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NSWCA Class B Ratings

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association
Rankings Classes B & C 1/12/23

NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings
1. Bennington
2. Skutt Catholic
3. Scottsbluff
4. Cozad
5. Blair
6. Hastings
7. Waverly
8. Beatrice
9. South Sioux City
10. Minden

The top 3 are all very close. It may come down to who is the healthiest in the end. Cozad keeps looking better all the time and slides ahead of Blair in the individual tournament rankings. Blair didn’t do anything wrong to slide back to #5, it has more to do with Cozad looking better. Minden enters the rankings at #10 with Northwest and Gering right on their tails.

NSWCA Class B Dual Rankings
1. Skutt Catholic
2. Bennington
3. Hastings
4. Waverly
5. Blair
6. Cozad
7. Northwest
8. Minden
9. Lexington
10. York
The top 5 seem to have sorted themselves out based off head-to-head duals. Cozad is threatening to break into that group of top 5. Northwest’s only loss is to Hastings and they are looking good to come in at #7. Minden is on the top of the wild card points with only 3 duals and we will find out a lot about them soon as they compete in a couple dual tournaments coming up. Lexington and York are in the top 8 of the wild card points that help them earn a top 10 rankings.
NSWCA Class B Individual Rankings

1. Hudson Loges, Blair
2. Cole Welte, Skutt
3. Aaron Wilson, Cozad
4. Josh Sheard, Omaha Gross
5. Abel Flores, Gothenberg
6. James Ferguson, Elkhorn North

No changes here.

1. Cadyn Coyle, Bennington
2. Christopher Gamio, Scottsbluff
3. Juan Reyes, South Sioux City
4. Cole Karlin, Beatrice
5. Daylen Naylor, Lexington
6. Isaiah Murillo, Gering

Karlin beat Naylor so those two change places. Otherwise, the rest stay the same.

1. Braiden Kort, Hastings
2. Chance Houser, Scottsbluff
3. Garrison Brehm, Waverly
4. Luke Frost, Blair
5. Gavin Vanover, Beatrice
6. Jude Kohl, Skutt

No changes here.

1. Kael Lauridsen, Bennington
2. John Alden, O’Neill
3. Tucker Adams, Hastings
4. Carlos Prados, Nebraska City
5. Tristan Reinke, Beatrice
6. Joey Canseco, Scottsbluff

Canseco beat Stephens to knock Stephans out of the ratings and bring Canseco in at #6. We have not seen Prados yet and if we don’t see him soon that will change the rankings some.

1. Connor Ritonya, Bennington
2. Drew Cooper, Skutt
3. Brayden Canoyer, Waverly
4. Lance Olberding, Fort Calhoun
5. Robert Nelson, Minden
6. Cameron Brumbaugh, Hastings

No change in these rankings either.

1. Connor Whiteley, Scottsbluff
2. Kyler Lauridsen, Bennington
3. Jesse Loges, Blair
4. Ely Olberding, Fort Calhoun
5. Orrin Kuehn, Minden
6. Chris Ramos, Skutt
Kuehn drops down to 138 and comes in at #5 which pushes out Smart.

1. AJ Parrish, Bennington
2. Blaine Christo, Ashland Greenwood
3. Dreu White, Cozad
4. Tyler Harrill, Skutt
5. Kemper Reed, Waverly
6. Ashton Munsell, Wayne

Parrish made his debut this week. With Kuehn dropping to 138 that opens the door for Munsell to come in at #6. We have not seen Christo yet and if we don’t see him soon that will change the rankings some.

1. Quinn Bailey, Chadron
2. Brock Templar, Blair
3. Caden Eggleston, Beatrice
4. Brock Malcom, Cozad
5. Braxton Peacher, Bennington
6. Beni Abarumuh, Skutt

Wagner lost to Allen from Gering to drop him out of the ratings. Malcom has been looking good and with common opponent results he comes in at #4. Abarumuh replaces Johnson because he has been looking better right now.

1. Landon Weidner, Hastings
2. Hayden Russman, Cozad
3. Yoan Camejo, Blair
4. Owen Bargen, Columbus Lakeview
5. Riley Johnson, Skutt
6. Dalton Rhoten, Bennington

Johnson beat Rhoten so those two switched and the others remain the same.

1. Cade Ziola, Skutt
2. Tony Palmer, South Sioux City
3. Frankie Trevino, Scottsbluff
4. Alex Anthony, McCook
5. Rhett Cullers, Chadron
6. Joao Croteau, Norris

A lot of changes here. Moser moves up to 182 and Cullers drops down from 182. That moved a few around here. Croteau comes in at #5 based off some head-to-head results with others contending for a top 6 ranking.

1. Isaac White, Cozad
2. Drew Moser, Waverly
3. Josiah Mobley, Scottsbluff
4. Seth Erickson, York
5. Clayton Lindley, Skutt
6. Patrick McCartney, Sidney

Cullers and Sears drop to 170. Guenther and Lindley trade weights. Erickson has been looking impressive to come in at #4. McCartney has also been looking good enough to earn the #6 ranking.

1. Mason Villwok, Elkhorn
2. Deegan Nelson, Beatrice
3. Eli Boryca, Cozad
4. Sebastien Boyle, Scottsbluff
5. Gage Guenther, Skutt
6. Wesley Vick, Plattsmouth

Villwok and Nelson trade place based off recent results. Guenther has moved up from 182 and comes in at #6. We have not seen Boyle yet and if we don’t see him soon that will change the rankings some.

1. Collin Schwartzkopf, Gering
2. Landon Ternus, Columbus Lakeview
3. Joe Stein, Northwest
4. Jacob Olson, Gothenberg
5. Jadon Webster, Elkhorn North
6. Spencer Wittwer, Columbus Scotus

No change in these rankings.

1. Jack Allen, Aurora
2. Victor Isele, Northwest
3. Mwamba Ngeleka, South Sioux City
4. Daulton Kuehn, Minden
5. Kadence Veide, York
6. Luis Castellanos, Lexington

No change in these rankings.

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