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Class B Preseason Rankings

Tournament Teams

1. Omaha Skutt Catholic
9.Central City
10.Columbus Lakeview

The Class B race once again features Omaha Skutt Catholic at the top.  They have some nice pieces and will again be the team to beat in Omaha.  Don’t count out top contenders Wahoo and Northwest as they both boast stout line-ups.  A lot of our preliminary rankings are based off of returning state points.  This top 10 list can change many times throughout the season as teams start to get their line-ups solidified.  It will be a fun race in Class B this year to see if any of these teams can put together the type of state tournament it will take to knock Omaha Skutt Catholic from the top spot.  There are several other teams looking to crack the top ten as well.  Don’t be surprised if teams like York, Waverly, or Schuyler find their way into the rankings at some point this season.

Dual Rankings

  1. Northwest
  2. Omaha Skutt Catholic
  3. Wahoo
  4. Blair
  5. Hasting
  6. Central City
  7. Lexington
  8. York
  9. Sidney
  10. Columbus Lakeview

The new format for the state dual tournament will provide plenty of intriguing things this winter.  With State Wild Card Point becoming part of the equation, it will be interesting to see which teams really go out and challenge themselves with multiple duals.  The state minimum to qualify for the State Dual Tournament is 6 duals.  There are many teams in our top 10 that will wrestle more than 25 duals this season.  This could play a factor into how the State Dual Tournament plays out.  Again, like our tournament top 10 list, expect plenty of changes as the season progresses.

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