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NSWCA Class C Rankings 12/14/23

Class C Tournament Team Rankings
Broken Bow
Battle Creek
Elkhorn Valley
Fillmore Central
Broken Bow remains the easy number 1. 2 thru 6 seems pretty even all with 4 ranked wrestlers for each of em.
Class C Dual Team Rankings
Broken Bow
Battle Creek
Raymond Central
St. Paul
Fillmore Central
Raymond hasa win over Battle Creek, but with Neirodozik back in the line-up for the Braves, it just looks like Battle Creek has a ton of depth. O’Neill wrestled the Braves really close on Tuesday night. The Eagles have a clash with St. Paul late in the season that looks to have a lot on the line. Still lots of teams out there looking to move guys up and down in their lineup. This could change a ton after the growth allowance and Christmas break.

Class C Individual Rankings
Jace Martin-Wood River
Dylan Parks-O’Neill
Layne Baker-St. Paul
Kendall Schindler-David City
Brock Goebel-Syracuse
Eli Kult-Yutan
Martin has a win over Parks and Parks a win over Baker and Schindler. Real question here is where Freshman Goebel and Kult fall in. We start them here at 5 and 6. Hopefully we will get some head to head matchups with this group as the season progresses to see where it will shake out.
Zaiyahn Omelas-Wilbur Clatonia
Maverick Heine-Cedar Catholic
Cody Barton-malcolm
Zach Held-Twin River
Colter Sinn-Thayer Central
Gavin Cheek-Mitchell
Clear number 1 in Ornelas as the State Champ is a nationally ranked wrestler. Cedar Catholic has a solid team this year and they are led by returning medalist Maverick Heine who checks in at number two. Held has a win over Gavin Cheek which sets the stage for 4-6.
Hayden Schmit-David City
Ayden Wintz-Battle Creek
Chauncey Watson-Broken Bow
Owen Vondra-Elkhorn Valley
Ace Hobbs-Mitchell
Grant Ishiti-Wilbur Clatonia
Schmit’s dominating win over Wintz at O’Neill was a real eye opener here. This is an incredibly tough weight class over all. There are 5 returning state medalists in this field. Watson is the only one who didn’t medal last season. You have to think that was due mostly to injury. Wonder if some of these guys will look to descend after the Christmas break? This should be a really fun weight to watch as the season progresses.
Robbie Fisher-Crofton Bloomfield
Brady Hochstein-Cedar Catholic
Keaton Kloke-David City
Ryan Stusse Jr.-Battle Creek
Cole Spahr-Tri County
Chaz Erickson-Kearney Catholic
Returning Champ Robbie Fisher anchors this group. Kloke has a win over Stusse and Hochstein has a win over Kloke. The results tend to suggest an eyelash separates this crew 2-4. Spahr is a returning medalist and Erickson has looked really good winning his first two tournaments of the season.
Ethan Elliott
Carson Wood-Boone Central
Koltdyn Heath-Minden
Cash Watson-Broken Bow
Mason Nitz-Elkhorn Valley
Brady Hochstein-Cedar Catholic
Ethan Elliot made the finals last season and starts the year ranked number 1 at 132. Carson Wood has yet to wrestle this season, but his resume from previous seasons has him checking in at number 2. I found 6 returning medalists in the results at this weight. Some of them don’t make it into the top 6. Nitz has a win over Nuttleman from Cross County who doesn’t make this list. This is another very deep class. I would imagine there will be a number of changes here as we get more head to head matchups.
John Alden-O’Neill
Colton Kelley-Kearney Catholic
Braxon Reynerson-Broken Bow
Iverson Mejia-Wilbur Clatonia
Conner Kohout-Milford
Ben Loftis-Oakland Craig
Alden has a win over Kelley at the Wood River invite and Mejia at O’Neill. He checks in at number 1. Kelley has a pin over his former practice partner in Reynerson. Just comparing these results has the top 4 shaking out this way. Kahout has scored many points at the state tournament through the years so he gets the nod at number 5 while Loftis has always been a tough wrestler who is looking to put heartbreak in the rearview mirror.
Tristan Burbach-Central City
Will Springer-Valentine
Brenden Bolling-Pierce
Kyler Vincent-Gordon Rushville
Maverick Hagemann-Elkhorn Valley
Robert Nelson-Minden
The returning state champ gets the nod over Springer, but we all have the Ainsworth Invite circled on the calendar where these two will potentially cross paths. Bolling looks tough. His long frame presents some real match-up problems for some guys. Vincent and Hagemann both have a state medal in their resume, while Nelson, who hasn’t wrestled yet this season, checks in at number 6.
Orrin Kuehn-Minden
Pryor Matthews-O’Neill
Wyatt Olberding-Falls City
Wyatt Jelinek-Raymond Central
Jacob Koehn-Clarkson Leigh
William Moniger-Broken Bow
Kuehn had a win over Mathews last season at the state tournament so we will rank him at number 1. These two are moving down with medals from Class B last season. Olberding placed 2nd last year at 145 he checks in at number 3. While Koehn has a state medal from Class D last season. If Moninger can finish on the medal stand along with the rest of his rated Bow teammates, this will make the Indians very tough to catch in the team race.
Quinn Bailey-Chadron
Bryce Kunz-Central City
Alex Meinecke-St. Paul
Chance Faust-Logan View
Jesse Kult-Yutan
Hunter Dickenson-Milford
The returning Class B champ is 1. Kunz comes in with a 4th place finish at 160 last season in Class C to justify his number 2 ranking. Sophomore Alex Meinecke earned the OW at Wood River and looked like a younger (bigger) Conner Bolling. The Wildcats have something cooking in St. Paul for sure. Faust has a state medal from last season to earn his debut in the 4 spot. Kult and Dickenson have looked good to earn their 5 and 6 rankings respectively.
Wyatt Tramp-Crofton Bloomfield
Cy Peterson-Syracuse
Travis Halsey-Elkhorn Valley
Dakota Baum-Broken Bow
James Kransteinzer-Connestoga
Treven Stassines-Filmore Central
Tramp picks up a win over returning state runner-up Peterson to get the nod at number 1. Halsey has a state medal in his past to earn his number 3 ranking. Baum, Kransteinzer, and Stassines go 3 through 6 respectively based solely on the coolness of their names. We’ll see how actual results on the mat change this very scientific approach to rankings as we move forward.
Ashton Meinecke-St. Paul
Kyle Peterson-Raymond Central
Brek Thompson-Battle Creek
Kreyton Rockefeller-Gibbon
Brock Jennoutot-Crofton Bloomfield
Gavin Ruwe-Logan View
Ashton Meinecke has looked very tough for Coach Bollings St. Paul crew these first couple weeks of the season, so he gets the nod at the top of 175. Peterson has a win over Thompson. Rockefeller, Jeannoutot, and Ruwe go 4-6 in another one that came down solely to splitting hairs on names. Look for changes here as more results are logged over the course of the season.
Jackson Turner-Filmore Central
Braxton Janda-Minden
Max Denson-Broken Bow
Cooper Stokebrand-Tri County
Braydon Wobken-Logan View
Dominick Richter-Oakland Craig
Turner comes in with a 3rd place medal at 182 from last season and a win over Stockbrand. Stokebrand has a win over Wobken who placed 6th last season. Richter comes in at the number 6 spot with a win over Jelinek from Raymond who is just outside the rankings.
Jaret Peterseon-Chase County
Cal Wells-Broken Bow
Hank Hudson-Boone Central
Trent Moudry-Bishop Neumann
Tucker Schabram-O’Neill
Cael Peters-Mitchell
Peterson has a win over Wells in a reversal from last season’s results. Hudson makes his way down from HWT and into the rankings at number 3. This class is loaded with talent and returning state hardware. Shabram is the only guy without a state medal already moving down from Class B and the HWT class into this group. Derrick Wacker is listed at this weight on Trackwrestling but hasn’t wrestled a match this season.
JT Brands-Oakland Craig
Markey Hinrichs-Fillmore Central
Tyson Breckner-Doniphan Trumball
Wyatt Anderson-Amherst
Mason Planer-Battle Creek
Keith Kvasnicka-Wilbur Clatonia
Heavyweight is a deep class as well. JT Brands was a runner-up last season. Markey Hinrichs was 3rd. Breckner has a win over Anderson at the Wood River Invite. While Planer has a win over Kvasnicka at O’Neill week 1.

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