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Class D Ratings-12/6/19

Class D Tournament Team Rankings

  1. Plainview
  2. Mullen
  3. Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Maxwell
  5. Nebraska Christian
  6. Burwell
  7. Howells-Dodge
  8. Thayer Central
  9. Winside
  10. Central Valley

Welcome back to another exciting year of Nebraska high school wrestling! Initial team rankings are based off of returning state points and projected individuals in each weight class, also if there are any impactful freshmen. Class D looks much different this year with teams like perennial Class D powerhouse Amherst and Archbishop Bergan moving up to Class C. Lots of familiar teams are still featured in the initial top 10. Plainview will look to be the favorites to repeat, bringing back two individual state champs and several placers. They will be tough to beat with a deep line-up and a few new additions. Teams like Mullen, Neligh-Oakdale, and Maxwell will all have plenty of talent coming back themselves and look to keep pace. Burwell is coming off another impressive football run and could benefit from a deeper line-up as the season progresses. Howells-Dodge, Thayer Central, and Winside will also have several wrestlers who could improve on their state points from last season. Teams like Nebraska Christian and Central Valley won’t have the numbers these other teams will, but the ones they have could be big point scores down in Omaha. The preseason rankings below will identify all of the returning medalists and state qualifiers from last season for each team. Next week will be the first release of this year’s individual rankings for each weight class.

  1. Plainview

RM – Eli Lanham (1st), Scout Ashburn (4th), Nate Christensen (1st), Will Gunning (2nd), Alizae Mejia (6th), Collin Gale (3rd)

SQ – N/A

  1. Mullen

RM – Teven Marshall (3rd), Clayton Hassett (3rd)

SQ – Tristin Grooms, Riley Kessler, Kendal Neal, Ty Kvanvig

  1. Neligh-Oakdale

RM – Brock Kester (5th)

SM – Kaleb Pofahl, Dawson Kaup, Colton Klabenes


  1. Maxwell

RM – Derek Gibson (4th)

SQ – Jacob Gholson, Dalton Whisenhunt, Tyler Wolfe, Luke Howitt

  1. Nebraska Christian

RM – Elijah Green (3rd), Carl Mundt (3rd)

SQ – Kalob Green

  1. Burwell

RM – Corey Dawe (2nd)

SQ – Colten Dawe, Tate Phillipps, Alex Gideon

  1. Howells-Dodge

RM – Carter Throener (2nd)

SQ – Wyatt Hegemann, Kyle Pickhinke

  1. Thayer Central

RM – Brenner Mclaughlin (6th),

SQ – Ashton Sinn, Dominic Stewart, Jackson Feulner

  1. Winside

RM –  N/A

SQ – Jacoby Mann, Cayden Ellis, Gabe Escalante, Art Escalante

  1. Central Valley

RM – Shaye Wood (1st), Enrique Martinez (2nd)

SQ – N/A

Class D Dual Team Rankings

  1. Plainview
  2. Neligh-Oakdale
  3. Burwell
  4. Maxwell
  5. Mullen
  6. Howells-Dodge
  7. Thayer Central
  8. Winside
  9. Weeping Water
  10. High Plains

In order to qualify for the State Duals, the qualifying method for the duals are through a wildcard system that is based on regular season dual results. Each team must wrestle at least six duals to be eligible for the tournament. Teams also have to be able to fill at least 10 weights. With this new system, regular season duals are much more impactful. These preseason dual ratings are my best guess at who will be successful with fuller line-ups and out of class dual bonuses. All these teams should fill at least to 10 weights. Seems that the teams with the most depth will be very similar to last season. Plainview looks to be the favorite to repeat as both Individual and Dual champions. Burwell and Neligh-Oakdale rounded out the top three last year and look deep enough to contend again this year. Teams like Maxwell and Mullen will also have plenty of depth to challenge for a top 4 finish. Thoughts were that last year the format provided for an exciting State Dual tournament. Good luck to all Class D wrestlers and coaches! Excited to get the wrestling season going, as always, it’s the best time of year!


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