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Class A Ratings-12/13/19

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association

Class A Rankings-12/13/19


Class A Top 10 Meet Teams #1

  1. Millard South
  2. Lincoln East
  3. Columbus
  4. Omaha Burke
  5. Omaha Central
  6. Grand Island
  7. Kearney
  8. Papillion LaVista South
  9. Papillion LaVista
  10. North Platte

COMMENTS: Not much has changed since the Preseason ranking last week….Central drops a bit for now, losing to Burke, and Papio slips a bit, as Niemic is done for the season with a shoulder injury.  Lots of kids out with injuries right now, with a number still going lower with descent plans also.  Still much to see as the season unfolds, but…Millard South is firmly in the drivers seat in Class A this season!


Class A Top 10 Dual Meet Teams

  1. Millard South
  2. Lincoln East
  3. Columbus
  4. Omaha Burke
  5. Grand Island
  6. Kearney
  7. Omaha Central
  8. Papillion LaVista South
  9. Papillion LaVista
  10. North Platte

COMMENTS:  Again, still early, lowered Central after dual loss to Burke, Papio lost to Papio South also.  Again…Millard South has such depth I don’t see anyone staying even relatively CLOSE to them in a dual meet.  One of the most dominant lineups in recent memory in Nebraska.  After MS, the rest of the top 10 figure to be a lot of close duals, and this order could certainly change as the season goes along, leading up to the State Duals.




  1. Keith Smith Lincoln East
  2. Julio Reyes Omaha Burke
  3. DJ Bonham Omaha Central
  4. Cain Stenger Columbus
  5. Avery Russell Millard West
  6. Francisco Becerra Creighton Prep

COMMENTS:  Tough at the top with Smith and Reyes, while some talented Freshmen also are included above, like Bonham and Russell.  There are obviously some great Freshmen out there that will rise as the season unfolds, and this is one weight sure to have new names in it this season.



  1. Caleb Coyle Millard South
  2. Juan Pedro Grand Island
  3. Brandon Baustert Lincoln East
  4. Archer Heelan Kearney
  5. Ethan Batterton Lincoln SE
  6. Nate Rubino Omaha Burke

COMMENTS:  Coyle is the prohibitive favorite at 113, after his runner up finish at 106 last year. Pedro, Baustert, and Heelan are all also returning medalists, and very skilled.  113 appears to be a deep and talented weight class this season!



  1. Garrett Grice Bellevue East
  2. Emilio Haynes Omaha Central
  3. Hunter Nagatani Kearney
  4. Clay Cerny Columbus
  5. Quinton Donald Omaha Benson
  6. Solomon Allerheiligen Millard North

CMMENTS: My stud Grice heads a talented field at 120, along with his 113 finals opponent from last year, Haynes.  Those two will set the pace at this weight, with Grice not down until after Christmas. All the others are returning State medalists also, so definitely a deep and talented weight class!



  1. Jakason Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Gabe Grice Omaha Central
  3. Blake Cushing Grand Island
  4. Rylie Steele Kearney
  5. Jaylan Ruffin North Platte
  6. Weston Godfrey Norfolk

COMMENTS: the state’s best wrestler in most observers opinion sits atop the 126 Class A field…Jakason Burks of Burke.  What a tremendous wrestler, bringing positive recognition to Nebraska all over the US at big meets, and headed to Oklahoma State next year. STUD! Most feel it is a battle for 2nd at this weight, with Grice, Cushing, and Steele, along with Ruffin, all solid contenders.



  1. Conor Knopick Millard South
  2. Darian Diaz North Platte
  3. Daniel DeRosier Bellevue East
  4. Tanner Kobza Columbus
  5. Aaron Ditmer Norfolk
  6. Leyton Tuma Gretna


COMMENTS: After a tremendous off season at MWC Club, Knopick has gone to another level.  Some think he’s the best NE kid without a State title yet.  He sits a top a tough 132 weight class, with Diaz coming from winning Class B 126 last year, and eligible after Christmas.  DeRosier also worked hard in the offseason, and is a 2 time returning State medalist.  Several other tough kids here…should be a good weight at State!



  1. Tyler Antoniak Millard South
  2. Brayden Smith Kearney
  3. Peyton Martinez South Sioux City
  4. Stone Sindelar Papillion LaVista South
  5. Caelan Hester Bellevue East
  6. Nic Swift Lincoln East

COMMENTS: Antoniak is coming off a 2nd place State finish, and is another super exciting M South wrestler.  With the apparent loss of Niemic of Papio to injury, he becomes even stronger odds to win 138.  There are several other tough kids here, with Smith a former State Champ 2 years ago.  Should be a good weight to watch at State!



  1. Antrell Taylor Millard South
  2. Gage Ferguson Kearney
  3. Alex Irizarry Papillion LaVista South
  4. Corbin Meink Millard North
  5. Blaine Miller Omaha Burke
  6. Brecklin Sperling Lincoln East

COMMENT:  Yes, another weight with a Millard South hammer….another!  Another kid who excelled in the offseason, only to break his wrist at the end of football…back in mid January, probably by Metros.  Everybody below him are very talented also, so 145 should be a blast to watch at State!



  1. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  2. Deson Stapleton Omaha Burke
  3. Deon Davis Omaha Central
  4. Gauge McBride Kearney
  5. Scott Robertson Millard South
  6. Caleb Conner Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS:  Mayfield is generally considered the #2 wrestler in NE this season, and deservedly so.  He should roll to his 3rd state title, with the only Q if he goes 152 or 160.  Everyone below him here is tough as well, and the battle for State medals should be intense at this weight.  There are some other kids not listed here that are tough as well.   Good




  1. Cole Price Papillion LaVista
  2. Carter Abels Kearney
  3. Ethan Valencia Millard West
  4. Brogan Zegers Lincoln SE
  5. Brayden Splater Norfolk
  6. Tommy Wentz Fremont

COMMENTS:  Obviously, if Mayfield is up here, things change! Price is a tough State runner-up from a year ago, wrestling a great State meet, also a top FB running back. All the guys here are competitive with each other, so this weight (possibly AFTER Mayfield) will be a war at State.



  1. Grant Lyman Lincoln East
  2. Justin Davis Omaha Central
  3. Cash Arensdorf North Platte
  4. Blaze Standley Columbus
  5. Jack McConnell Bellevue West
  6. Cade Schendt Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS:  Some tough hombres here folks…physical kids that like to bang. Not all have State medals, but McConnell nearly upset James Burkes last year, losing only 10-8.  This should be a very competitive weight for sure!



  1. Anthony DeAnda Columbus
  2. Gavin Brauer North Platte
  3. Carson Maas Papillion LaVista
  4. Cole Haberman Omaha Westside
  5. Max McClatchy Lincoln SE
  6. Edward Lankas Lincoln East

COMMENTS: DeAnda seems the class of the weight, with Brauer stepping up from Class B a year ago. Not many state medalists here from last year, but some good, competitive kids, which should make for a great State Meet at 170.



  1. Kasten Grape Columbus
  2. Tony Pray Omaha Creighton Prep
  3. TJ Huber Gretna
  4. Noah Sprieck Lincoln East
  5. Daylon Keolavone Grand Island
  6. Evan Johnson Elkhorn

COMMENTS: Grape is a beast, and he figures to meet up with Pray again, like last year, in the Finals at State.  Huber is tough of course, 2nd last year at 195, but apparently out until after Christmas due to a FB injury.  This weight is pretty wide open after that, and I imagine some new names will rotate through these rankings as the season unfolds.



  1. Isaac Trumble Millard South
  2. Jaylon Walker Omaha Bryan
  3. Mikey Vasquez Omaha south
  4. Tyler Robinson Papillion LaVista South
  5. Quincy Hogan Omaha Westside
  6. Jackson Arend Gretna

COMMENTS:  HAMMER…that’s what good guy Trumble is folks…a piece of steel, and Walker is probably the only guy capable potentially of giving him trouble.  Walker is a phenomenal story…basketball player comes out, gets 3rd in State right away? Who writes this stuff?!  Where do we all find guys like that!?  Lots of balance after the top 2, with few State medals….should make for a competitive weight at State.



  1. Cade Haberman Omaha Westside
  2. Jacob Frezell-McClinton Omaha Central
  3. Jacob Ngeleka South Sioux City
  4. Preston Welch Bellevue East
  5. Nolan Olafson Omaha Burke
  6. Chris Wortman Millard South

COMMENTS: Haberman is #1 off his runner up finish last season, with Frezell-McClinton 4th last year.  After that, it is a very wide open weight, which should make for some great matches at State, and throughout the season.


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