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NSWCA Boys District Preview 2-9-23 Class A

Class A
1. Millard South
2. Lincoln East
3. Norfolk
4. North Platte
5. Papillion La-Vista
6. Columbus
7. Millard West
8. Papillion-LaVista South
9. Omaha North
10. Kearney

1. Kiernan Meink Millard South
2. Abdi Unle Omaha Bryan
3. Creighton Lassen Millard West
4. Jack Sponenburgh Kearney
5. Leland Sindel Lincoln East
6. Leo Kiegler Papio South
District A1 and A2 have the most fire power when it comes to 106. We will see a match up with Meink and Sponenburgh which was a 1 point match they faced off. A2 will have Lassen and Sindel which should be a great match for the top spot in A2.

1. Presden Sanchez Creighton Prep
2. Isaac Ekdahl Millard South
3. Tyler Durden Papillion-LaVista
4. Logan Edwards Omaha Westside
5. Alex Gates Grand Island
6. Scottie Meier Lincoln East
A4 headlines this weight class as we will see Sanchez vs Durden in the finals. Sanchez recently dropped down to 113 and beat last year’s runner-up Gates. Durden has been as solid as it has been this season. The good thing for these two, it puts them on opposite sides of the bracket come state.

1. Enrique Haynes MW
2. Brenyn Delano Columbus
3. DJ Bonam Omaha Central
4. Hunter Jacobsen LSW
5. Cree Soe Omaha Bryan
6. Ian Hardy Papio South
Other than A1, we will have ranked match ups for the finals in all districts. Haynes vs Jacobsen, Delano vs Hardy, and Bonam vs Soe. Getting that top spot might set up your whole state. Still as tough of a weight as it comes in class A

1. Miles Anderson Millard South
2. Adrian Bice Columbus
3. Josh Shaner Lincoln East
4. Jackson Levene Kearney
5. Jacob Campbell Papio
6. Kooper Brandle Omaha Westside
A1 is a barn burner behind Anderson. He is and has been the clear #1 at 126 this year in class A. There are quality guys at A1 that getting 2nd could set them up for a solid state run.

1. Gabe Turman Lincoln East
2. Cal Price Papillion LaVista
3. Mason Peterson Columbus
4. Cristian Cortez Grand Island
5. Calvin Empkey Norfolk
6. Kash Bates LSW
A2, A3, and A4 all have the battle of ranked opponents again. Turman vs Bates, Peterson vs Cortez, and Price vs Empkey. A1 though could be the deepest district with 1 quality wrestler sitting at home.

1. Tanner Hosick Bellevue West
2. Logan Glynn Millard South
3. Caydn Kuchera Columbus
4. Cole Toline Lincoln East
5. Jace Kennel North Platte
6. Gavin Van Driel Norfolk
A3 will be the marque match up here with Hosick vs Kucera. Last year the battle was won 3-1 by Hosick in the 3 rd place match at 132. Will this year be a different story?

1. Joel Adams Millard South
2. Caleb Durr LSE
3. Kevin Boston Omaha Central
4. Phoenix Burt Omaha Burke
5. Jamie Sterling Omaha Bryan
6. Perry Swarm Kearney
This is all A1 and A4. 8 wrestlers who could hit the medal stand come Omaha will be fighting for
positioning at these two loaded districts. Even if you do not win your district, making the top 4 is going to set you up fair for state.

1. Ryan Fox North Platte
2. Westin Sherlock Lincoln East
3. Josiah Aburumuh Millard South
4. Sam Nachtigal Kearney
5. Cannon McCarty Omaha Westside
6. Alex Dzingle GI
A1 has the number 1,3,4,5 guy this district. I think Fox takes care of business, but how it all shakes out will be intriguing. I think Aburumuh should get to the finals, he has been hot lately. A3 also has 3 medal worthy wrestlers.

1. Henry Reilly Millard South
2. Jake Licking Norfolk
3. Mikey Myers Omaha Westside
4. Cam Ralston Papio South
5. Pierce Johnson Creighton Prep
6. Lathan Huntsman North Platte
A1 again will be the marquee match up with Reilly and Myers. This is always a close match and should be a banger. A4 will have Johnson vs Licking, Licking has been on a tear lately.

1. Grant Moraski Bellevue West
2. Aiden Robertson Millard South
3. Brian Petry Millard North
4. Sam Andres Lincoln Piux X
5. Jack Baptiste LSW
6. Hudson Waldow Norfolk
A2 will have 3, 4, and 5. Throw in Spivey from Lincoln East and it is a TOUGH district to get out of. Being a district champ here can set you up for a good run barring how the draws are at State.

1. Noah Blair Millard West
2. Colten Haggin Papillion-LaVista
3. Trace Marco Papio South
4. Adonis Bonar Creighton Prep
5. Mason Chandler Bellevue East
6. Xavier Albertson North Platte.
A4 is the one to watch. Haggin is the favorite with a victory over Bonar. Thompson from Norfolk has been solid all year. A2 is quality top to bottom. Could be another district where a good quality kid is left home.

1. Caden Olin Millard South
2. Kayden Kettler Norfolk
3. Casey Popish Papio
4. Justyce Hostetler Grand Island
5. Liam Blaser Columbus
6. Benny Alfaro Fremont
A3 is loaded, but A2 is what is intriguing. A2 there is 4 guys who can take the top spot on the podium. How the seeds land might make all the difference. A3 has 4, 5, and 6. Throw in O’Conner from Papio South. SHEEESHHH.

1. Tyler Stewart Omaha North
2. Matt Bohy Lincoln Pius X
3. Alex Morris Papillion-LaVista
4. Axel Lyman Lincoln East
5. Jackson Bos Norfolk
6. Dallas Paxton Lincoln Northstar
A4 will have Morris vs Bos which is muscle on muscle. Rumor has it Bohy is out, we will see if that is the case and if it is, you have to feel for the senior.

1. Tyson Terry Omaha North
2. Titus Richardson Fremont
3. Jamison Kemp Omaha Central
4. Zach Pittman Grand Island
5. Brock Dyer Millard South
6. Cooper Johnson LSE
A4 Has some fire power with Kemp, Johnson, and Wheeler from Papio. If you can get the district title and hope for the draw you could see Terry in the finals without having to go through

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