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NSWCA Girls Rankings 1/20/2023

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association
Girls Rankings 1/20/2023
Top 10 Teams (# of rated/contenders) – [District]
1. South Sioux City (7) – [A-1]
2. Norfolk (6) – [A-4]
3. Grand Island (😎 – [A-1]
4. Westside (5) – [A-3]
5. Papillion-LaVista (5) – [A-2]
6. Yutan (3) – [A-2]
7. Pierce (6) – [A-1]
8. Scribner-Snyder (4) – [A-2]
9. Schuyler (7) – [A-3]
10. Fremont (4) – [A-1]
Contenders: Chadron (3) – [A-4], Millard South (4) – [A-1], Conestoga (3) – [A-1], Minden (5) – [A-4], Omaha North (3) – [A-2], Stanton (4) – [A-1]
The team race is certainly tightening up and becoming very exciting. Getting girls through tough districts to state to be vital team scorers is going to prove critical for those that are hopeful to finish in the top 5 or top 10.
1. Jocelyn Prado – Johnson County Central, 10 (A-3)
2. Payton Thiele – Louisville, 10 (A-1)
3. Mileena Notaro – Lincoln East, 10 (A-3)
4. Gloria Flores – South Sioux City, 12 (A-1)
5. Nattlie Hull – Scribner-Snyder, 10 (A-2)
6. Aubree Stutzman – Sandhills Valley, 10 (A-4)
Contenders: Siefken-LSW (A-3), McKibbin-Bayard (A-4), Schademan-Fillmore Central (A-3), Bartlett-Beatrice (A-1), Negley-Gothenburg (A-4), Beed-Aurora (A-1)
Thiele and Notaro both remain unbeaten, but Prado claims the top spot as she was a runner-up a year ago. Prado and Thiele should get to wrestle this weekend at the Weeping Water Invite and Hull will be there too. Flores and Stutzman are on a 16 and 23 match win streak, respectively.
1. Afftynn Stuesse – Battle Creek, 12 (A-2)
2. Tiearra Pollard – Norfolk, 10 (A-4)
3. Carson McBride – Amherst, 9 (A-3)
4. Madelynn Bohnet – South Sioux City, 9 (A-1)
5. Makenzie Martin – Millard North, 9 (A-1)
6. Emily Hull – Scribner-Snyder, 10 (A-2)
Contenders: Gates-GISH (A-1), Sanchez-Schuyler (A-3), Hofaker-Minden (A-4), Blanco-Fremont (A-1), Frihauf-Seward (A-1), Reyes-JCC (A-3), Wood-Boone Central (A-2)
Stuesse remains unbeaten. With Prado dropping down to 100, McBride is the only girl left at this weight who has at least went the distance with Stuesse. Pollard has dropped down to give her a test, but her only loss was to Stuesse’s teammate, Reeves. Bohnet and Martin are continuing their strong freshmen campaigns. Hull is one of the most improved wrestlers from a year ago, a testament to what hard work and dedication can produce.
1. Maycee Peacher – Bennington, 10 (A-3)
2. Taylee Williamson – Chadron, 10 (A-4)
3. Ella Reeves – Battle Creek, 10 (A-2)
4. Fransisca Walsh – Lexington, 12 (A-4)
5. Leynn Luna – Boone Central, 9 (A-2)
6. Jazmin Haller – Norfolk, 11 (A-4)
Contenders: Cottam-Sidney (A-4), Salgado-Schuyler (A-3), Morales-GISH (A-1), Raue-B-R (A-2), Kester-
Summerland (A-2), Chambers-Palmyra (A-3), Bisbee-Aurora (A-1)
Peacher remains undefeated and hasn’t gone the distance yet against anyone. Williamson has lost only once in OT to a WY girl. Luna has dropped down to this weight class and will make some noise. She has already split matches with Reeves. Reeves has beaten Walsh twice this month. Haller has only lost to Peacher since dropping down to 110.
1. Kylee Plowman – Conestoga, 10 (A-1)
2. Sophia Schultz – Raymond Central, 11 (A-1)
3. Morgan Maschmann – Beatrice, 10 (A-1)
4. Jolyn Pozehl – Ainsworth, 10 (A-4)
5. Talia Astorino – Papillion LaVista, (A-2)
6. Chelsey Robinson – Omaha North, (A-2)
Contenders: Collison-Pierce (A-1), Darling-Wahoo (A-4), Cock-McCook (A-2), Medina-Gering (A-4),
Sowles-Minden, Briones-Schuyler (A-3)
In one of the bigger upsets of the year, Plowman dropped down and pinned Shultz to claim the top spot at this weight. They are in the same district, so they will get to battle again. Maschmann has only lost to Peacher and is dynamite on her feet racking up the TD totals. Pozehl has dropped down to this weight but lost to Shultz in the finals at Battle Creek. Astorino and Robinson have split matches in the last week.
1. Aubrie Pehrson – Yutan, 10 (A-2)
2. Lacy Lemburg – Lakeview, 10 (A-3)
3. Kaylee Bedsole – Fremont, 9 (A-1)
4. September Thein – Madison, 12 (A-2)
5. Patricia Arroyo – Red Cloud-Blue Hill, 11 (A-2)
6. Corah Linnaus – Stanton, 11 (A-1)
Contenders: Dolan-Skutt (A-1), Taylor-Papio (A-2), McKenzie-Sidney (A-4), Mccrery-Bennington (A-3), Skrdla-Pierce (A-1), Gress-HPC (A-1)
Pehrson has yet to lose against NE competition. The last girl to go the distance with her was Lemburg before Christmas. Lemburg sustained an injury that made her forfeit out at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Glad to see she is back healthy, winning both the Schuyler and Battle Creek invites. Bedsole is the real deal and since Winnebago she hasn’t lost. Thien and Arroyo have dropped down from 130 and showed they are threats by going 2 nd and 3rd respectively at Battle Creek, Linnaus on the other hand didn’t place.
1. Regan Rosseter – Westside, 11 (A-3)
2. Alexis Pehrson – Yutan, 10 (A-2)
3. Madisen Petersen – Crofton, 12 (A-2)
4. Jaycee Bruns – Wayne, 12 (A-1)
5. Maggie Painter – Pierce, 11 (A-1)
6. Ambie Custard – McCook, 10 (A-2)
Contenders: McGillivray-Stanton (A-1), Sullivan-Fremont (A-1), Kuester-West Point (A-2), Lyons- Westview (A-1), Williamson-Crete (A-3), Robbins-Bridgeport (A-4), Osterbuhr-Minden (A-4)
Rosseter has dropped down to 125 setting up a potential mega-match with Pehrson this weekend at the Weeping Water Invite. (Who should get the #1 seed?) Peterson remains a challenge as well only losing 6-2 to Pehrson before Christmas. Bruns and Painter continue their strong seasons. Custard is wrestling once again with her only loss on the season to Peterson in the finals at Ord.
1. Lesley Rodriguez – Norfolk, 10 (A-4)
2. Kayden Sipp – Adams Central, 9 (A-3)
3. Ann Marie Meiman – Omaha North, 11 (A-2)
4. Sydnie Brown – Overton, 10 (A-4)
5. Jordyn Campbell – Yutan, 9 (A-2)
6. Kehlanee Bengtson – Aurora, 11 (A-1)
Contenders: Jensen-Millard South (A-1), Trofholz-Conestoga (A-1), Skrdla-Pierce (A-1), Hansen-Stanton (A-1), Klein-Centura (A-2), Williams-GI (A-1) With the departure of Rosseter and Zamora, this weight class looks a little more wide open. Rodriguez is
yet to wrestle this month. Sipp gave Rosseter a close match at the Norm Manstedt Invite to suffer her first loss on the year. Meiman has been wrestling very well. Brown is still undefeated with two close wins over Hansen. Campbell is a dangerous wrestler and has been on a tear winning her last three varsity invites. With Bengtson dropping down she gets the nod over a very competitive field of
contenders, anyone of which could end up on the medal stand.
1. Zoey Barber – Westside, 10 (A-3)
2. Dylen Ritchey – Ralston, 11 (A-3)
3. Addeline Graser – Papillion-LaVista, 9 (A-2)
4. Madison Davis – West Holt, 11 (A-4)
5. Selena Zamora – South Sioux City, 11 (A-1)
6. Arianna Canseco – Gering, 12 (A-4)
Contenders: Rasmussen-Chadron (A-4), Stadt-Scribner-Snyder (A-2), Klein-Ord (A-2), Miller-Pierce (A-1), Maxey-Norfolk (A-4), Butterfield-Stanton (A-1)
Barber and Ritchey remain unbeaten at this point. Districts may be the first time they run into each other. Graser has dropped down to this weight and lost to Barber at the Metro’s. Davis has only lost to
Barber. Those two should get a shot to wrestle at the Weeping Water Invite for the right to face Barber once again. It looks like Zamora is staying up at this weight class. Canseco is also unbeaten and has a common over Rasmussen’s only loss. This has turned into one of the toughest weight classes.
1. Reagen Gallaway – Amherst, 12 (A-3)
2. Miah Kenny – GINW, 11 (A-4)
3. Kristin Schellenberg – Scribner-Snyder, 11 (A-2)
4. Jenna Second – Papillion-LaVista, 11 (A-2)
5. Avani Wilke – Winnebago, 11 (A-1)
6. Markie Zeleny – Oakland-Craig, 12 (A-2)
Contenders: Kuehler-Pierce (A-1), Finecy-Lakeview (A-3), Nelson-Crete (A-3), Vargas-Millard South (A-1), Lindo-Marente-GISH (A-1), Cuevas-Norfolk (A-4)
Gallaway has wins over both Kenny and Shellenberg. Kenny pinned Shellenberg at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Second hasn’t lost in NE yet. Wilke, Zeleny, and Kuehler have all dropped down to make this an interesting weight class. Should be a good measuring stick this weekend at Weeping Water with Gallaway, Schellenberg, Second, Wilke, and Vargas all in attendance.
1. Kenli Boeselager – Chadron, 11 (A-4)
2. Emma Stice – Papillion LaVista, 11 (A-2)
3. Rylie Ahrens – Crofton-Bloomfield, 10 (A-2)
4. Anyia Roberts – Grand Island, 10 (A-1)
5. Persephone Prochaska – Omaha Marian, 12 (A-2)
6. Amelia Jacobsen – Minden, 12 (A-4)
Contenders: Fiene-Conestoga (A-1), Cotton-York (A-3), Wemhoff-Schuyler (A-3), Ceballos-JCC (A-3), Oliverez-SSC (A-1), Jones-Louisville (A-1)
No changes in the top two. Ahrens has been on a tear winning all three tournaments since Christmas. Roberts and Jacobsen dropped down to this weight both learning that Ahrens is for real at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Prochaska also dropped down after Christmas and lost to Stice at the Metro’s. They are all pretty evenly spread out so there should be some great match-ups at state first round.
1. Yohaly Quinones – South Sioux City, 12 (A-1)
2. Jayda Parker – Bellevue East, 12 (A-1)
3. Piper Zatechka – Westside, 10 (A-3)
4. Paola Vergara – O’Neill, 11 (A-3)
5. Angie Rose – Omaha Central, 11 (A-2)
6. La’Nie Green – Omaha North, 11 (A-2)
Contenders: Mader-GINW (A-4), Duran-Sandhills Valley (A-4), Hampton-Millard South (A-1), Velasquez-Schuyler (A-3), Grow-Papio South (A-1),
No changes in the top four with Rose and Green sliding in to the final two spots. This has become an interesting weight class with Hampton storming the Metro’s with a runner-up performance. She beat Green and Rose on her way to the finals. Rose wrestles back to third over Green. Green beat Zatechka and Zatechka beat Grow for fifth. Grow has previously split matches with Hampton, and Zatechka has beat them both earlier this season.
1. Kaylee Ricketts – Wahoo, 11 (A-4)
2. Makayla Pate – McCook, 11 (A-2)
3. Madelynne Jakubowski – O’Neill, 12 (A-3)
4. Jocelyn Ambriz – Ansley-Litchfield, 12 (A-4)
5. Rowyn Wiltgen – Millard South, 10 (A-1)
6. Annabelle Poppe – Crofton, 10 (A-2)
Contenders: Barber-Westside (A-3), Albers-York (A-3), Jones-Louisville (A-1), Hixon-GISH (A-1), Ybarzabal-Bellevue (A-1), Victoria-Azcna-Omaha South (A-3)
Ricketts and Pate remain unbeaten. Jakubowski beat Ambriz on her way to the finals at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Ambriz who has also lost to Pate wrestled back to take third place. Wiltgen won the
Metro’s. Poppe has only lost to other rated girls since dropping to 170.
1. Makena Schramm – Fairbury, 12 (A-3)
2. Claire Paasch – West Point-Beemer, 12 (A-2)
3. Martha Hinneh – Marian, 11 (A-2)
4. Ali Edwards – Grand Island, 10 (A-1)
5. Tawny Irvin – Logan View, 12 (A-2)
6. Jackie Zamora – South Sioux City, 12 (A-1)
Contenders: Alba-Schuyler (A-3), Carney-Norfolk Catholic (A-2), Smidt-Elgin/Pope John (A-2), Janovich-Elkhorn (A-1), Siebrass-Millard North (A-1), Janecek-Skutt (A-1)
Makena Schramm remains unbeaten and currently leads the state in takedowns. It appears Earth will be moving up to 235. Paasch and Hinneh have losses only to Schramm this year. They will be on a collision course at districts. Edwards hasn’t lost since before Christmas. Irvin’s only loss this month is to Edwards. Zamora beat Alba at Battle Creek.
1. Melissa De La Torre – South Sioux City, 12 (A-1)
2. Brythany Espino – Grand Island, 9 (A-1)
3. Julissa Guererro – Fremont, 10 (A-1)
4. Darian Earth – Winnebago, 11 (A-1)
5. Savannah Koch – Minden, 12 (A-4)
6. Ashanti Dillard – Norfolk, 12 (A-4)
Contenders: Hoppe-West Holt (A-4), Krebs-Summerland (A-2), Kennel-Norfolk Catholic (A-2), Ramirez-Crete (A-3), Geiger-Westside (A-3), Sistek-Seward (A-1)
Sadly, DeCora is no longer wrestling for Winnebago. This opens the door for De La Torre to claim the top spot if she can beat out teammate, Sohm, for the varsity spot at districts. Espino had big wins over Guererro and Dillard at conference, but she lost to Krebs in the finals at the Norm Manstedt. And, Krebs was fourth at Battle Creek losing to Earth and Hoppe. This is a wide-open weight class and there will be some surprises down the stretch.

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