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NSWCA Class B Rankings-12/18/20

NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings

  1. Beatrice
  2. Gering
  3. Aurora
  4. Blair
  5. Broken Bow
  6. Bennington
  7. Pierce
  8. Ralston
  9. Waverly
  10. Ogallala


Beatrice remains at the #1 spot from the pre-season rankings. To keep their ranking, they need to get one of their top wrestlers back from injury. Gering is a solid #2 and may move up to #1 if Beatrice cannot get healthy. Aurora is also in the hunt with 3 #1 ranked wrestlers. Blair jumps up with guys showing they have recovered well from injuries last year and are wrestling very well right now. Broken Bow slid a little from the pre-season rankings not because they did anything wrong it was more that others are performing exceptionally well. The same with Bennington, they just have not had enough competition to move up or keep others from passing them. The rest of the top 10 are all so close that we may see some movement each time the ratings come out. Other teams on the cusp are York, Hastings, Skutt, Sidney, Columbus Lakeview, Northwest, and Scottsbluff. There is a lot of parity in class B this year. We may see a lot of changes in the top 10 each time the rankings come out.


The individual rankings are all based on what the coaches sent in during the pre-season. In a couple weeks, as kids settle into their weights and look to change weights, we will see some movement of the wrestlers. This will also affect how the top 10 teams look.

NSWCA Class B Individual Rankings


  1. Caden Svoboda, Aurora
  2. Jesse Loges, Blair
  3. Jorge Carrizales, Ogallala
  4. Chance Houser, Sidney
  5. Cadyn Coyle, Bennington
  6. Cameron Brumbaugh, Hastings

Caden Svoboda is the clear favorite here being a senior and returning state runner-up. Jesse Loges was undersized last year and that hurt him at times. After that there are a bunch of freshmen coming in that can contend for a high medal.


  1. Kael Lauridsen, Bennington
  2. Blaine Christo, Ashland Greenwood
  3. Owen Bargen, Columbus Lakeview
  4. Cash Duncan, Seward
  5. Daven Naylor, Lexington
  6. Pedro Carrizalas, Ogallala


Returning state champion, Kael Lauridsen, is clearly the leader here. After Lauridsen it is pretty wide open. There are some quality wrestlers but no state medalist. Look to see some 120 lbers drop down if their weight allows.



  1. Quinton Chavez, Gering
  2. Grady Arends, Northwest
  3. Zach Ourada, Skutt
  4. Ivan Lazo, Lexington
  5. Brock Bolling, Pierce
  6. Connor Whiteley, Scottsbluff

This weight class is loaded with former state medalists. Two-time state champion Quinton Chavez lead the pack. This weight is very deep with quality wrestlers.


  1. Paul Garcia, Scottsbluff
  2. Paul Ruff, Gering
  3. Braiden Kort, Adams Central
  4. Cyrus Wells, Broken Bow
  5. Jeremy Mckee, Ralston
  6. Drew Cooper, Skutt

Paul Garcia is going for his fourth state title and was pushed by Paul Ruff last year. It is wide open after those two with Kort, Wells, and Mckee are about equal.


  1. Drew Arnold, Beatrice
  2. Casey Faulkenberry, Broken Bow
  3. AJ Parrish, Bennington
  4. Reece Jaqua, Wayne
  5. Thomas Ivey, York
  6. Malachi Bordovsky, Wahoo

Drew Arnold and Casey Faulkenberry are just about equal. I gave the edge to Arnold because he seemed to be at more big off season tournaments this fall. AJ Parrish makes a big jump from 113 so we will see how he handles the bigger kids. Parrish, Jaqua, Ivey, and Bordovsky all look pretty even. Bordovdky gets the nod for #6 over state medalist Tyler Nagel because of head to head.


  1. Nate Rocheleau, Gering
  2. Trevor Reinke, Beatrice
  3. Landon Weidner, Hastings
  4. Michael Mass, Ralston
  5. Logan Jaixen, Columbus Lakeview
  6. Asa Johnson, Alliance

The battle for #1 is between two returning state champions, Nate Rocheleau and Trevor Reinke. I gave the edge to Rocheleau because he is the returning champ at this weight and had a better record last year. This is another deep weight as far as quality. Right now, I have Asa Johnson here because the pre-season information said this is where he is going, however, he wrestled two weight classes up last week.


  1. Trevor Kluck, Aurora
  2. Adam Kruse, Skutt
  3. Charlie Powers, Blair
  4. Connor Wells, Broken Bow
  5. Evan Smith, Minden
  6. Bayler Poston, Nebraska City

Trevor Kluck looks to be the favorite here. He suffered only one loss last year and fell short of the state title but looks to finish it off this year. The next 3 all look pretty equal. Adam Kruse lost in the heartbreak round last year but looked as good as any state medalist all year. Charlie Powers comes off an injury from last year and was a state medalist contender before that injury. Connor Wells was a state medalist last year and looks to repeat again this year.


  1. Noah Talmadge, Ralston
  2. Gage Stokey, Ogallala
  3. Ashton Schweitzer, Pierce
  4. Yoan Camejo, Blair
  5. Cole Maschmann, Beatrice
  6. Isaac White, Cozad

This looks like a wide-open weight class. The top 3 are all state medalists, Camejo and Maschmann are also capable of challenging for the state title. This looks like the top 5 or 6 can wrestle each week and we would have a different outcome each week.


  1. Kobe Lyons, York
  2. Elliott Steinhoff, Platteview
  3. Cameron Zink, Ogallala
  4. Austin Cooley, Northwest
  5. Josh Colgrove, Plattsmouth
  6. Zander Schweitzer, Pierce

Kobe Lyons a 50-match winner and state runner up last year drops down one weight and looks like the favorite here. Elliott Steinhoff surprised people last year with his state runner-up finish but will not surprise people this year. Cameron Zink is also a 50-match winner with a state medal that can contend for the state title.


  1. Evan Canoyer, Waverly
  2. Brady Robb, Sidney
  3. Jacob Awiszus, Gering
  4. Torrance Keehn, Beatrice
  5. Kaden Lyons, York
  6. Michael Kruntorad, Pierce

Returning state champion Evan Canoyer looks to be the clear favorite here but Brady Robb and Jacob Awiszus both have 3rd place medals that can make things interesting.


  1. Brekyn Papineau, Aurora
  2. Jay Ballard, Boys Town
  3. Cooper Hancock, Wahoo
  4. Deegan Nelson, Beatrice
  5. Braden Hanson, Blair
  6. Landon Ternus, Columbus Lakeview

This weight class really cleared out to open it up to just about anyone. Brekyn Papineau and Jay Ballard are both state medalists and the current favorites. I would not be surprised to see some other wrestlers move into this weight class and stir things up a little.


  1. Lathan Duda, Broken Bow
  2. Luke MacDonald, Bennington
  3. Brody Nelson, Beatrice
  4. Dexter Larsen, Blair
  5. Wyatt Fanning, Waverly
  6. Mack Owens, Aurora

Returning undefeated state champion Lathan Duda looks to be the favorite here with both Luke MacDonald and Brody Nelson being state medalists can make things interesting. Dexter Larsen is a great athlete that will also push anyone of these guys.


  1. Alec Langan, McCook
  2. Dylan Meyer, Norris
  3. Blake Davis, Hastings
  4. Lance Hume, Blair
  5. Keifer Anderson, Broken Bow
  6. Joe Rodriguez, West Point Beemer

Alec Langan and Dylan Meyer have very similar records from last year and both have 3rd place state medals. Blake Davis is also a returning state medalist and very strong wrestler. This should be interesting at the top. After that there are some quality wrestlers but not a lot of depth.


  1. Mike Leatherdale, Pierce
  2. Trevor Brown, Waverly
  3. David Hernandez, Ralston
  4. Neil Hartman, Concordia/DC West
  5. Aaron Jividen, Aurora
  6. Reid Steinbeck, McCook

Mike Leatherdale is the returning state champion and is at a new school this year. Trevor Brown is coming off an injury from last year where he would have been the favorite so we may see a great match between these two athletes. Hernandez and Hartman are both returning state medalists and dangerous also that may have something to say in this.

NSWCA Class B Dual Rankings

  1. Bennington
  2. Beatrice
  3. Pierce
  4. Gering
  5. Aurora
  6. Blair
  7. Hastings
  8. Broken Bow
  9. Waverly
  10. Platteview


Not a lot of change in these rankings from the pre-season. It will be difficult to gage the dual rankings this year with teams having more kids sit out for illnesses than in the past. Without the state duals to look forward to and the pandemic teams may be less willing to take the risk this year.


I keep Bennington #1 for the same reason they started there, their high finish last year at the state duals and returning most of that firepower plus replacing much of what they lost with young talented kids. Until someone knocks them off or something in the lineup changes, I will keep them there.  We will get that chance right away with Beatrice coming to Bennington for a #1 vs. #2 dual on December 22nd. Blair is looking like a very solid dual team losing a close one to Beatrice, they will also get a shot at Bennington in a couple weeks at the EMC Duals.

It is too bad we do not have the State Duals this year. It looks like it would have been a great tournament in class B. Pierce, Gering, and Aurora all have teams capable of winning the State Dual Championship this year.


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