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NSWCA Class D Rankings-1/10/20

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association Rankings-1/10/20

NSWCA Class D Tournament Team Rankings

1. Plainview
2. Mullen
3. Burwell
4. Neligh-Oakdale
5. Maxwell
6. Howells-Dodge
7. Weeping Water
8. Twin Loup
9. Central Valley
10. Nebraska Christian

For the third edition of regular season ratings there are some pretty limited changes. With the holiday moratorium and teams with longer breaks in their schedules, there were several teams that haven’t been in competition since the last submission of ratings. That doesn’t mean we went without some quality wrestling over the holidays. Class D saw plenty of success in some holiday tournaments including impressive showings at the Pierce, Pleasanton, and Fillmore Central Invites to name a few. Seems as though many starting line-ups are becoming clearer as some wrestlers have moved down weight classes over break, with more expected as teams return to action. Will be an interesting few weeks to continue to follow Class D wrestling. Hope you all enjoyed your holiday break! As always, thank you to the coaches who take time to send information and contribute to these rankings. Best of luck to all Class D wrestlers and coaches!

1. Eli Lanham, Plainview
2. Hunter Bennett, Elkhorn Valley
3. Ashton Dane, Plainview
4. Eli Paxton, Mullen
5. Carter Beckman, EPPJ
6. Hayden Neeman, Superior

Lane Bohac, East Butler
Triston Wells, Thayer Central
Layne Sturek, Pender

Not much action at this weight since the last rankings came out. Lanham and Dane finished 1st and 2nd at the Pierce Invite. Neeman wrestled at the Fillmore Central Invite and didn’t match up with Bohac due to pool format. The other three haven’t wrestled since our last ratings.

1. Jesse Sauceda, Shelton
2. Scout Ashburn, Plainview
3. Cayden Ellis, Winside
4. Ashton Sinn, Thayer Central
5. Logan Peterson, South Loup
6. Jacob Fox, Axtell

Brayden Brecka, East Butler
Brian Conn, Arapahoe
Ethan Kipp, Twin Loup

Ashburn is down from 120 and finished 3rd at Pierce, his loss coming to out of state competition. Sauceda wrestled for the first time this year, but medically forfeited his last match at Pleasanton. Fox also medically forfeited out of the Fillmore Central Invite. Don’t have much information on either of these wrestlers. Ellis, Sinn, and Peterson haven’t wrestled since our last ratings.

1. Teven Marshall, Mullen
2. Tate Phillipps, Burwell
3. Koby Smith, Elm Creek
4. Brock Kester, Neligh-Oakdale
5. Nickolas Kuehn, Kenesaw
6. Tristan White, Arapahoe

Thomas Klemserud, North Central
Oscar Medina, Harvard
Kirby Smith, Fullerton

Marshall, Phillipps, Kester have been idle since the last ratings. Smith moves up as he has been wrestling well lately winning at Pleasanton while Keuhn was 3rd. White moves into the mix after a good showing there as well.

1. Shaye Wood, Central Valley
2. Cyrus Wells, Anselmo-Merna
3. Gaven Schernikau, Centennial
4. Josh Spatz, East Butler
5. Adam Miller, Elkhorn Valley
6. Jon tenBensel, Cambridge

Lane Barton, Meridian
Brenner McLaughlin, Thayer Central
Matthew Frederick, Winside

Wood pinned his way through the Pleasanton Invite. Schernikau won the Newman Grove Invite. Spatz was 2nd at Fillmore Central with his only loss to a Class D opponent to Wood earlier this season. Wells, Miller, and tenBensel have been inactive.

1. Samuel Foster, Sutherland
2. Ruger Reimers, Palmer
3. Nolan Blevins, Weeping Water
4. Ryan Payne, Centennial
5. Art Escalante, Winside
6. Garrett Latimer, Southwest

Connor Wells, Anselmo-Merna
Trevor Brown, Southern Valley
Carson Gruntorad, Elm Creek

Reimers remains undefeated on the season after getting a close head to head decision over Blevins in the finals at Fillmore Central. Payne was the champion at Newman Grove. Foster, Escalante, and Latimer have not wrestled since the last ratings.

1. Enrique Martinez, Central Valley
2. Nate Christensen, Plainview
3. Dustin Klingsporn, Axtell
4. Jeremy Larson, Brady
5. Jon Peterka, Sutherland
6. Seth Hare, Hitchcock County

Xavier Perez, Elm Creek
Trevor Jedlicka, Howells-Dodge
Dennis Vogl, Crawford

Martinez remains at the top after winning at Pleasanton. Christensen had little problem at the Pierce Invite. Klingsporn is still undefeated after a busy holiday season. Hare re-enters the after a quality showing at Pleasanton. Larson and Peterka haven’t wrestled since the last ratings.

1. Cooper Coons, Twin Loup
2. Matt Van Pelt, Southwest
3. Chase Pawloski, Pleasanton
4. Connor Sonderup, Fullerton
5. Levi Lewis, North Central
6. Joseph French, Axtell

Jaden Henderson, Medicine Valley
Patrick Vinson, Osmond
Ayden Stewart, Plainview

Coons continues to impress with 1 point wins over Pawloski and Class C Pozehl to win a championship at Pleasanton. He now has at least one win over the next four rated wrestlers at this weight. French moves in after winning at Fillmore Central. Van Pelt, Sonderup, and Lewis have been inactive since the last ratings.

1. Colby Coons, Twin Loup
2. Elijah Green, Nebraska Christian
3. Will Gunning, Plainview
4. Jason Burch, Weeping Water
5. Dominic Stewart, Thayer Central
6. Aiden Kuester, Neligh-Oakdale

Wyatt Jenkins, Arapahoe
Brett Tryon, Southwest
Colton Holthus, Garden County

Coons remains undefeated on the season and has the head to head win over Green. Gunning was 3rd at Pierce this past weekend. Burch, Stewart, and Kuester haven’t wrestled since the last ratings. Very deep weight with plenty of contenders.

1. Derek Gibson, Maxwell
2. Blake Racicky, Ansley/Litchfield
3. Jackson Fuelner, Thayer Central
4. Ayden Molzahn, Alma
5. Levi Belina, Howells-Dodge
6. Chet Wichmann, Palmer

Christian Leonard, Bayard
Matt Christensen, Plainview
Sam Vortherms, Creighton

Gibson, Racicky, Fuelner, Molzahn have all been inactive since the last ratings.
Belina was 2nd at Pierce. Wichmann moves into the mix with the move down from 170.

1. Issiah Borgmann, Stanton
2. Dylan Soule, High Plains
3. Alizae Mejia, Plainview
4. Talan McGill, NPSP
5. Gavin White, Sutherland
6. Gunner Reimers, Palmer

Wyatt Hegemann, Howells-Dodge
Reece Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford
Ben Slaymaker, West Holt

Borgmann remains undefeated with a championship at the Pierce Invite. Soule, Mejia, McGill, White haven’t wrestled since our last ratings. Reimers moves in after the move down from 182.

1. Corey Dawe, Burwell
2. Daylan Russell, Alma
3. Bryan Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford
4. Kolby Larsen, Ansley-Litchfield
5. Dawson Kaup, Neligh-Oakdale
6. Bobby Evans, Cambridge

Michael Morgan, Morrill
Cash Meier, GACC
Riley Kessler, Mullen

Dawe, Russell, Zutavern, Larsen, Kaup, and Evans haven’t wrestled since the last ratings. Evans moves in after Reimers moves down to 170. This is a very deep weight as well.

1. Carl Mundt, Nebraska Christian
2. Collin Gale, Plainview
3. Kaleb Pofahl, Neligh-Oakdale
4. James Hargett, Southern Valley
5. Reed McFadden, Sandhills/Thedford
6. Cole Downey, Southwest

Bryce Seier, Morrill
Tyler Dawe, Burwell
Ty Kvanvig, Mullen

Mundt stays at the top of 195 with an undefeated season winning at the Newman Grove Invite. Gale was 3rd at Pierce wrestling into OT twice. Pofahl is also still undefeated and has yet to see competition against anyone in the top six. Hargett, McFadden, and Downey have yet to wrestle since the last ratings.

1. Carter Throener, Howells-Dodge
2. Clayton Hassett, Mullen
3. Kayden Stubbs, Maxwell
4. Luke Howitt, Maxwell
5. Andrew Burnett, Anselmo-Merna
6. Trenton Baier, Weeping Water

CJ Pickrel, Fullerton
Colton Klabenes, Neligh-Oakdale
Delton Haines, Dundy County-Stratton

Throener was runner-up at Pierce this past weekend. Hassett, Stubbs, Howitt, Burnett, and Baier haven’t wrestled since the last ratings. Some close matches between contenders makes this a deeper weight recently.

1. Kien Martin, Overton
2. Marcus Cave, Weeping Water
3. Levi Kerner, Arapahoe
4. Brayton Branic, Sandhills/Thedford
5. Remington Hodges, Hitchcock County
6. Payton Christiancy, Superior

Carsen Fehlhafer, Centennial
Zach Kerwood, Meridian
Graeson Stillwagoner, Dundy County Stratton

Martin remains undefeated on the season after winning at Pleasanton and getting another win over Kerner. Although Kerner also picked up a win over Hodges. Cave was the champion at Fillmore Central. Branic and Hodges have split matches so far with Branic having a 2-1 edge winning the last two most recent match-ups. Christiancy moves in with a few wins over contenders, but many of them have quality wins as well.

Class D Dual Team Rankings

1. Plainview
2. Neligh-Oakdale
3. Mullen
4. Maxwell
5. Burwell
6. Cambridge
7. Winside
8. Thayer Central
9. Pender
10. Arapahoe

The qualifying method for the duals are through a wildcard system that is now based on regular season dual results. Each team must wrestle at least six duals to be eligible for the tournament. These rankings are mostly a reflection of the current Wildcard standings. The top four are all unbeaten in duals so far this season. Mullen and Maxwell will be an exciting dual to keep track of on Jan. 16. Burwell has put together a good dual schedule and should have no trouble qualifying. Both Cambridge and Winside have favorable dual schedules left that could see their wildcard points increase. Thayer Central is already 10-2 on the season and will see if their points they have already can keep them in. There are still lots of questions towards the bottom as to how the wildcard points will affect the current standings. Teams like Garden County and Nebraska Christian have high points right now as well. My projections are based on expected dual results. Good luck to all Class D wrestlers and coaches!

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