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NSWCA Class C Rankings 1/12/23

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association Rankings 1/12/23 Class C
NSWCA Class C Tournament Rankings
1. Broken Bow-1st at Broken Bow, 5th at Twin Loup, 1st at Holdrege, 1st at Platteview, 1st at Logan View, 1st at David City Aquinas.
2. Fillmore Central-Champs at Friend & Osceola, 2nd Logan View & Filmore
3. Valentine-Tie for first at O’neill Invite, 3rd at Norm Manstedt
4. Gordon-Rushville -2nd at Broken Bow, 1st at Gordon-Rushville
5. Crofton Bloomfield-Tie for 1st at O’neill, 2nd at Pierce, 1st at Burwell, 6th Central City
6. St. Paul-1st Wood River, 3rd Broken Bow, 2nd Burwell, 7th Central City
7. Ord-4th Broken Bow, 3rd Wood River, 7th Pierce
8. Logan View-1st Conestoga, 2nd North Bend, 5th Logan View, 1st Shelby-Rising City, 4th Central City
9. Wilber Clatonia-4th O’neill, 4th Crete, 1st Newman Grove
10. Amherst-1st Ravenna, 4th Wood River, 1st Pierce, 1st Amherst
NSWCA Class C Dual Rankings
1. Broken Bow 8-0
2. Wilber Clatonia 15-0
3. Logan View 7-1
4. Boone Central 6-7
5. Fillmore Central 10-2
6. Raymond Central 12-2
7. Battle Creek 5-2
8. Bishop Neumann 9-3
9. St. Paul 5-2
10. Ord 4-3
NSWCA Class C Individual Rankings
1. Zaiyahn Ornelas, Wilber Clatonia 2. Ryan Stusse, Battle Creek
3. Hayden Schmidt, David City
4. Kasten Ruether, Centennial
5. Devin Nuttelman, Cross County/Osceola 6. Maverick Heine, Cedar Catholic
Comments: #1 Ornelas, is at 24 and 0 already has a pair of wins over #2. Also Has beaten #3 and #4 and #6 is off the an impressive start to his high school career. Stusse’s Only 2 loses are to Ornelas. Devin Nuttelman is down to 106 as of last weekend and is 20-1 on the season.

1. Chauncey Watson, Broken Bow 2. Ayden Wintz, Battle Creek
3. Ace Hobbs, Mitchell
4. Ashton Dane, Gordon-Rushville 5. Yair Santiago, Norfolk Catholic
6. Janson Pilkington, Yutan
Comments: #1 Watson sits at 26 and 0 on the season. Has wins over #3 and #4. Wintz only has one loss on the season to a tough Meier of Lincoln East. Hobbs only loss is a 5-4 match to Watson. Dane has a 13-5 loss to Watson and hasn’t wrestled since Dec. 10th. Santiago picked up his first loss of the season Saturday at Malcom when he ran out on injury time.
1. Robbie Fisher, Crofton Bloomfield 2. William Sprenger, Valentine
3. Jacob McGee, Logan View
4. Ethan Elliott, Hershey
5. Keaton Kloke, David City
6. Cash Watson, Broken Bow
Comments: #1 Fisher has and 8-7 win over #2. Sprenger is 7-2 due to the weather limiting Valentines mat time so far this season. Has a 8-7 loss to Fisher and a 3-2 Loss to Delano of Columbus in the Norm Mandstedt Finals. McGee is back in action and is 8-1 on the season. Elliot is 22-1 on the season lone loss to Fisher 10-3 at Central City. Kloke picked up a 6-2 decision over Watson.
1. Aaron Ohnoutka, Bishop Neumann 2. Carson Wood, Boone Central
3. Travis Meyer, Fillmore Central
4. Brittin Valentine, David City
5. Rowan Jarosik, South Central Unitied 6. Cole Spahr, Tri County
Comments: #1 Ohnoutka is currently at 23-0 start, including a 7-0 win over Kocian of East Butler. #2 Wood has moved down from 132 after allowing his teammates time to follow their weight loss plans. #3 Meyer is at 29-1 with his lone loss to Kocian 2-1.

1. Tristan Burbach, Central City
2. Trev Arlt, Yutan
3. Hayden Neeman, Superior
4. Dakota Gibson, Doniphan-Trumbull 5. Iverson Mejia, Wilber-Clatonia
6. Colton Kelley, Broken Bow
Comments: #1 Burbach of Central City is down from 138 lbs. with at record of 23-0. #2 Arlt of Yutan is a 26-2 and has a 6-1 win over Neeman. Gibson, Mejia and Kelley also are having good seasons 16-2, 25-0 and 26-2.
1. Alex Schademann, Fillmore Central 2. Kaden Gregory, Logan View
3. Cade Lierman, Biship Neumann 4. Kyler Vincent, Gordon-Rushville 5. Jamison Evert, West Point-Beemer 6. Ashton Johnson, Twin River
Comments: #1 Schademann drops down from 145 and is currently 31-0 on the season. #2 Gregory is at 17-3 with his losses coming to wrestlers in different classes appears like he might be dropping to 132.Lierman is 19-2 on the season after starting out at 152.
1. Max Lautenschlager, Bishop Neumann 2. Barret Brandt, Syracuse
3. Wyatt Olberding, Falls City
4. Riley Waddington, Wood River
5. Levi McGrew, Lincoln Christian
6. Owen Sack, St. Paul
Comments: #1 Lautenschlager is 24-1 with a win by fall over #2 Brandt and his lone loss is to Coufal of David City Aquinas 5-4. #2 Barret Brandt is 16-1 with a 7-4 win over #3 Olberding.
1. Jayden Coulter, Pierce
2. Logan Burt, Tekamah-Herman 3. Adam Ohnoutka, Bishop Neumann 4. Samuel Grape, Boone Central
5. Caleb Davis, West Holt
6. Aiden Hinrichs, Fillmore Central
Comments: Coulter made the move down to 152 and handed Burt his lone loss of the season. Ohnoutka made the move down as well.
1. Ashton Lurz, Valentine
2. Ben Alberts, GICC
3. Cy Petersen, Syracuse
4. Tie Hollandsworth, Ryamond Central 5. Bryce Kunz, Central City
6. Teven Stassines, Fillmore Central
Comments: #1 Lurz and #2 Alberts remain undefeated. #3 Petersen’s only loss is to Lurz. #4 Hollandsworth’s only loss is to Petersen.
1. Cayden Lamb, Valentine
2. Blake Bolling, Pierce
3. Jack Myers, Broken Bow
4. Gavin Ruwe, Logan View
5. Cameron Shultz, Raymond Central 6. Barrett Andel, David City
Comments: #1 Lamb avenged an earlier season loss to #2 Bolling. #4 Ruwe moves into the ratings with a win over #5 Shultz.
1. Connor Wells, Broken Bow
2. Braydon Wobken, Logan View 3. Clayton Elliott, Valentine
4. Derek Wacker, Yutan
5. Roman Kolbet, Gibbon
6. Brek Thompson, Battle Creek
Comments: #1 Wells is 24-0 with a win over #2 Wobken. #3 Elliott picked up an overtime win over #6 Thompson. #4 Wacker enters after making the move down to 182.
1. Ryan Gabriel, Ord
2. Trent Moudry, Biship Neumann 3. Hunter Oborny, Milford
4. Cael Peters, Mitchell
5. Max Denson, Broken Bow
6. Brody Bogard, Amherst
Comments: #1 Gabriel has been dominant since returning to the mat. #2 Moudry picked up a head to head win over #3 Oborny. #4 Peters also has a head to head over #5 Denson.
1. Cal Wells, Broken Bow
2. Jaret Peterson, Chase County
3. Hank Hudson, Boone Central
4. Kolby Casey, Quad County NE
5. Ty Tramp, Crofton/Bloomfield
6. Gage Totilas, Conestoga
Comments: #1 Wells looks like the favorite with a win over #2 Peterson. #3 Hudson hasn’t seen either yet, but hasn’t lost to a Class C opponent.
1. Bridger Rice, Ord
2. Jt Brands, Oakland-Craig
3. Quade Peterson, St. Paul
4. Elijah Hintz, Battle Creek
5. Markey Hinrichs, Fillmore Central
6. Ty Faulks, HTRS
Comment: #1 Rice only losses are to Isele of Northwest. #2 JT Brands is undefeated with a win over #4 Hintz. #5 Hinrichs only losses are to Brands and Hintz.

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