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NSWCA Boys District Preview 2-9-23 Class B

Class B
NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings
1. Skutt Catholic
2. Bennington
3. Scottsbluff
4. Hastings
5. Blair
6. Waverly
7. Cozad
8. Beatrice
9. South Sioux City
10. Gering
Skutt takes over the #1 spot in a close race. Scottsbluff is banged up but remains at the #3 spot.
Hastings, Blair, Waverly, and Cozad are all so close that small changes in the rankings shuffled all 4 teams. Cozad’s key to the top 5 is the return of Russman. Beatrice and South Sioux City remain steady where they are at. Gering rounds out the top 10.

NSWCA Class B Individual Rankings
1. Hudson Loges, Blair
2. Cole Welte, Skutt
3. Josh Sheard, Omaha Gross
4. James Ferguson, Elkhorn North
5. Grey Klucas, Waverly
6. Kaleb Keiper, Northwest
Trujillo is out with an injury which moves everyone below him up. Klucas has been coming on strong lately. Keiper is starting to look the part we expected earlier in the season.

1. Cadyn Coyle, Bennington
2. Christopher Gamio, Scottsbluff
3. Juan Reyes, South Sioux City
4. Daylen Naylor, Lexington
5. Aaron Wilson, Cozad
6. Cole Karlin, Beatrice
No changes here.

1. Braiden Kort, Hastings
2. Chance Houser, Scottsbluff
3. Garrison Brehm, Waverly
4. Garrett Schultz, Wayne
5. Luke Frost, Blair
6. Axton Stone, Gering
This one is somewhat of a mess. Romero beat Brehm but it is hard to move Brehm down with his multiple wins over others lower than him. Romero certainly is getting much consideration here but tough to pass the others up. Stone has looked good enough to come in at #6. Very tough to rank these kids, glad that it gets settled on the mat.

1. Kael Lauridsen, Bennington
2. John Alden, O’Neill
3. Tucker Adams, Hastings
4. Tristan Reinke, Beatrice
5. Cole Stokey, Ogallala
6. Joey Canseco, Scottsbluff
No changes here.

1. Drew Cooper, Skutt
2. Connor Ritonya, Bennington
3. Brayden Canoyer, Waverly
4. Lance Olberding, Fort Calhoun
5. Robert Nelson, Minden
6. Cameron Brumbaugh, Hastings
No changes here.

1. Kyler Lauridsen, Bennington
2. Connor Whiteley, Scottsbluff
3. Ely Olberding, Fort Calhoun
4. Orrin Kuehn, Minden
5. Chris Ramos, Skutt
6. Jesse Loges, Blair
No changes here either.

1. AJ Parrish, Bennington
2. Blaine Christo, Ashland Greenwood
3. Cesar Cano, Lexington
4. Dreu White, Cozad
5. Ashton Munsell, Wayne
6. Tyler Harrill, Skutt
This one is another tough one to rank. Parrish beats Cano, Cano beats Munsell, Munsell beats Harrill, Harrill beats White, White beats Parrish, Reed gets beat by Parrish and Harrill, Cano beats 2 guys in the same tournament that beat White, Christo has no wins or losses in this mix. So, you can see this is another tough one to figure out. When in doubt give it to the guy who has done it before, so Parrish stays at #1. Christo is a returning medalist and takes #2. The rest fall somewhat into place based on results. The good thing is this gets sorted out on the mat in a week and a half.

1. Quinn Bailey, Chadron
2. Brock Templar, Blair
3. Caden Eggleston, Beatrice
4. Beni Abarumuh, Skutt
5. Braxton Peacher, Bennington
6. Diego Maganda, Schulyer
Some sanity here (for now), no changes.

1. Landon Weidner, Hastings
2. Yoan Camejo, Blair
3. Riley Johnson, Skutt
4. Owen Bargen, Columbus Lakeview
5. Canyon Hosick, McCook
6. Hayden Russman, Cozad
Camejo gets the most recent win over Johnson so those two change places. Russman slides to #6 because he has been out for a while and it is tough to come back against these dudes after being off for a while but he is capable of reaching the medal stand.

1. Cade Ziola, Skutt
2. Tony Palmer, South Sioux City
3. Frankie Trevino, Scottsbluff
4. Alex Anthony, McCook
5. Yordi Dominguez, Columbus Lakeview
6. Nolan Hill, Seward
Croteau drops out after the EMC tournament and Hill slides into the #6 spot.

1. Isaac White, Cozad
2. Drew Moser, Waverly
3. Josiah Mobley, Scottsbluff
4. Seth Erickson, York
5. Rhett Cullers, Chadron
6. Clayton Lindley, Skutt
No changes here. Just a side note. I can’t wait for the White/Moser match. It looks to be a tough physical battle between two great wrestlers which will be fun.

1. Mason Villwok, Elkhorn
2. Deegan Nelson, Beatrice
3. Gage Guenther, Skutt
4. Eli Boryca, Cozad
5. Wesley Vick, Plattsmouth
6. Taydon Gorsuch, Gering
Guenther and Boryca trade spots based off Guenther’s win at the State Duals.

1. Collin Schwartzkopf, Gering
2. Landon Ternus, Columbus Lakeview
3. Caleb Adkins, Plattsmouth
4. Jacob Olson, Gothenberg
5. Jadon Webster, Elkhorn North
6. Spencer Wittwer, Columbus Scotus
Unfortunately, Stein is out with an injury which moves everyone else up one spot and brings Wittwer in at #6.

1. Jack Allen, Aurora
2. Luke Lambert, Ashland Greenwood
3. Mwamba Ngeleka, South Sioux City
4. Victor Isele, Northwest
5. Kadence Veide, York
6. Daulton Kuehn, Minden
Lambert makes his return, looks fully recovered, and ready to go. That puts him at #2 and slides
everyone else down a spot.

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