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NSWCA Class D Rankings 1/4/24

Class D
Tournament Team Ratings
Aquinas Catholic (5)
Shelby Rising City (4)
Sutherland (3)
High Plains Community (4)
Burwell (5)
Pleasanton (2)
Howells-Dodge (4)
Wisner-Pilger (3)
Anselmo-Merna (4)
Neligh-Oakdale (3)

2-5 teams are going to make an interesting race down the stretch at the state tournament. All four teams have a chance to multiple guys in the finals. Who’s going to have the most guys break through to help their team stay up with Aquinus? Sutherland looks to be the deepest team and getting guys down to their weights. They are going to qualify a lot of guys out of the D4 district and could play a big part in picking up bonus points in the state tournament. Shelby Rising City needs to find a way to qualify Lindsey138, Silva175, Fejll 165 to help make pace with Aquinas. Howells is making a nice return with Blaine Stutzman entering the ratings to help their team see a top team finish. Look for High Plains and Burwell to keep climbing the later and get their guys in a position to finish in the top 5.

Brody Jensen Burwell 9th
Scotty Anderson Sutherland 10th
Brett Larson Brady 9th
Beau Johnson Plainview 9th
Wyatt Forney Southern 9th
Tate Wood Fullerton 9th

Sebastian Sauceda Shelton 12th
Grady Dempcy Sutherland 11th
Zach Held Twin River 9th
Levi Russell HPC 10th
Micah Gerlach Cambridge 10th
Blaine Stutzman Howells-Dodge 9th

Braxton Hammond Southern Valley
Tru Atkins SEM 11th
Gavin Patterson Wilcox-Hildrith 10th
Carter Horner Loomis 11th
Hudson Urkoski HPC 11th
Cable Larson Garden County 9th

Lance Russell HPC 12th
Grant Hausserman Franklin 12th
Hunter Deeds NPSP 10th
Uriel Guzman Palmer 9th
Trenton Wedemeyer Ravenna 9th
Drew Dawe Burwell 9th

Braxton Siebrandt Wisner-Pilger 12th
Conner Rempe Sandy Creek 11th
Briggs Hill Arapahoe 9th
Dierks Sayer Cambridge 11th
Calvin Carraher Franklin 9th
Garrett Wedemeyer Ravenna 12th

Corbin Hoefer N-O 10th
Jaxon Smith Elm Creek 12th
Gatlin Krepla Pleasanton 11th
Austin Mayfield Burwell 11th
Brody Patterson Wilcox-Hildrith 10th
Jarrett Wells Anselmo-Merna 10th

Jakob Kaven AQC 12th
Cauy Kohl Sutherland 12th
Jarrett Dodson Centennial 12th
Dylan Brichacek Howells-Dodge 11th
Gage Friesen HPC 11th
Walker Ott Wisner-Pilger 11th

Kelby Coufal AQC 11th
Gatlin Riemers Palmer 11th
Rowan Jarosik Sandy Creek 11th
Graiden Ritner Wilcox-Hildrth 11th
Jadon Wells Anselmo-Merna 12th
Clay Bohr Loomis 12th
Jacob Moravec AQC 12th
Austin Hegemann Howells-Dodge 12th
Jairo Lazos Central Valley 11th
Dominick Larraga Shelton 9th
Jett Vrbka SRC 9th
Caden Larson Ravenna 12th

Taaron Lavicky Axtell 12th
Tyce Porter Anselmo-Merna 12th
Gunner Roberson Garden County 12th
Jace Mace ArchBishop Bergan 12th
Keegan Poppe Wisner-Pilger 11th
Alek Molzahn Alma 12th

Caleb Davis West Holt 12th
Chase Gracey Mullen 12th
Wyatt Uroski HPC 12th
Logan Nelson Wisner-Pilger 10th
Maddox Jones SEM 11th
Zach Huenefeld Nebraska Christian 12th

Coy Vrbka SRC 10th
Brett Brider Fullerton 12th
Cale Buss Burwell 11th
Wyatt Reichenberg Banner County 12th
Jeremy Fleix Alma 11th
Chase Thomas N-O 11th

Luke Pawloski Pleasanton 11th
Calib Svoboda AQC 11th
Elijah Fjell SRC 10th
Jacob Henery N-O 12th
Hayven Stewart Plainview 10th
Hagen Hodges Burwell 12th

Collin Vrbka SRC 11th
Juan Perez Perkins County 12th
Josiah Brezina AQC 12th
Zeb Wilde Sandhills Thedford 12th
Tayte Thorton Anselmo-Merna 12th
Paul Fehlhafer Centennial 11th

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