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Class C Preseason Rankings

Class C Tournament Teams

  1. Valentine -Returning champs start the season on top
  2. Broken Bow-Tough throughout the lineup
  3. Battle Creek-Will need to find a couple more point scorers to keep pace with the top 2
  4. David City-Lost 3 key pieces, but return some studs and have solid depth
  5. Ord-Tough group…the key is Gabriel’s health
  6. Arlington-in contention for top 5 consideration
  7. Logan they have enough medals to get into the top 5?
  8. Aquinas Catholic-big points with Reimers, potential to move up this list.
  9. Centennial-Strong upper weights will anchor the team.
  10. Oakland-Craig-Solid core returning as they moved up from Class D.

Class C Dual Teams

  1. Broken Bow-Extremely tough in duals, will be very difficult to beat.
  2. Logan View-Depth and talent are there to make some noise.
  3. Valentine-Not sure on their upper weight depth yet.
  4. David City-Solid throughout the lineup.
  5. Arlington-Enough top end guys to compete with almost anyone in duals.
  6. Battle Creek-Some uncertain spots in lineup, good depth in lower weights.
  7. Ord-Uncertain on how some spots line up, but will be very competitive.
  8. Aquinas Catholic-Solid dual team, will be tough for many C teams to beat.
  9. Oakland-Craig-Should fill most of the weights with a quality kid.
  10. Centennial-Return 9 starters off of last year’s district team.

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