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NSWCA Class B Rankings 12/14/23

NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings
1. Omaha Skutt
2. Waverly
3. Scottsbluff
4. Blair
5. Beatrice
6. Bennington
7. York
8. Plattsmouth
9. Cozad
10. Gering

As things start to develop and the early results start coming in Skutt rises to the top. They have a lot of top end point scorers and depth which makes them tough to beat. Skutt has 9 wrestlers ranked in the top 6.

Waverly has not had their full line up yet and once they do be careful about them. If they get everyone in the right weights, they may be the deepest team in class B but just short of the top end point scorers that Skutt has. Waverly has 8 wrestlers ranked in the top 6.

Scottsbluff is still a question mark. They like many others have not had their entire line up wrestle at once. If they do, they can be a very tough team. For now, they come in at number 3 because of their potential. Scottsbluff has 7 wrestlers ranked in the top 6.

Blair climbs to number 4 because some of their younger wrestlers that did not make it to state last year showed some promise at Council Bluffs this weekend. Blair has 6 wrestlers ranked in the top 6.

Beatrice has some quality and depth with potentially 7 state medalists. The difference between Blair and Beatrice is Blair has more ranked in the top 3 but the difference is very slim.

Bennington ends up at number 6 this week because some of the young wrestlers have not proven themselves yet and depth is something they need to develop. The margin between #3 and #6 is very thin.

York is remaining at number 7 with their stock rising each week and closing in on the group of teams ranked 3-6.

Plattsmouth is another team on the rise. They came in our top 10 dual teams and now the kids are proving themselves as a top 10 individual tournament team.

Cozad remains number 9 with their core group of wrestlers. They are always solid and consistent.

Gering is another consistently solid team and one to watch out for on the rise.

NSWCA Class B Dual Rankings
1. Waverly
2. Omaha Skutt
3. Bennington
4. Scottsbluff
5. Beatrice
6. Blair
7. York
8. Gering
9. Cozad
10. Plattsmouth

Not much has happened with duals yet and there are a lot of kids on different teams that are not in their line ups, so I am staying with the preseason rankings for now. Waverly seems to have the most depth although Skutt is not far behind, this would be a tight dual with who wins the most toss up matches being the difference. The Fracas may start separating some of the top teams, but not until after Christmas will we have a clearer picture.
NSWCA Class B Individual Rankings

1. Ben Ziola, Omaha Skutt
2. Talon Belding, Beatrice
3. Brayton Holding, DC West
4. Greg Klucas, Waverly
5. Tannon Bellamy, Blair
6. Jude Connelly, Gering

A lot of unknowns here but Ziola seems to be a clear-cut favorite.

1. Cadyn Coyle, Bennington
2. Cole Welte, Omaha Skutt
3. Kaleb Keiper, Northwest
4. Josh Sheard, Omaha Gross
5. Logan Svoboda, Aurora
6. Frost Wallace, Gering

Similar to what 106 was last year where we have two All-American wrestlers at the top then everyone fighting for the next spots on the medal stand in a wide-open race.

1. Hunter Jacobsen, Waverly
2. Chris Gamino, Scottsbluff
3. Trax Trujillo, Aurora
4. Cole Karlin, Beatrice
5. Garrett Schultz, Wayne
6. Odin Anschutz, Plattsmouth

This appears to be a very deep weight class with a couple of returning state medalists not even able to crack the top 6.

1. Hudson Loges, Blair
2. Chance Houser, Scottsbluff
3. Garrison Brehm, Waverly
4. Daylen Naylor, Lexington
5. Gavin Vanover, Beatrice
6. James Ferguson, Elkhorn North

Hudson and Houser seem to be the clear top two but still a lot of quality in this weight class after those two. Brehm has been wrestling up a weight but some early indications he may move down, if not we will make the adjustments later. This will be true for some other wrestlers in the rankings not only from Waverly but other teams as well. For now, we are going with what we think may happen.

1. Brayden Canoyer, Waverly
2. Jordan Shirley, Gering
3. Tristan Reinke, Beatrice
4. Grady Meyer, Wahoo
5. Joey Canseco, Scottsbluff
6. Gabe Hartman, Nebraska City

A weight class similar to 126 where we have two clear favorites and a fairly deep weight class with quality wrestlers.

1. Tyson Brown, Blair
2. Jorge Carrizales, Ogallala
3. Jaden Meyer, Hastings
4. Aaron Wilson, Cozad
5. Trev Greve, Waverly
6. Chris Ramos, Omaha Skutt

A fairly open weight class with some decent depth.

1. Pedro Carrizales, Ogallala
2. Tristan Campbell, McCook
3. Isaiah Foster, Wahoo
4. Cole Urbanec, Omaha Skutt
5. Reed Patera, Platteview
6. Bryan Morales, Scottsbluff

Former state runner up Carrizales returns to take the top spot. This weight class is fairly wide open.

1. Tyler Harrill, Omaha Skutt
2. Garrett Rine, Waverly
3. Drue White, Cozad
4. Braxton Peacher, Bennington
5. Milo Cervantes, Scottsbluff
6. Atticus Dick, Blair

The top wrestlers in this weight are very solid but not a deep weight class.

1. Kyler Lauridsen, Bennington
2. Cesar Cano, Lexington
3. Caden Smart, Wahoo
4. Niko Rotella, Omaha Skutt
5. Kruse Williamson, Beatrice
6. Rece Knight, Gering

Lauridsen a clear favorite here and some decent wrestlers but another weight class not deep.

1. Riley Johnson, Omaha Skutt
2. Brock Templar, Blair
3. Levi McGrew, Lincoln Christian
4. Brooks Loosvelt, York
5. Zech Roggasch, Sidney
6. Brock Malcom, Cozad

Again, it looks like two clear top choices and the next several wrestlers are close in ability.

1. Drew Moser, Waverly
2. Frankie Trevino, Scottsbluff
3. Jackson Cooley, Lincoln Christian
4. Merrick Johnson, Beatrice
5. Dalton Rhoten, Bennington
6. Blaise Baughman, Blair

Moser is a solid number 1, but Trevino is a solid contender. The rest are a toss-up, and anyone can finish about anywhere.

1. Cade Ziola, Omaha Skutt
2. Seth Erickson, York
3. Yordi Dominguez, Columbus Lakeview
4. Adrian Curiel, South Sioux City
5. Wes Vick, Plattsmouth
6. Patrick McCartney, Sidney

Ziola is a clear favorite but not much depth here.

1. Mason Villwok, Elkhorn
2. Tony Palmer, South Sioux City
3. Sebastien Boyle, Scottsbluff
4. Joe Stein, Northwest
5. Clayton Lindley, Omaha Skutt
6. Caleb Adkins, Plattsmouth

A lot of depth at this weight class and very good quality at the top.

1. Keagyn Linden, York
2. Orion Parker, Plattsmouth
3. Owen Rowell, Auburn
4. Harrison Smith, Waverly
5. Tyree Smith, Cozad
6. Silas Benson. Beatrice

This is a wide-open weight class from top to bottom.

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