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NSWCA Boys District Preview 2-9-23 Class B

Class C
District C-1
Teams and Qualifiers
Arlington- 2
Boone Central- 6
Boys Town- 3
David City- 5
Fillmore Central- 6
Grand Island Central Catholic- 1
Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer- 2
Johnson County Central- 5
Logan View- 6
Louisville- 1
Malcolm- 2
North Bend Central- 3
Oakland-Craig- 3
Raymond Central- 5
Southern- 1
Wilber-Clatonia- 4

1. Ornelas Zaiyahn Wilber-Clatonia
2. Schmit Hayden David City
3. Ehlers Elijah Raymond Central
4. Welsh Peyton Louisville
1. Hill Trey Arlington
2. Eschiti Grant Wilber-Clatonia
3. Schindler Kendall David City
4. Stanek Cashtin North Bend Central

1. McGee Jacob Logan View
2. Kloke Keaton David City
3. Topp Logan Johnson County Central
4. Kyllo Tanner Arlington
1. Meyer Travis Fillmore Central
2. Wood Carson Boone Central
3. Loftis Ben Oakland-Craig
4. Zoucha Zane Malcolm
1. Mejia Iverson Wilber-Clatonia
2. Gregory Kaden Logan View
3. Gewecke Dylan Fillmore Central
4. Johnson Brayden David City
1. Schademann Alexander Fillmore Central
2. Foust Chance Logan View
3. Boardman Levi Johnson County Central
4. Forney Austen Southern
1. Hinrichs Aiden Fillmore Central
2. Baker Zander Wilber-Clatonia
3. Carstens Phillip Boys Town
4. Schafer Jaxon Boone Central
1. Grape Samuel Boone Central
2. Kaup Baylor Logan View
3. parks-thomsen eli Boys Town
4. Trew Terry Johnson County Central
1. Alberts Ben Grand Island Central Catholic
2. Hollandsworth Tie Raymond Central
3. Stassines Treven Fillmore Central
4. Hunke Jake North Bend Central

1. Andel Barrett David City
2. Ruwe Gavin Logan View
3. Shultz Cameron Raymond Central
4. Ray Colton Boone Central
1. Wobken Braydon Logan View
2. McDonald Nate North Bend Central
3. Turner Jackson Fillmore Central
4. Stewart Josh Malcolm
1. Maloley Andy Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer
2. Kreikemeier Mason Raymond Central
3. Roberts Thomas Boone Central
4. Thomas Tucker Johnson County Central
1. Richter Dominick Oakland-Craig
2. Hudson Hank Boone Central
3. Green Messiah Boys Town
4. Malousek Tyson Raymond Central
1. Brands JT Oakland-Craig
2. Harrifeld Christian Johnson County Central
3. Hinrichs Markey Fillmore Central
4. Faulks Ty Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer

Class C
District C-4
Teams and Qualifiers
Amherst- 4
Broken Bow- 11
Centura- 0
Chase County- 4
Gibbon- 2
Gordon-Rushville- 5
Hershey- 1
Kearney Catholic- 2
Loomis/Bertrand- 3
Mitchell- 4
Morrill- 2
Ord- 5
Red Cloud/Blue Hill- 2
Valentine- 8
West Holt- 1
Wood River- 1

1. Jace Martin Wood River
2. Louden Grooms Valentine
3. Tristin Costello Gordon-Rushville
4. Ahren Finney Broken Bow
1. Chauncey Watson Broken Bow
2. Ashton Dane Gordon Rushville
3. Ace Hobbs Mitchell
4. Jehki Williams Valentine
1. Ethan Elliott Hershey
2. Cash Watson Broken Bow
3. Carter Horner Loomis/Bertrand
4. Hunter McTygue Amherst
1. Will Sprenger Valentine
2. Braxon Rynearson Broken Bow
3. Clay Rasmussen Kearney Catholic
4. Carter Auten Red Cloud/Blue Hill
1. Colton Kelley Broken Bow
2. Tucker Banister Gordon-Rushville
3. Sam Luther Kearney Catholic
4. Uzziah Voss Mitchell
1. Kyler Vincent Gordon-Rushville
2. Luis Co Chase County
3. Gavin Sandoz Valentine
4. Ian Hughes Amherst
1. Brendan Boyce Ord
2. Braylan Rynearson Broken Bow
3. Clay Bohr Loomis/Bertrand
4. Daniel Kohel Morrill
1. Caleb Davis West Holt
2. Jace Freeseman Gordon-Rushville
3. Kadon Wenig Valentine
4. Brooks Armstrong Red Cloud Blue Hill
1. Ashton Lurz Valentine
2. Zack Gaffney Broken Bow
3. Isaac Pistulka West Holt
4. Trent McCain Ord
1. Cayden Lamb Valentine
2. Jack Myers Broken Bow
3. Hunter Meyer Ord
4. Kreyton Rockefeller Gibbon
1. Connor Wells Broken Bow
2. Thomas Reeves Chase County
3. Clayton Elliott Valentine
4. Roman Kolbet Gibbon
1. Ryan Gabriel Ord
2. Cael Peters Mitchell
3. Max Denson Broken Bow
4. Brody Bogard Amherst
1. Cal Wells Broken Bow
2. Jaret Peterson Chase County
3. Wyatt Anderson Amherst
4. Clay Meyer Loomis/Bertrand
1. Bridger Rice Ord
2. Jeremiah Coley Mitchell
3. Zach Tarin Chase County
4. Reegan French Morrill

Class C District 2
Archbishop Bergan
Battle Creek
Bishop Neumann
Cedar Catholic
Falls City
Lincoln Christian
Lutheran High Northeast
Norfolk Catholic
Quad County Northeast
West Point-Beemer
The Class C-2 District Tournament is being held at Norfolk Catholic High School this weekend Feb. 10 &; 11. This district features several teams that have the potential to score well in Omaha next weekend. The district features a few weight classes with multiple state medalists while a few others seem to have a number of potential qualifiers. Most of this preview will be based off of initial pre-seed information submitted by the district teams’ coaches.
Ryan Stusse Jr. – Battle Creek
Maverick Heine – Cedar Catholic
Quinn Zegers – Milford
Bailey Thimmes – Falls City
Emmett Cooley – Lincoln Chirstian
Ethan Gregory – Quad County NE
Wyatt Miserez – West Point-Beemer
Stusse Jr. is the only returning medalist or qualifier at this weight. Heine and Zegers could be an
interesting potential semi-final match. Several wrestlers have over 20 wins at this weight and could be very competitive.
Ayden Wintz – Battle Creek
Yair Santiago – Norfolk Catholic
Asher Koehnen – Conestoga
Tanner Renner – West Point-Beemer
Keegan Carl Cedar – Catholic
Samuel Chase – Wakefield
Cade Caudle – Falls City
Wintz is a returning medalist, with Santiago being the only other returning qualifier at this weight. Koehnen will be seeded over Renner with a head to head victory earlier this season. The top four appear to be clearly decided.
Cooper Rea – Milford
Alex Borboya – West Point-Beemer
Landon Sund – Bishop Neumann
Dominick Roth – Lincoln Christian
Holden McDonald – Superior
Omar Contreras – Norfolk Catholic
Gavin Harrison – Conestoga
Draydin Gossman – Pierce
Rea and Roth are returning qualifiers from last season. Rea, Borboya and Sund should round out the top three seeds. Multiple wrestlers appear to be tied on seeding criteria outside of the top three with eight seeded wrestlers.
Aaron Ohnoutka – Bishop Neumann
Jaxson Hassler – Battle Creek
Adain Robles – Winnebago
Kaleb Zulkoski – Falls City
Oliver Daniel – Norfolk Catholic
Hunter Kuchta – Cedar Catholic
Charlie Wienke – Lincoln Christian
Ohnoutka and Hassler are returning qualifiers and will be the top two seeds. There are several
contenders among the other seeded wrestlers.
Hayden Neeman – Superior
Sean Stanton – Milford
James Kansteiner – Conestoga
Brenden Bolling – Pierce
David Hart – Bishop Neumann
Braeden Kleinschmit – Cedar Catholic
Orion Cattrell – Falls City
Luke Blocker – Lincoln Christian
Neeman is a clear #1 seed with Stanton behind him. Kansteiner and Bolling will be tied on seed criteria for the next two positions. The top eight wrestlers in this district will all be very competitive.
Cade Lierman – Bishop Neumann
Jamison Evert – West Point-Beemer
Hunter Dickinson – Milford
Brady Hochstein – Cedar Catholic
Asa Wegrzyn – Lincoln Christian
Justus Searight – Lutheran High Northeast
Caleb Chase – Wakefield
Alonzo Bass – Winnebago
Ethan Avidano – Conestoga
Carter Olson – Quad Country NE
At one of the deepest weights in terms of number of entries and seeded wrestlers, Evert is the only returning qualifier. Lierman will be the clear #1 seed. The top four will also include Dickinson and Hochstein.
Wyatt Olberding – Falls City
Levi McGrew – LIncoln Christian
Max Lautenschlager – Bishop Neumann
Hudson Last – Battle Creek
Scott Dufault – Conestoga
Mason Dusek – Norfolk Catholic
Olberding, McGrew, and Lautenschlager are all returning state medalists and will be expected to medal again this year. The next three seeded wrestlers below them are all capable of taking the last spot.
Jayden Coulter – Pierce
Adam Ohnoutka – Bishop Neumann
Carter Plowman – Conestoga
Blakely Sells – Falls City
Connor Neuhalfen – Battle Creek
Gavin Wortman – Quad County NE
Aaron Allgood – Superior
Josh Mace – Archbishop Bergan
Noah Worley – Lincoln Christian
Coulter will be the #1 seed and is a returning medalist. Ohnoutka and Plowman will be a potential semi- final. Several seeded wrestlers have seen each other at this weight and could challenge for the fourth qualifying spot.
Robert Gilkerson – Falls City
Casey Schnebel – Battle Creek
Lucas Anderson – Conestoga
Kyler Boyles – Superior
Kale Korth – Cedar Catholic
Gage Jensen – Quad County NE
Gilkerson moves up a weight class and will be the #1 seed. This is one of the more open weights with only six seeded wrestlers.
Blake Bolling – Pierce
Jackson Cooley – Lincoln Christian
Wyatt Nierodzik – Battle Creek
Nate Kaup – West Point-Beemer
Cole Benson – Cedar Catholic
Mason Serkiz – Conestoga
Kadyn Strecker – Falls City
Bolling will be the #1 seed with only one loss on the season. Cooley and Nierodzik both are returning qualifiers and are tied on seed criteria. Kaup and Benson are also tied on seed points.
Brek Thompson – Battle Creek
Thomas Vrana – Bishop Neumann
Ajay Gubbels – Quad County NE
Kellen McAfee – Falls City
Weston Heine – Cedar Catholic
Jared Doxey – Winnebago
Jonathan Thompson – Lincoln Christian
Thompson looks to be the #1 while Vrana as a returning qualifier will be the #2. This is another weight that appears to be open for several wrestlers with the potential to qualify.
Trent Moudry – Bishop Neumann
Hunter Oborny – Milford
Zane Ebel – Falls City

Dahkota Zlomke – Battle Creek
Ashton Kempf – Archbishop Bergan
Moudry and Oborny will be the #1 and #2 respectively. The next three seeded wrestlers will be battling for the other two spots. This is one of the smallest weight classes in terms of entries.
Kolby Casey – Quad County NE
Gage Totilas – Conestoga
Clay Hedges – Archbishop Bergan
Jacob Ottis – Battle Creek
Casey and Totilas are the returning qualifiers at this weight. This is also a smaller weight class. There are only two other seeded wrestlers at this weight with several wrestlers slightly under .500 just outside of the top four seeds.
Dawson Raabe – Pierce
Elijah Hintz – Battle Creek
Omar Garcia – West Point-Beemer
Aiden Gubbels – Quad County NE
Sam Johnson – Norfolk Catholic
Aaron Fellers – Archbishop Bergan
Henry Grijalva – Superior
Raabe is the lone returning qualifier at this weight class. He and Hintz will be the top two seeds. Garcia and Gubbels should round out the top four seeds. Several wrestlers could be in the mix to qualifier here as well.

Class C District 3
Central City
Cross County/Osceola
Hastings St. Cecilia
Lincoln Lutheran
South Central Nebraska Unified District #5
St. Paul
Tri County
Twin River
The Class C-3 District Tournament is being held at the Central City Bison Dome at Central City High School. It seems to be a great location for a deeply competitive district. Looking ahead at potential entries and projected qualifiers, it seems like multiple teams have the potential to win this district. This district features several top-rated wrestlers out of our NSWCA ratings.
Devin Nuttelman – Cross County/Osceola
Carter Wander – Syracuse
Blayne Williams – Tekamah-Herman
Layne Baker – St. Paul
Kasten Ruether – Centennial
Dalton Lovejoy – Central City
Levi Tramp – Palmyra
Nuttelman will be the favorite out of this district. Wander and Williams would be a potential rematch in the semi-final round. Baker, Ruether, Lovejoy, and Tramp have similar records and will all be very capable of qualifying at this weight.
Ruzicka has two wins over Lovejoy by identical 5-3 scores. Lovejoy is 2-1 against Gerths on the season, but Gerths has won the most recent match. Gerths has a head to head win over Caudill. Ruzicka and Lovejoy both have head to head wins over Smith.
Janson Pilkington – Yutan
Derrick Ruzicka – St. Paul
Dylan Lovejoy – Central City
Gavin Gerths – Fairbury
Haydan Smith – Doniphan-Trumbull
Caleb Caudill – Syracuse
Pilkington and Ruzicka look to be the top two seeds at 113. Lovejoy and Gerths should be in the top four seeds also. This is one of the thinner brackets of this district with six seeded wrestlers.
Robbie Fisher – Crofton/Bloomfield
Cole Spahr – Tri County
Connor Rempe – SCNU#5
Parker Zickmund – Central City
Bryce Kolc – Yutan
Zachary Burkey – Doniphan-Trumbull
Fisher is the #1 seed and is a returning state Champion. Spahr and Rempe should meet up in the semi-finals. This is another weight where it looks like there are just a few other contenders to qualify out of this district outside of the top three.
Trev Arlt – Yutan
Rowan Jarosik – SCNU#5
Garrison Schernikau – Centennial
Arlt and Jarosik are clear favorites to qualify out of a weight class that isn’t very deep. There are only a few seeded wrestlers at this weight with the fourth qualifying spot wide open.
Tristan Burbach – Central City
Kaleb Baker – St. Paul
Dalton VanLaningham – Fairbury
Chase Groff – Doniphan-Trumbull
Burbach and Baker will be the #1 and #2 seeds and should meet up in the district finals for another round. Another weight with only a few other seeded wrestlers, but wide open competition.
Brandon Fye – Central City
Tieran Cox – Syracuse
Keyden Uhrich – Lincoln Lutheran
Zayden Delgado – Doniphan-Trumbull
Braeden Guenther – Crofton/Bloomfield
Ashton Johnson – Twin River
Max Egr – Yutan
Fye seems like he will earn the #1 seed. With some recent changes at this weight the seeding could be interesting between Cox, Uhrich, and Delgado. Guenther could also factor into the mix here as he has wins over some rated opponents this season.
Barret Brandt – Syracuse
Owen Sack – St. Paul
Jarrett Dodson – Centennial
Connor Gerths – Fairbury
Austin Breckenridge – Tekamah-Herman
Based on district seed points, I believe Brandt will be the #1 seed. The next three look to be tied in a triangle and could be broken up with records against common opponents. The semi-finals at this weight will be worth the watch.
Logan Burt – Tekamah-Herman
Alex Meinecke – St. Paul
Jesse Kult – Yutan
Keenan Kosek – Centennial
Brock Jeannoutot – Crofton/Bloomfield
Burt is the returning state Runner-up at this same weight and will be the favorite to win this district. Meinecke and Kult should also have no problem qualifying. Kosek and Jeannoutot will likely be the other contenders.
Cy Petersen – Syracuse
Wyatt Tramp – Crofton/Bloomfield
Bryce Kunz – Central City
Alex Braniff – Tekamah-Herman
Breckin Schoepf – Centennial
Bryson Thomsen – St. Paul
Riley Arner – Fairbury
Rylen Uhrich – Lincoln Lutheran
The seeding here could be interesting with Petersen being a returning qualifier. While Tramp is a returning medalist, Kunz has beaten him earlier this season. Arner will also make seeding interesting as he is a returning qualifier. Braniff, Thomsen, and Schoepf are all capable of qualifying out of a competitive field here.
Lots of very evenly matched wrestlers here. Returning qualifier Buschkamp beat Kuzelka in OT,
Arensburg 6-5, and Stock 8-2. Stock has wins over Kula and Songster. Kuzelka has three wins over Erickson and has pinned Stokebrand. Stokebrand has two close wins over Songster. Again lots of depth, but you still may see a wrestler or two from 160 bump up as things are more open here.
Garret Buschkamp – Crofton/Bloomfield
Jett Arensburg – Yutan
Gabe Stock – Tekamah-Herman
Konrad Kuzelka – Fairbury
Cooper Stokebrand – Tri County
Conner Erickson – Central City
Cyrus Songster – Centennial
Spencer Kula – Twin River
Zander Markvicka – St. Paul
Buschkamp will be the #1 seed and is a returning qualifier. Arensburg should be the #2. Stock and Kuzelka will be seeded highly with wins over several other competitors here. Lots of seeded wrestlers here will make this a competitive bracket.
Derek Wacker – Yutan
Casey Jeannoutot – Crofton/Bloomfield
Jurgen Baker – Tri County
Zander Markvicka – St. Paul
This will be an interesting weight to watch. Wacker will be the #1 and Jeannoutot #2. Baker and
Markvicka would round out the top four seeds. Not a deep weight class, but definitely some contenders outside of the top four.
Tycen Breckner – Doniphan-Trumbull
Cael Washburn – Tri County
Tyson Sanger – Crofton/Bloomfield
Thomas Thomas – Hastings St. Cecilia
Cole Booth – Tekamah-Herman
Ashton McCown – Fairbury
Breckner, Washburn, and Sanger will all be in the mix for the top seed. Outside of the top three there a just a few other competitors at this weight.
Evan Bryan-Aldrich – Palmyra
Ty Tramp – Crofton/Bloomfield
James Kerns – Tri County
Noah Hyson – Fairbury
Jackson Nordhues – Syracuse
Riley Lavene – Central City
Bryan-Aldrich, Tramp, Hyson, and Nordhues are all returning qualifiers. Kerns will earn a high seed with his head to head and common opponent records against some of those qualifiers. We could see several potential state medalists qualifying out of this district.
Quade Peterson – St. Paul
Jackson Masek – Lincoln Lutheran
Paxton Bartels – Crofton/Bloomfield
Chance Buchanan – Syracuse
Drake Richtarik – Fairbury
Paul Fehlhafer – Centennial
Harvey Warner – Palmyra
Peterson is the returning state Champion at this weight and will be the #1 seed. Based on projected seed points, we could see Masek and Bartels in the semi-finals. After the top three seeds there are several contenders that are capable of qualifying.

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