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NSWCA Class A Rankings-1/19/22

Top ten teams
1. Millard South
2. Norfolk
3. Papillion La-Vista
4. Lincoln East
5. Columbus
6. North Platte
7. Grand Island
8. Omaha Westside
9. Millard West
10. Lincoln Southwest
Millard South still the clear favorite here. 2-5 could be anyone’s game. Peaking at the right time is going to be crucial for those teams. 6-10 our solid and will have some big point getters down at CHI.
1. Brenyn Delano Columbus
2. Tyler Durden Papio
3. Isaac Ekdahl Millard South
4. Braedyn Rakes Lincoln East
5. Tony Phillips Lincoln Southwest
6. Abdi Unle Omaha Bryan

Delano made the decent down and is taking care of business. Durden gets revenge on Ekdahl at Metros. Rakes is still a contender even after a defeat from Delano. Phillips was not at HAC, but did wrestle at 113 in a dual this week. Unle gets the nod after defeating two tough opponenets on his way to a 3rd place showing at Metros

1. Jesse Lewis Norfolk
2. Miles Anderson Millard South
3. DJ Bonam Omaha Central
4. Enrique Haynes Millard West
5. Jacob Campbell Papio
6. Logan Edwards Omaha Westside
Jesse Lewis is doing Jesse Lewis things and dominating. Would love to see the clash with him and Anderson or Bonam. We missed the match of Bonam and Anderson at the Metro finals. Haynes looked as explosive as anyone at the Metro Tournament. Edwards and Campbell are two returning medalist that round out the top 6.

1. Gabe Turman Lincoln East
2. Archer Heelan Kerney
3. Hunter Jacobsen Lincoln Southwest
4. Presden Sanchez Creighton Prep
5. Avery Russell Millard West
6. Josh Shaner Lincoln Northeast
Still a loaded weight class. There is some guys nipping at top 6 who are just out. Turman’s only lost on the year is to Lauridsen, other then that one loss he has been unstoppable. Defeating Heelan at the HAC 7-6. Heelan beats Jacobsen 4-3 in the semis of the HAC. Sanchez and Russell were both out at Metros. Shaner is holding down the 6th spot for now.

1. Adrian Bice Columbus
2. Cal Price Papio
3. Brandon Bausert Lincoln East
4. Logan Glynn Millard South
5. Ein Obermiller Grand Island
6. Calvin Empkey Norfolk
Bice has been a man on a mission. Having pins over Bausert and Price, he is guy on top. Don’t count out Bausert or Price though, they will be ready come February. Glynn did not compete at Metros. Obermiller and Empkey round out the bottom 2

1. Keith Smith Lincoln East
2. Julio Reyes Omaha Burke
3. Cadyn Kucera Columbus
4. Tanner Hosick Bellevue West
5. Gavin Van Driel Norfolk
6. Kash Bates Lincoln Southwest
Keith Smith lone loss is to a stud from Underwood. Other than that one set back, it has been all Keith Smith. Julio Reyes was not at Metros. Kucera and Hosick have the next best resumes, with the bottom two kind of a toss up with a lot of tough guys at the 7-9 spot.

1. Garrett Grice Bellevue East
2. Aiden Roberston Millard South
3. Cole Toline Lincoln East
4. Caleb Durr Lincoln Southeast
5. Dane Arrants GI
6. Cash Niroomand-Rad Papio

Still the Garrett Grice show at 138. Robertson gave Grice his best match of the year with a 18-8 major. This weight has some holes and could help some team get much needed points down at CHI.
1. Joel Adams Millard South
2. Tyler Salpas Grand Island
3. Landan McLaughlin Lincoln Southwest
4. Westin Sherlock Lincoln East
5. Noah Aken Omaha Westside
6. Ryan Fox North Platte
Adams was noticeable absent at Metros. Rumor is it is a hip injury. Salpas and McLaughlin have had some battles, Salpas getting the better of the two at the HAC. Sherlock is extremely solid, as well as, Aken and Fox.

1. Tyler Antoniak Millard South
2. Jacob Licking Norfolk
3. Luke Andres Lincoln Pius X
4. Michael Myers Omaha Westside
5. Alex Dzingle Grand Island
6. Toby Wingender Omaha Bryan

Antoniak is right in the heart of murders row for Millard South. Licking wins the HAC over Andres. Myers finished 2nd at Metros. A salty weight where someone can sneak in the bottom quickly.

1. Nick Hamilton Papio
2. Grant Moraski Bellevue West
3. Henry Reilly Millard South
4. Ben Enders Millard North
5. Hudson Wadlow Norfolk
6. Pierce Johnson Creighton Prep
Hamilton missed Metros, but hear it was just a one time thing. Moraski was the beneficiary of that winning the Metro tournament over Reilly. Enders finished 3rd at Metros. Waldow has been putting in the work lately and took 1st at the HAC.

1. Antrell Taylor Millard South
2. Sam Andres Lincoln Pius X
3. Tate Kuchera Kearney
4. Brian Petry Millard North
5. Justyce Hostetler Grand Island
6. Cooper Jackson Lincoln Southwest
Antrell is next level. Andres has only 1 loss on the year at 170. Kuchera has a nice resume as well. 170 is very solid top to bottom.

1. Cameron Cunningham Gretna
2. Noah Blair Millard West
3. Caeden Olin Millard South
4. Justin Davis Omaha Central
5. Coleton Haggin Papio
6. Kayden Kettler Norfolk

Cunningham and Blair were both out at Metros. Cunningham does get the nod for head to head over Blair. Olin and Davis were in the finals at Metro with Olin getting the pin. Haggin and Kettler round out the bottom 2.

1. Tyler Stewart Omaha North
2. Charlie Nosal Millard West
3. Max McClatchey Lincoln Southeast
4. Benny Alfaro Fremont
5. Chase Pokett Omaha Bryan
6. Liam Blaser Columbus
Stewart wins Metros convincingly. Nosal and McClatchey were out this weekend. There is about 6 guys at the bottom side that can make a medal run.

1. Vince Genatone North Platte
2. Christian Nash Millard South
3. Cole Haberman Omaha Westside
4. Jackson Bos Norfolk
5. Matt Bohy Lincoln Pius X
6. Axel Lyman Lincoln East
Genatone I believe just signed with Montana to play football. Nash the Northern Illinois commit are going to come to a clash at some point I hope. Two very athletic big men and don’t think Haberman is out of the picture yet.

1. Tyson Terry Omaha North
2. Tyson Danner Omaha Northwest
3. Brayden Heffner Norflok
4. Titus Richardson Fremont
5. Ryan Zatechka Omaha Westside
6. Aaron Theimann Papio South
Round 2 was just as much as round 1 with the two Tysons. I think these two are just above everyone else. This is not to say they are not solid, but the two Tyson’s are just next level.

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