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NSWCA Class C Rankings-2/13/20

NSWCA Class C Rankings-2/13/20

Top 10 Class C Tournament Rankings

  1. Valentine
  2. David City
  3. Logan View
  4. Aquinas Catholic
  5. Ord
  6. Broken Bow
  7. Amherst
  8. Raymond Central
  9. Archbishop Bergan
  10. Bridgeport


Comments: It’s District week! We’re about to find out who the 896 wrestlers are that will be competing in next weeks State Tournament in Omaha. All of you wrestlers have come this far and that is worth more than you know. Aquinas won the state duals last weekend over Valentine but Valentine is the favorite to win the State Tournament next week. Ord will pose a problem for some teams because of top end points that they have but David City’s depth along with Logan View and Aquinas will also push for the top 3. After that it’s going to come down to a lot of who will push through districts and win matches in Omaha. Wrestlers that get beat on Thursday have an important task of wrestling back through with pressure being even bigger.


Individual Class C Wrestling Rankings




  1. Riley Waddington – Wood River, (9th)
  2. Ely Olberding – Fort Calhoun, (9th)
  3. Trenton Arlt – Oakland Craig, Jr. (11th)
  4. Jacob McGee – Logan View (9th)
  5. Aaron Ohnoutka – Bishop Neumann, (9th)
  6. Trevin Edwards – Loomis/Bertrand (11th)


Comments: Waddington holds the top spot but resides in the same district as Olberding, Ohnoutka and Brandt of Syracuse who has been in and out of the rankings. Bongers of David City is not listed but is very much a player at this weight.



  1. Casey Benavides – Bridgeport, (12th)
  2. Konner Schluckebier – Milford, (11th)
  3. Zach Dickau – Hi-Line, (11th)
  4. Gage Musser – Hershey, (12th)
  5. Gavin Dozler – Boone Central, (10th)
  6. Alex Schademann – Fillmore Central (9th)


Comments: Benavides beat Musser 8-5 last Thursday so no changes here. Really feel this is a pretty even weight class as there are some wrestlers that are not listed here that could very well end up in the top 3 despite what some records would indicate.



  1. Hunter Vandenberg – Aquinas Catholic (10th)
  2. Mitch Albrecht – Raymond Central (11th)
  3. Dru Mueller – Logan View (11th)
  4. Logan Burt – Tekamah-Herman (9th)
  5. Trey Garey – Broken Bow (11th)
  6. Dylan Ancheta – Wood River (10th)


Comments: Vandenberg retakes the top spot as he defeated Albrecht at the state duals 7-4. Ancheta is unbeaten but has not wrestled anyone that’s been in the rankings at any point of the year. He does have a 5-4 win over Class D Smith of Elm Creek who has been as high as #3.



  1. Chris Williams – Valentine (11th)
  2. Daniel Escandon – Gibbon (12th)
  3. Casey Faulkenberry – Broken Bow (11th)
  4. Ethan Zegers – Milford (12th), 27-3
  5. Zach Zitek – Aquinas (11th), 25-2
  6. Isaiah Shields – Amherst (12th)


Comments: Faulkenberry pinned Williams at the Southwest Conference tournament but Williams also holds a 16-3 win over Faulkenberry. The rematch should take place at the C4 District in Hershey.



  1. Quentyn Frank – Amherst, (10th)
  2. Logan Bryce – Raymond Central, (10th)
  3. Cameron Williams – Conestoga, (11th)
  4. Hunter McNulty – Logan View, (11th)
  5. Caleb Eggleston – Johnson County (12th)
  6. Colton Rowse – Ord (12th)


Comments: 132 is about anyone’s guess. This could be completely inverted and still feel ok about it.



  1. Gage Krolikowski – Valentine (12th)
  2. Cameron Graham – Cross County/Osceola (10th)
  3. Christopher Nickolite – Aquinas Catholic (10th)
  4. Chris Feldner – Kearney Catholic (11th)
  5. Austin Cole – Broken Bow (12th)
  6. Drew Garrison – Tri County (11th)


Comments: 3x Champ Krolikowski nearing the end of his awesome career. Can anyone pull the upset? We saw Nickolite take his shot at the state duals on the weekend. That match resulted in a fall for Krolikowski.



  1. Morgan McGinley – Valentine, (12th)
  2. Jeaven Scdoris – Milford (12th)
  3. Gavin Lampman – Wisner-Pilger (12th)
  4. Wyatt Smydra – Norfolk Catholic (12th)
  5. Trevor Widener – Bridgeport (11th)
  6. Jacson Valentine – David City (12th)


Comments: This is a lot closer between 1-6 than maybe we originally thought. Widener and McGinley will meet for a 3rd time this year and break their current split.



  1. Joe Hinrichs – Sutton (11th)
  2. Gavin Zoucha – Malcolm (10th)
  3. Conner Kreikemeier – Raymond Central (10th)
  4. Garret Kluthe – Ord (11th)
  5. Nolan Eller – Aquinas (11th)
  6. Ethan Mullaly – North Bend (11th)


Comments: Hinrichs still atop the weight class as Zoucha still holds wins over Raymond Central and Aquinas. Kluthe is a dark horse here but has been beaten handily by Hinrichs when both of them were up at 160.



  1. Chase Olson – Valentine, (12th)
  2. Dylan Jones – Louisville, (12th)
  3. Conner Schutz – Hi-Line, (11th)
  4. Jaxon Jones – Twin River (11th)
  5. Brody Dickinson – Freeman (11th)
  6. Gavin Hinrichs – Fillmore Central (12th)


Comments: Olson remains #1. He’ll meet Schutz of Hi-Line. Jones and Jones sit at #2-#4.



  1. Burton Brandt – Syracuse (11th)
  2. Dylan Vodicka – David City (11th)
  3. Dylan Zoucha – Malcolm (12th)
  4. Gunnar Battershaw – Valentine (10th)
  5. Josh Warren – Bridgeport (11th)
  6. Eric Hoesing – Hartington Cedar Catholic (12th)



Comments: Brandt and Vodicka are interchangable. Zoucha has had a great year and Valentine getting Battershaw back really helps bolster their already loaded lineup. Hoesing of HCC is largely an unknown but has put together some solid wins and we see him as a nice darkhorse to push the rest.



  1. Lathan Duda – Broken Bow, (11th)
  2. Cole Stokebrand – Amherst (12th)
  3. Kyle Sterup – Cross County/Osceola, (11th)
  4. Trevor Peterson – Chase County, (12th)
  5. Spencer Allen – David City (12th)
  6. Brady Knott – Lousiville, (12th),


Comments: Lathan Duda looks to be the cream of the crop here but as we always state. Paper projections are just that. Projections and any one of these guys or maybe someone not listed could steal the show. Circa Perry Rucker of Louisville back in the early days of his career.



  1. Ethan Gabriel – Ord (12th)
  2. Logan Booth – Logan View (10th)
  3. James Escamilla – David City (11th)
  4. Nolan Schultz – Aquinas (12th)
  5. Tucker Alexander – Twin River (12th)
  6. Hunter Thoenen – Conestoga (12th)


Comments: Gabriel is the  favorite. Escamillia beat Booth, Thoenen pinned Escamillia. Schultz is right there and Alexander is tough as well. This one will be fun to see!



  1. Peyton Cone – Archbishop Bergan (12th)
  2. Landon Beaver – Wisner-Pilger, (12th)
  3. Dahlas Zlomke – Battle Creek, (12tt)
  4. Jarin Potts – Amherst, (12th)
  5. Wayne Moore – David City, (12th)
  6. Jon Matulka – Bishop Neumann, (12th)


Comments: Cone and Beaver look to be the favorites here and I wouldn’t sleep on Potts as he fits more of the Athletic side of a 220. See how well that worked for Arlingtons Remington Gay a year ago.



  1. Jakob Jerabek – Arcadia/Loup City (12th)
  2. Eli Simonson – Archbishop Bergan (12th)
  3. CJ Hoevet – Ord (12th)
  4. Jake Ingwersen – David City (11th)
  5. Alex Miller – Logan View (12th)
  6. Eric Escobar – Wilber-Clatonia, (12th)


Comments: No changes here




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