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NSWCA Class D Rankings 1/20/2023

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association
Class D Rankings 1/20/2023
Class D Team Rankings
1. Aquinas
2. Elkhorn Valley
3. Mullen
4. Plainview
5. Thayer Central
6. Neligh-Oakdale
7. Anselmo-Merna
8. Sutherland
9. Hitchcock County
10. Shelby-Rising City
Neligh drops a few spots with the transfer of Rudolf.
Class D Dual Rankings
1. Aquinas
2. Thayer Central
3. Elkhorn Valley
4. Anselmo-Merna
5. Shelby-Rising City
6. Twin Loup
7. Sutherland
8. Cambridge
9. Ravenna
10. Mullen
There will be an important quad on the 19th between Cambridge, Chase County, Hitchcock County and Sutherland. It will determine some spots in the top 8 at state duals.
Class D Individual Rankings
1. Grady Romshek, Aquinas
2. Grady Dempcy, Sutherland
3. Levi Russel, High Plains
4. Logan Robirds, North Platte St. Pat’s
5. Micah Gerlach, Cambridge
6. Colter Sinn, Thayer Central
Dempcy lost to Sutherland jv Andersen but then defeats him the next day. Dempcy has wins over Robirds, Robirds pins Gerlach and Gerlach defeats previous #2 Sinn.
1. Creel Weber, Hemingford
2. Sebastian Sauceda, Shelton
3. Braxton Hammond, Southern Valley
4. Carter Brandyberry, Alma
5. Tristan Olson, Anselmo-Merna
6. Hugo Sanchez, Madison
Weber moves up to 120 and takes a couple of losses. It looks like he will be able to get back to 113 before districts. Sauceda is tearing through the competition. His closest match over ranked opponents is 6 in his favor. Sanchez has dropped to 113 and looks to make some noise.
1. Gatlin Krepela, Pleasanton
2. Owen Vondra, Elkhorn Valley
3. Carter Beckman, Elgin Public/Pope John
4. Jeffery Forsen, Mullen
5. Tristian Kruger, North Central
6. Grant Hausserman, Franklin
Beckman had a weekend and looks likely to get a high medal at state.
1. Eli Paxton, Mullen
2. Braxton Siebrandt, Wisner-Pilger
3. Zander Kavan, Aquinas
4. Mason Nitz, Elkhorn Valley
5. Reece Kocian, East Butler
6. Dierks Sayer, Cambridge
Sayer moves into the 6 th spot with the move of Beckman to 113.
1. Nickolas Kuehn, Kenesaw
2. Lane Bohac, East Butler
3. Dylan Brichacek, Howells-Dodge
4. Jordan Mosel, Plainview
5. Corbin Hoefer, Neligh-Oakdale
6. James McGinnis, Kimball
Mosel moves into the 4 th position with a win over Hoefer. Van Pelt is removed from the rating because of not wrestling since the opening weekend of the season.
1. Kyler Mosel, Plainview
2. Jakob Kavan, Aquinas
3. Cauy Kohl, Sutherland
4. Nathan Halsey, Elkhorn Valley
5. Jacob Corbett, Cambridge
6. Wesley Jacobs, Hay Springs
Wesley Jacobs moves back into the rating and Jasnoch is removed.
1. Kelby Coufal, Aquinas
2. Cole Broeker, Southern Valley
3. Mavrick Hagemann, Elkhorn Valley
4. Gatlin Reimers, Palmer
5. Tyce Porter, Anselmo-Merna
6. Adam Corbett, Cambridge
Broeker enters the ratings after a strong showing at Amherst. Porter and Corbett are back and forth, with Porter winning the most recent.
1. Tanner Frahm, Plainview
2. Jacob Moravec, Aquinas
3. Tristan Smith, Elkhorn Valley
4. Trey Schindler, Kimball
5. Ezekial Heaton, Hyannis
6. Devon Schultz, Wisner-Pilger
Smith moves to 3 rd with the departure of Broeker. Smith has been inactive before Christmas. Schultz also moves into the ratings after Broeker went to 145.
1. Taaron Lavicky, Axtell
2. Justin Knoll, Shelby-Rising City
3. Wyatt Urkoski, High Plains
4. Levi Drueke, Neligh-Oakdale
5. Trevis Halsey, Elkhorn Valley
6. Hunter Perks, Cambridge
Perks replaces O’Brien because his only loss after dropping to 160 was to Drueke.
1. Gunner Mumford, Thayer Central
2. Aiden Kuester, Neligh-Oakdale
3. Chase Gracey, Mullen
4. Gabe Goes, Freeman
5. Garett Schneider, Twin Loup
6. Mathew Phelps, North Platte St. Pat’s.
Schneider gets a win over Phelps. Several others in the hunt.
1. Jestin Bayer, Howells-Dodge
2. Brett Bridger, Fullerton
3. Kolyn Gaston, Hitchcock County
4. Cameron Schulte, Thayer Central
5. Wyatt Reichenberg, Banner County
6. Mason Denzin, Freeman
Things changed with the transfer of Rudolf from Neligh and Reichenberg dominate performance over Bryner of Sutherland. Schulte keeps climbing.
1. Sid Miller, Anselmo-Merna
2. Keegan Shuler, Hitchcock County
3. Jeremy Felix, Alma
4. Elijah Fjell, Shelby-Rising City
5. James Rolf, Guardian Angles Central Catholic
6. Cole Vorderstrasse, Thayer Central
Felix dropped from 220 to this weight and enters the ratings at 3. Vorderstrasse moves from 220 to take the 6th spot.
1. Calib Svoboda, Aquinas
2. Slate Micheel, Twin Loup
3. Luke Pawloski, Pleasanton
4. Cale Buss, Burwell
5. Daven Whitley, Lyons-Decatur
6. Dax Doereman, Guardian Angel Central Catholic
Doereman enters after the departure of Felix.
1. Isaac Welch, Mullen
2. Thomas Psota, Ravenna
3. Juan Perez, Perkins County
4. Josiah Brezina, Aquinas
5. Ben Melton, North Platte St. Pat’s
6. Drew Knoezer, Hi-Line
Albin falls out after the loss to Knoezer and Melton then beat Knoezer.

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