with several other very good kids not ranked here right now.



  1. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  2. Tyler Antoniak Millard South
  3. Gage McBride Kearney
  4. Peyton Meink Millard North
  5. Preston Mort Lincoln NE
  6. Noah Molzahn Fremont

COMMENTS:  Mayfield still number 1.  Antoniak is tough…but Mayfield already handles him in December 11 – 3.  Lots of good competition and depth at 138!



  1. Nick James Kearney
  2. Levi May Millard West
  3. Creighton Baughman Papillion LaVista
  4. Deon Davis Omaha Central
  5. Trey Nielsen Omaha Burke
  6. Caleb Conner Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: James still #1, with Levi May making a big jump after beating Baughman 6 – 3 to win the Metro title.  May put time in last summer, going to the Disney Duals, so he deserves what he gets.  Some depth at 145 also!



  1. Chance Fry Lincoln East
  2. Deson Stapleton Omaha Burke
  3. Cole Price Papillion LaVista
  4. Alex Irizarry Papillion LaVista South
  5. Josh Licking Norfolk
  6. Colton Kowalek Kearney

COMMENTS: Fry is back….pinning everybody like he was never out all 1st Semester!  He pinned #2 Stapleton his first meet back, and usually his matches are done in under a minute.  STUD.  Price beat Irizarry close at Metro to make the finals, so he goes to #3, with Metro champ Stapleton #2.  Playing for 2nd at this weight barring injury.



  1. James Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Liam Kirk Elkhorn South
  3. Brayden Splatter Norfolk
  4. Nolan Miller-Johnson Omaha Westside
  5. Avery McMeekin Columbus
  6. Jack McDonnell Bellevue West

COMMENTS:  Likewise, everybody playing for 2nd here, hoping to be opposite Burks at State. Burks won his Metro title 13 – 7 over #2 Kirk, handing the Storm wrestler his only seasonal loss.  A nice mix of good kids in the west and the east at 160.



  1. Isaiah Alford Lincoln High
  2. Cole Huss Gretna
  3. Grant Lyman Lincoln East
  4. Gus Franzen Kearney
  5. Blaze Standley Columbus
  6. Jaxon Kelley Omaha Burke

COMMENTS:  170 after Alford is a mix of solid kids who could beat each other on a given day.  Should make for a great State meet!



  1. Isaac Trumble Millard South
  2. Carson Zwingman Columbus
  3. Trajan Linear Papillion LaVista South
  4. CJ Relford Elkhorn
  5. Oscar Richter Grand Island
  6. Xavier Vaughn Creighton prep

COMMENTS:  Trumble wins his 2nd straight Metro title…they call him “the Punisher”…BUT…he is absolutely one of the nicest wrestlers I know in NE.  Deserves everything he gets, and that is a lot!  Linear missed Metros, so did not see how they stack up….will be interesting to see if Zwingman can test him at State.



  1. Dillyn Miller Omaha Burke
  2. Josh Trumble Millard South
  3. Anthony DeAnda Columbus
  4. Jacob Hilding Omaha Central
  5. Daylone Keovalone Grand Island
  6. TJ Huber Gretna

COMMENTS: Miller still dominating at 195…rolling through the Metro meet, pinning #2 Trumble in the process. Tough. There are several other 195s in Class A who could make the podium in February in Omaha…..should be a good weight to watch!



  1. Kasten Grape Columbus
  2. Gavin Peitzmier Millard South
  3. Javon Walker Omaha Bryan
  4. Tony Pray Creighton Prep
  5. Dylan Sales Omaha Burke
  6. Trevin Escamilla Fremont

COMMENTS:  A very competitive weight, one that features 3-4 kids who could legitimately win the State title….very few weights like this in Class A, in my opinion.  Finally saw Walker of Bryan, and he lived up to the hype, splitting with previous #1 Pray at Metros, losing to Peitzmier in sudden victory in the Finals….Walker is for real.  I honestly think any one of the top 4 could win this weight class…..mark my words come Omaha!



  1. Connor Cowling Norfolk
  2. Jack Hasz Creighton Prep
  3. Cade Haberman Omaha Westside
  4. Ethan McPhillips Grand Island
  5. Deangelo Stapleton Omaha Burke
  6. Jacob Frezell-McClinton Omaha Central

COMMENTS: Cowling remains #1 all season, currently unbeaten.  The Metro meet was a brawl at Hwt, with several great matches.  Hasz won close over #3 Haberman, and Burke and Central got 3rd and 4th at Metro.  Solid, deep weight class!

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