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NSWCA Class B Rankings 1/27/22

NSWCA Class B Rankings
NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings
1. Bennington
2. Hastings
3. Blair
4. Skutt Catholic
5. Gering
6. Broken Bow
7. Aurora
8. Waverly
9. Beatrice
10. Scottsbluff
Bennington solidified its place at the top in the individual tournament rankings by its performance at the John Higgins Invitational last weekend by finishing ahead of #2 Hastings by 50+ points. In a state tournament race, Hastings and Blair are not too far behind Bennington and very close to each other. Skutt keeps creeping up with the performance of its individuals. The next group Gering, Broken Bow, Aurora, and Waverly are all so close to each other that with a slight change in one individual performance can really change these rankings. Beatrice and Scottsbluff round out the top 10 but are not all that far behind the teams ahead of them. A great performance out of either one of these teams can shoot them up the standings. Cozad is just outside the top 10 but a good performance at state can easily put them in the top 10.
NSWCA Class B Dual Rankings
1. Blair
2. Waverly
3. Bennington
4. Hastings
5. Broken Bow
6. Beatrice
7. Gering
8. Scottsbluff
9. Columbus Lakeview
10. Nebraska City
Very little has happened to change the top 6 teams. Scottsbluff was looking really good and possibly a challenger to the top 6 teams until Gering came along and beat them. I still would not sleep on Scottsbluff though. Undefeated Columbus Lakeview has a tough challenge this week (the dual will happen before this is published) with Boone Central. A solid Nebraska City finishes out the top 10.
The State Dual field will be decided by the end of this week. Beatrice looks to be out because of early season injuries costing them too many duals. Gering has been looking better every week but also looks like they may just miss the cut off because of some earlier losses. The battle for the last spot in the State Duals looks to come down to Aurora, Minden, and Nebraska City with the winner of the Aurora and Minden dual in the driver’s seat.
NSWCA Class B Individual Rankings
1. Hudson Loges, Blair
2. Christopher Gamio, Scottsbluff
3. Cadyn Coyle, Bennington
4. Cameron Brumbaugh, Hastings
5. Aston Dane, Gering
6. Chauncey Watson, Broken Bow
Loges remains at the top because he hasn’t lost to a class B wrestler yet. The next 4 are a mess. They have all exchanged wins over each other. This can all change again each week and at state. Don’t sleep on Watson, he has been quietly having a great season.
1. Kael Lauridsen, Bennington
2. Chance Houser, Sidney
3. Jordan Shirley, Gering
4. Hunter Anderson, Hastings
5. Luke Frost, Blair
6. Garrison Brehm, Waverly
Lauridsen and Houser met in the Higgins finals and Lauridsen made a statement with a dominating first period pin that he is the #1 guy here. Shirley wrestled up at 120 at the Higgins Invitational but I am keeping him here for now and see where he is at down the road.
1. Connor Ritonya, Bennington
2. Jorge Carrizales, Ogallala
3. Austin Munier, Sidney
4. Daven Naylor, Lexington
5. Cael Nielsen, Plattsmouth
6. Jesse Loges, Blair
Carrizales made an appearance at 120 for one weekend and wrestled class C state champ Garfield very tough. Then did not wrestle the next week. Assuming he will be back he looks tough here. Munier will be making the drop to 120 and Nielsen’s move up quickly made this a deep weight class with 9-10 different wrestlers capable of winning a state medal.
1. Braiden Kort, Hastings
2. Kyler Lauridsen, Bennington
3. Ely Olberding, Fort Calhoun
4. Andon Stenger, Columbus Lakeview
5. Bryce Karlin, Beatrice
6. Trev Greve, Waverly
Kort and Lauridsen met at the Higgins Invitational and had a classic one-point match. These two looks to be the clear leaders and may have some more great matches down the road. The next 3 remain the same but move up because of Munier’s departure and Greve moves up to the #6 spot.
1. Zach Ourada, Skutt
2. Cyrus Wells, Broken Bow
3. Connor Whiteley, Scottsbluff
4. Blaine Christo, Ashland Greenwood
5. Brock Bolling, Pierce
6. Gavin Dotzler, Boone Central
No changes here.
1. Malachi Bordovsky, Wahoo
2. AJ Parrish, Bennington
3. Drew Cooper, Skutt
4. Brock Templar, Blair
5. Connor Wells, Broken Bow
6. Ashton Munsell, Wayne
The top 5 remain the same. Returning state medalist Munsell moves into the #6 spot because he has been looking very good and wrestling tough.
1. Adam Kruse, Skutt
2. Landon Templar, Blair
3. Quinn Bailey, Chadron
4. Dreu White, Cozad
5. Jayden Coulter, Pierce
6. Baylor Poston, Nebraska City
Kruse remains #1, Moser drops below Poston because he finished lower than him at the Plattsmouth Invitational. That moves Templar, Bailey, and White all up a spot. Coulter comes in at #5 because of his finish at Plattsmouth.
1. Landon Weidner, Hastings
2. Cameron Zink, Ogallala
3. Cade Ziola, Skutt
4. Caden Corcoran, Ralston
5. Elliott Steinhoff, Platteview
6. Yoan Camejo, Blair
Weidner wins big over Zink so those two flip. Ziola remains at #3 for now but looking tough. The rest of the field remain the same.
1. Jett Samuelson, Hastings
2. Charlie Powers, Blair
3. Cole Maschmann, Beatrice
4. Michael Kruntorad, Pierce
5. Alex Anthony, McCook
6. Migual James, Ralston
The top 5 do not change. James comes in at #6 based off his performance this past weekend.
1. Isaac White, Cozad
2. Josh Colgrove, Plattsmouth
3. Cooper Spaulding, Norris
4. Torrance Keehn, Beatrice
5. Frankie Trevino, Scottsbluff
6. Nolan Hill, Seward
The top 5 remain the same here also. Hill has been looking good lately since his drop to 170 and takes over the #6 spot.
1. Jacob Awiszus, Gering
2. Deegan Nelson, Beatrice
3. Brekyn Papineau, Aurora
4. Mason Villwok, Elkhorn
5. Josiah Mobley, Scottsbluff
6. Cameronn Aughenbaugh, Plattsmouth
No changes here.
1. Luke MacDonald, Bennington
2. Mack Owens, Aurora
3. Wyatt Fanning, Waverly
4. Josh Adkins, Plattsmouth
5. Eli Boryca, Cozad
6. Oaklyn Smith, Hastings
The top 5 seem to be working out this way but the battle for #6 has several wrestlers fighting for that spot such as Smith, Stein, Lecher, Gorsuch, Wells, Boyle, and Carrillo. It may be interesting to see who gets on the medal stand.
1. Collin Schwartzkopf, Gering
2. Jack Allen, Aurora
3. Victor Isele, Northwest
4. Landon Ternus, Columbus Lakeview
5. Luke Lambert, Ashland Greenwood
6. Mikah Ruiz, Nebraska City
This weight like 106 is a mess. Just about any one of these wrestlers plus a few more can win this weight or finish off the stand.
1. Trevor Brown, Waverly
2. Sawyer Bumgarner, Broken Bow
3. Aaron Jividen, Aurora
4. Neil Hartman, Concordia/DC West
5. Tyler Pavelka, Adams Central
6. Ryan Bickel, Chadron
No changes here.

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