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Class B Rankings 12-13-18

Tournament Teams

1.Omaha Skutt Catholic








9.Central City

10.Columbus Lakeview

The Class B Race once again features Omaha Skutt Catholic at the top.  They have some nice pieces and will again be the team to be in Omaha.  Don’t count out top contenders Wahoo and Northwest a they both boast stout line-ups.  A lot of our preliminary rankings are based off of returning state points.  This top 10 list can change many times throughout the season as teams start to get their line-ups solidified.  It will be a fun race in Class B this year to see if any of these teams can put together the type of state tournament it will take to knock Omaha Skutt Catholic from the top spot.  There are several other teams looking to crack the top ten as well.  Don’t be surprised of teams like York, Waverly, or Schuyler find their way into the rankings at some point this season. 

            Dual Rankings

  1.  Northwest
  2. Omaha Skutt Catholic
  3. Wahoo
  4. Blair
  5. Hasting
  6. Central City
  7. Lexington
  8. York
  9. Sidney
  10. Columbus Lakeview

The new format for the state dual tournament will provide plenty of intriguing things this winter.  With State Wild Card Point becoming part of the equation, it will be interesting to see which teams really go out and challenge themselves with multiple duals.  The state minimum to qualify for the State Dual Tournament is 6 duals.  There are many teams in our top 10 that will wrestle more than 25 duals this season.  This could play a factor into how the State Dual Tournament plays out.  Again, like our tournament top 10 list, expect plenty of changes as the season progresses. 

Individual Rankings


  1. Caden Svoboda- Aurora
  2. Zac Ourada- Omaha Skutt Catholic
  3. Luke Bailey- Blair
  4. Grady Arends Northwest
  5. Hayden Schalk Nebraska City
  6. Trae Greve Waverly

There are a lot of good names on this list at 106.  Right now we are giving the #1 ranking to Caden Svoboda of Aurora.  Caden put together a great off season and is a hammer from the top position and will be tough to beat.  He had a great state tournament last year and we expect the same this year.  Ouroada, Bailey and Arends could also make their way to the top of the podium.  Only time will tell.  


  1. Paul Garcia- Scottsbluff
  2. Quinto Chavez- Gretna
  3. Tristan Obermiller-Adams Central
  4. Tanner York-Beatrice
  5. Thomas Ivey York  
  6. Jalen Maher Auburn

Paul Garcia is a clear cut favorite here to win it all.  Very interested to see how Chavez and Obermiller progress throughout the year.  Tanner York also had a great off-season and will contend for a high medal. 


  1. Jackson Nielsen- Blair
  2. Dyson Kunz- Central City
  3. Drew Arnold-Beatrice
  4. Paul Ruff- Alliance
  5. Jace Russman Cozad   
  6. Shawn Buchanan-Crete

120 might have some of the most fireworks of any weight class in Class B.  Nielsen and Kunz are both studs and watching this play out will be really fun.  Drew Arnold is quietly becoming a big contender here as well.  Ruff and Russman are quality wrestlers and will most likely find their way to the medal stand.  Buchanan has yet to wrestle so we will see where he is at once he enters Crete’s line-up. 


  1. Darian Diaz- North Platte
  2. Bryce Brown- Hastings
  3. Caleb Lazure Omaha Skutt Catholic
  4. Collin Quandt Northwest
  5. Gage Perry Columbus Lakeview
  6. William Lomax Boys Town

The most interesting thing here is the health of Bryce Brown.  Brown is a talented wrestler and if he can make his way back from off-season ACL injury, he could be a player at this weight class.  Diaz and Lazure have great resumes as well and I am interested in Perry and Lomax.  Both are off to a great start this season. 


  1. Koby Brandenburg Central City
  2. Joey Orsi Omaha Skutt Catholic
  3. Trevor Kluck Aurora
  4. Izaak Hunsley Hastings
  5. Hank Frost Blair
  6. Wyatt Hotz Gothenburg

Hard to pick against a 2-time returning state finalist and state champion in Brandenburg.  Orsi is tough and will be in the hunt to win it all.  Kluck had a great year last year as did Hotz.  This will be a fun weight class.  


  1. Trey Arellano Sidney
  2. Nick Stoltenberg Omaha Skutt Catholic
  3. Ray Loftis West Point-Beemer
  4. Juan Vergara Wayne
  5. Joel Lemburg Columbus Lakeview
  6. Gage Stokey Ogalalla

Trey Arellano looks to lock up a state title for Sidney this year, but there are some very solid wrestlers at this weight class.  Stoltenberg is very tough and it wouldnt surprise me to see him at the top of the podium.  Loftis has a ton of talent and if he can put it all together at the state tournament, look out! Vergara, Lemburg and Stokey are seasoned wrestlers that could make some noise here too.  


  1. Devontae Gutierrez Scottsbluff
  2. Brody Raines Sidney
  3. Chris Adams Nebraska City
  4. Trystan Berry Lexington
  5. Mason Brumbaugh Hastings
  6. Peyton Walling Wahoo  

Gutierrez is the clear cut favorite here, but after coming home with a 6th place medal last year, Raines looks locked in and could make a push for the top spot.  Adams, and Berry both had great off-seasons as well.  Walling gets the 6th spot here.  He is a tough kid and we think he will continue the season with a solid campaign and end up on the medal stand.  


  1. Caleb Canoyer Waverly
  2. Harrison Gocke York
  3. Zane Bennett Wahoo
  4. Carson Core Seward
  5. Carter Pursley Aurora
  6. Easton Albrecht Raymond Central

 Some great talent here.  Any of the top 3 or 4 guys could end up being the champion here.  Albrecht is a returning state medalist but being any higher than 6th here will be tough to do with the talent level at this weight class.  


  1. Caden Yrkoski Schuyler
  2. Zeth Gerkensmeyer Columbus Lakeview
  3. Braydon Wilson Alliance
  4. Cash Arensdorff North Platte
  5. Brody Nelson Beatrice
  6. Cooper Hancock Wahoo

We are very interested to see how 160 progresses this year. We wouldnt be surprised to see someone drop into this weight class from another weight, but we will see how it plays out. For now, we will say that Yrkoski is the guy to beat here.      


  1. Damen Pape Hastings
  2. Evan Canoyer Waverly
  3. Riley Kopf Lexington
  4. Dylan Lee Central City
  5. Ace York Fairbury
  6. Michael Hernandez Schuyler

Can Damen Pape get that elusive state title this year?  We think so.  Canoyer is tough but Pape seems to be the guy to beat here.  Kopf of Lexington is scary good and can beat anyone anytime as seen at last years state tournament.  


  1. Alex Van Dyke Omaha Skutt Catholic
  2. Seth Firmanik Fairbury
  3. Jacob Frenzen Columbus Lakeview
  4. Alec Langan McCook
  5. Kole Bordovsky Wahoo
  6. Kolton Johnson Crete  

Returning Champ Van Dyke gets the #1 ranking right now.  Frenzen had a great state tournament last year finishing as a runner-up and Firmanik and Langan are very talented wrestlers.  Bordosvsky and Johnson are 2 names that do not have state medals yet… the key work there is yet because they both have the talent to earn those medals this year.  


  1. Sam Kolterman Wahoo
  2. Grady Griess Northwest
  3. Eli Jansen Omaha Skutt Catholic
  4. Dylan Meyer Norris
  5. Kobe Lyons York
  6. Trevor Rutcosky Blair

Will we see a repeat of last years state finals match? Kolterman and Griess are 2 of the state best pound for pound wrestlers.  Throw in returning runner up Jansen of Omaha Skutt Catholic and this is a loaded weight class.  


  1. Jesus Meganda Schuyler
  2. Cooper Kiser Northwest
  3. Devin Pfeifer Plattsmouth
  4. Brandon Swahn Wahoo
  5. Baily Hood Alliance
  6. Garett Menke Bennington

Meganda has put together a great career for the worriors.  Winning a state championship this year would be an exclamation point on his career.  Kiser will have something to say about that as he has the talent to be at the top.  Not sure what weight class Swahn of Wahoo will end up in but for now we will rank him at 220.


  1. Jack Sutton Wahoo
  2. Trevor Brown Waverly
  3. Noah Stafursky York
  4. Marcos Martinez Northwest
  5. Jade Wurth Lexington
  6. Tavion Leatherdale Wayne

The interesting story at 285 this year is what will Waverly do with Trevor Brown.  Brown already has a huge win against Class C # 1  Riley Moses this year but Waverly has another talented heavyweight on their roster.  Also can anyone hang with Jack Sutton?  Stafursky has yet to make his post football weight descent but once he does, he will be a top contender here.  

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