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Class C Rankings 12-13-18

Top 10 Tournament Teams

  1. Valentine                                           
  2. Broken Bow
  3. David City
  4. Battle Creek
  5. Arlington
  6. Aquinas Catholic
  7. Logan View
  8. Wood River
  9. Centennial
  10. Milford

Top 10 Dual Teams

  1. Broken Bow
  2. Valentine
  3. David City
  4. Aquinas Catholic
  5. Logan View
  6. Battle Creek
  7. Arlington
  8. Ord
  9. Wood River
  10. Pierce

Individual Ratings


  1. Casey Benavides                                              Bridgeport
  2. Julio Reyes                                                          JCC
  3. Konner Schluckebier                                      Milford
  4. Jarrett Battershaw                                          Valentine
  5. Dylan Ancheta                                                   Wood River
  6. Wyatt Schoepf                                                  Centennial

Contenders:   Hunter Vandenberg – Aquinas, Brock Bolling – Pierce, Trenton Arlt—Oakland-Craig

Notes:  Benavides is back at 106 and appears to be the leader to start the year.  Reyes has a couple wins over rated guys and contenders, but they were close.  Seems to be a wide open weight for now.


  1. Chris Williams                                                    Valentine
  2. Zach Zitek                                                            Aquinas
  3. Dru Mueller                                                        Logan View
  4. Carson Thompson                                           Wood River       
  5. Trevor Cooley                                                    Arlington
  6. Jaydon Walker                                                  Hemingford

Contenders:  Spencer Bridgemon – Syracuse

Notes:  Williams is the returning State Champion and leads the group.  Zitek is undefeated on the year and Mueller has a loss to Zitek.  Thompson has had a strong start to the season. 


  1. Caydon McCracken                                         Battle Creek
  2. Spencer Gaffney                                              Broken Bow
  3. Hunter Gilmore                                                                Arlington
  4. Luis Hernandez                                                 Logan View
  5. Noah Scott                                                          Aquinas
  6. Ryan Payne                                                        Centennial

Contenders:  Drake Belville – Doniphan-Trumbull,

Notes:  McCracken and Gaffney lead the way at this weight.  McCracken is a 3 time state finalist with a runner-up finish last year.  Gaffney was also a state runner-up last year.  Gilmore is undefeated on the year and has a good win over Ellis of Winside.  Hernandez beat Scott 4-3. 


  1. Lee Carlson                                                         Sutton
  2. Casey Faulkenberry                                        Broken Bow
  3. Colton Rowse                                                    Ord
  4. Daniel Escandon                                               Gibbon
  5. Ryan Zoucha                                                      Centennial
  6. Clayton Harris                                                    David City

Contenders: Jordan Cluff – Kimball, Ethan Zegers–Milford

Notes:  Carlson and Faulkenberry are the top dogs at this weight based on last year’s performances.  There is a strong group of contenders behind them.  Escandon has yet to compete but assume he’ll be here.  Zoucha has a win over Harris. 


  1. Gage Krolikowski                                     Valentine
  2. Patrick Powers                                          Broken Bow
  3. Owen Lade                                                 Battle Creek
  4. Brandon Schram                                       Tekamah-Herman
  5. Jeaven Scdoris                                          Milford
  6. Jacson Valentine                                      David City

Contenders:, Christopher Feldner – Kearney Catholic

Notes:  Two time State Champion Krolikowski is at the top of this weight class.  Powers, Lade,  and Schram should be the contenders to him this year. 


  1. Evan Waddington                                                    Wood River
  2. Damien Kersten                                                       Battle Creek
  3. Talon Mues                                                                                Arlington
  4. Layne Shiers                                                               Kearney Catholic
  5. Jaxon Jones                                                                                Twin River
  6. Matthew Ambler                                                     Broken Bow

Contenders:  Creighton Redler – Aquinas Catholic, Talon Petska – Ord

Notes:  Returning State Champion Waddington returns to defend his 2018 title.  Kersten and Mues are both tough contenders. 


  1. Justin White                                                               David City
  2. Chase Olson                                                               Valentine
  3. Josh Miller                                                                  Arlington
  4. Jeff McNeill                                                                                Oakland Craig
  5. Sam Copley                                                                                Milford
  6. Zach Rogers                                                                                Kearney Catholic

Contenders: Wyatt Smydra – Norfolk Catholic, Mason Schleis – Shelby- Rising City, Trevor Widener—Bridgeport

Notes:  White currently sits at the top of the ratings, but Olson and Miller are not far behind.  The three all wrestled each other at the Gothenburg summer camp.  White beat both Olson and Miller and Olson edged Miller. 


  1. Ty Heimes                                                                   Battle Creek
  2. Noah Styskal                                                              David City
  3. Cole Ulmer                                                                 Broken Bow
  4. Max Hohn                                                                   Bishop Neumann
  5. Joseph Hinrichs                                                         Sutton
  6. Camden Thompson                                                                Wood River

Contenders:  Austin Smith—St. Paul, Gunner Battershaw—Valentine, Wyatt Uhing—Oakland-Craig, Morgan Koch—Hartington Cedar Catholic

Notes:  Top three are all capable of winning a title here, with Hohn not far behind.  Hinrichs has beaten Thompson, and Thompson has beaten Smith.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the next couple weeks.


  1. Caleb Long                                                                  Valentine
  2. Dylan Vodicka                                                            David City
  3. Jacob Ray                                                                    North Bend
  4. Dylan Jones                                                                                Louisville
  5. Brett Tinker                                                                                Pierce
  6. Isaac Verzani                                                              Wakefield-Allen

Contenders:  Adam Stewart—Malcolm

Notes:  Tough to find much depth at this weight at this early stage in the season.  More contenders will rise in the next few weeks.


  1. Zach Borer                                                                  North Bend
  2. Brady Hull                                                                    Logan View
  3. Lane McGinley                                                          Valentine
  4. Lathan Duda                                                               Broken Bow
  5. Brady Knott                                                                                Louisville
  6. Kobe Wilkins                                                              Arlington

Contenders:  Dylan Zoucha—Malcolm, Dustin Stone—Sutton, Trevor Peterson—Chase County

Notes:  Borer has already handed Hull a defeat by major decision.  After those two it hasn’t sorted itself out much.  Plenty of guys here who can get to the podium.


  1. Joseph Reimers                                                        Aquinas Catholic
  2. Treyvon Brooks                                                        Broken Bow
  3. Haydn Deinert                                                           Malcolm
  4. Matthew Feldner                                                    Kearney Catholic
  5. Jesse Ulrich                                                                                Ord
  6. AJ Hawthorne                                                           Battle Creek

Contenders:  Logan Booth—Logan View, Spencer Allen—David City

Notes:   Its Reimers against the field.  A battle for second place will take place between a number of good wrestlers.


  1. Ryder Fuchs                                                               Pierce
  2. Beau Wood                                                                                Perkins County
  3. Remington Gay                                                         Arlington
  4. Luke Fairbanks                                                          Bishop Neumann
  5. Austin Marx                                                               Battle Creek
  6. Colton Duda                                                               Broken Bow

Contenders:   Eric French—Logan View, James Escamilla—David City

Notes:  Fuchs is the defending champ and the clear leader of the field at this point.  Centennial’s Cast and Ord’s Gabriel have yet to compete.  I’m not sure on their status. 


  1. Jon Merten                                                                                Boone Central
  2. Kalten Bauers                                                            Centennial
  3. Josh Bailey                                                                  Johnson County
  4. Cade Payne                                                                                Hemingford
  5. Austin Simmons                                                       Centura
  6. Nathan Scheer                                                          St. Paul

Contenders:  Wayne Moore—David City

Notes:   Merten, Bauers, and Payne are returning medalists.  Need some time to see how this weight class shakes out. 


  1. Riley Moses                                                                                Filmore Central
  2. Justyn Hale                                                                 Oakland-Craig
  3. Drew Drake                                                                                Broken Bow
  4. Cody Bender                                                              Centennial
  5. Alex Miller                                                                  Logan View
  6. CJ Hoevet                                                                    Ord

Contenders:  Owen Schramm—Aquinas Catholic, Jake Ingwerson—David City

Notes:  Moses and Hale seem to be the clear top two, with Drake right behind them.  After that, this weight seems to be wide open.

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