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NSWCA Girls Ratings 2/14/2024

Girls State Ratings
Top 10 Teams (# of rated/contenders)/[# of qualifiers]
1. Westside (6)/[7]
2. Grand Island (9)/[12]
3. Omaha Skutt (4)/[4]
4. South Sioux City (4)/[4]
5. Papillion-LaVista (4)/[6]
6. Omaha North (4)/[6]
7. Westview (3)/[4]
8. Stanton (4)/[4]
9. Lincoln East (3)/[3]
10. Winnebago (2)/[2]
Contenders: Crofton (2), Scribner-Snyder (2), Beatrice (2), Ralston (2), JCC (2), Louisville (2), Norfolk (3), Millard South (2), Pierce (2), Central (4), Summerland (4)
Westside and Grand Island are going to have an epic battle for the team championship this year. Westside has the big guns and GI has the team depth. If GI can match the total medal count of Westside, I believe it will come down to bonus points for the team score. GI has the advantage here with number of participants. They will need all their girls to get at least one win by pin if possible. Skutt should be comfortably in third place within striking distance if either of the top teams’ falter down the stretch. Battling it out for the 4 th spot is going to be Papio and SSC. North, Westview, and Stanton will battle it out for 6 th . The next 7 spots will all be super close and will come down to how the teams execute in the big matches. Good luck to everyone this week at state! It is a huge accomplishment to be one of the 16 best girls in your weight class, but don’t be satisfied. Finish strong!

1. Jocelyn Prado – Johnson County Central, 11
2. Angelina Schademann – Fillmore Central, 11
3. Nattlie Hull – Scribner-Snyder, 11
4. Joshyonna Coppage-Dortch – Omaha North, 10
5. Annah Perdue – York, 9
6. Alsafa Alkhalil – Omaha Central, 12
Contenders: McKibbin – Bayard, Stoner – Mitchell, Beed – Aurora, Slaymaker – Boone Central

Prado is still the clear favorite to repeat as state champion as she beat Schademann in the G-3 District Final. Hull vs Stoner and Alkhalil vs Beed highlight the toughest first round match-ups at state.

1. Madelynn Bohnet – South Sioux City, 10
2. Payton Thiele – Louisville, 11
3. Mileena Notaro – Lincoln East, 11
4. Mara Vanderpool – Westside, 9
5. Abby Negley – Gothenburg, 10
6. Alejandra Reyes – Johnson County Central, 10
Contenders: Gates – GISH, Chessmore – Neligh-Oakdale, Alkhalil – Omaha Central, Walters – Neb City Bohnet is the top seed and will most likely be the favorite to get to the finals from the top half of the bracket. A potential Negley vs Notaro quarterfinal match up will be a must see match. The top first round match-up is probably Reyes and Alkhalil.

1. Sophia Schultz – Raymond Central, 12
2. Ella Reeves – Battle Creek, 11
3. Jolyn Pozehl – Ainsworth, 11
4. Talia Astorino – Papillion LaVista, 11
5. Carson McBride – Kearney, 10
6. Ruby Guerrero – Wood River, 12
Contenders: Morales – GISH, Cleveland – Summerland, Martin – Westside, Kruse – Skutt
Unbeaten Schultz upended Reeves again in the district final and takes the top seed. She will be the odds-on favorite to win the weight class. This is a loaded bracket. The bottom half has two tough opening match-ups with Astorino vs Reeves and Guerrero vs Martin. Big implications for the Westside team race.

1. Maycee Peacher – Bennington, 11
2. Morgan Maschmann – Beatrice, 11
3. Hailey Medina – Gering, 12
4. Leynn Luna – Boone Central, 10
5. Alison Wheeler – Blair, 11
6. Oliviana Medina – Ralston, 11
Contenders: Darling – Wahoo, Hoefer – Neligh-Oakdale, Robinson – Omaha North, Williams – GISH
Peacher won the rematch with Maschmann but it was very close. I wouldn’t be surprised to see there be a round 3 in the finals, but Gering’s undefeated Medina may have something to say about that. Tough first round match-ups include Medina vs Williams and Luna vs Hoefer.

1. Kaylyn Harrill – Skutt, 9
2. Corah Linnaus – Stanton, 12
3. Maggie Painter – Pierce, 12
4. Lacy Lemburg – Lakeview, 11
5. Aliena Osterbuhr – Minden, 11
6. Saije Phelps – Sandhills Valley, 11
Contenders: Raue – Tekamah-Herman, Becher – Lincoln High, Gress – High Plains, Bisbee – Aurora Harrill is the clear-cut favorite at this weight, but Painter dropped down to 120 and took the top overall seed. She will have a tough potential quarterfinal match-up with Linnaus. The top half is loaded. Both Linnaus and Lemburg will have tough first round match-ups. But the top first round matchup goes to Becher vs Raue in a big rematch that Raue won the first time around in the finals at Raymond Central.

1. Aubrie Pehrson – Skutt, 11
2. Jordyn Campbell – Yutan, 10
3. Briannah Kutschkau – GISH, 12
4. Kelise Cook-Krivohlavek – Arlington, 11
5. Libby Sutton – Weeping Water, 12
6. Trinity Nagatani – Kearney, 10
Contenders: Drueke – O’Neill, Wittrock – Lexington, Robbins – Bridgeport, Gonzalez – Bryan
Pehrson remains the favorite at this weight and took care of Campbell in the district finals. They very well could end up seeing each other in the finals again. Campbell will have to get by Cook-Krivohlavek in a potential quarterfinal matchup first. Top matches opening round will be Wittrock vs Gonzalez and Sutton vs Robbins. Sutton medical forfeited out of the district final so hopefully she will be able to wrestle at state.

1. Regan Rosseter – Westside, 12
2. Kalynn Lyons – Omaha Westview, 10
3. Millie Jensen – Millard South, 10
4. Bella Arrants – GISH, 9
5. Micah McGillvray – Stanton, 12
6. Alyssa Thomas – Wood River, 9
Contenders: Brown – Overton, Hains – Lincoln East, Bolles – Wayne, Hagemann – Elkhorn Valley
Rosseter looked dominant in her win over Lyons at Districts. She looks to wrap up her senior campaign unbeaten with her 4 th state title. There are a lot of good first round matchups at this weight like Bolles vs Hagemann and Brown vs Hains. But the top match is going to be a rematch of Jensen vs McGillvray with McGillvray winning the first one.

1. Ann Marie Meiman – Omaha North, 12
2. Alexis Pehrson – Skutt, 11
3. Selena Zamora – South Sioux City, 12
4. Rylan Hansen – Stanton, 10
5. Madison Davis – West Holt, 12
6. Sofia Hoegemeyer – Millard West, 9
Contenders: Secord – Papillion-LaVista, Thiele – Summerland, Hinz – Superior, Cuevas – Norfolk Meiman and Pehrson are split on the year, but criteria goes to the returning state champion so Pehrson takes the overall top spot for 135. Looks like Hansen had a big win over Davis in the semis at districts to even up their series. Davis forfeited her match in the consolation finals. Hopefully, she will be ready to wrestle at state. Two district champions drew the toughest first round matches here, Cuevas vs Davis and Meiman vs Secord.
1. Dylen Ritchey – Ralston, 12
2. Kayden Sipp – Adams Central, 10
3. Rylie Ahrens – Crofton-Bloomfield, 11
4. Andie Gibson – Beatrice, 9
5. Morgan Finecy – Lakeview, 12
6. Jazleen Alvarez – Lincoln High, 9
Contenders: Galarza – Millard West, Hensch – Conestoga, Butterfield – Stanton, Mahnke – WPB

Ritchey owns a 1-0 decision over Sipp and an undefeated record to take the top spot at 140. The path for these two to meet in the finals again seems inevitable. The rest of the field seems to be pretty wide open for the remaining medals. Once again, two district champions draw the toughest first round match ups, Hensch vs Alvarez and Gibson vs Mahnke.

1. Maggie Fiene – Conestoga, 10
2. Zoey Barber – Westside, 11
3. Victoria Maxey – Norfolk, 11
4. Emma Stice – Papillion LaVista, 12
5. Fia Rasmussen – Chadron, 12
6. Isabelle Kuehler – Pierce, 10
Contenders: Karch – Benson, Wemhoff – Schuyler, Penne – Elkhorn Valley, Thiemann – Bellevue
Fiene remains unbeaten but without any head to head or common opponent she falls to the 3 see based on returning state medals, Barber and Stice finished higher last year. This makes for a tough potential quarterfinal match-up with Maxey. There are several interesting first round matches here with Maxey vs Thiemann and Karch vs Penne, but the biggest is probably Kuehler vs Rasmussen. The loser here will have an incredibly difficult road back through to the medal rounds.

1. Addeline Graser – Papillion-LaVista, 10
2. Anyia Roberts – Grand Island, 11
3. Kristin Schellenberg – Scribner-Snyder, 12
4. Piper Zatechka – Westside, 11
5. Rowyn Wiltgen – Millard South, 11
6. Emma Harb – GINW, 11
Contenders: Rose – Central, Duran – Sandhills Valley, Shevlin – Columbus, Steele – Crete
Graser takes the top spot here with head to head wins over the field. It looks like there was a three-way tie for 2 nd seed. If I am understanding this correctly, Shellenberg gets the 2 nd seed with a head to head over Zatechka. Zatechka then gets the 3 rd seed by higher state placer last year over Roberts. Looks like the toughest first round matches are going to be Roberts vs Rose and Duran vs Shevlin.
1. Makayla Vasser – Nebraska City, 9
2. Annabelle Poppe – Crofton, 11
3. Carson Shank – Lincoln East, 10
4. Paola Vergara – O’Neill, 12
5. Catalina Jones – Louisville, 11
6. Fabiola Cortez Carcamo – GISH, 9
Contenders: Bobeldyke – Norfolk, Sollom – Omaha Central, Taylor – Columbus, Wolf – Lexington
Vasser takes the top spot with an undefeated freshman campaign so far. She will have a possible tough match up in the quarterfinals with Shank. Poppe will also have a potential tough quarterfinal match up with Vergara. They are split 1-1 on the year. Toughest first round matchups look like Bobeldyke vs Taylor and Jones vs Wolf.

1. Martha Hinneh – Marian, 12
2. Damian Earth – Winnebago, 12
3. Macy Barber-Westside, 10
4. Ali Edwards – Grand Island, 11
5. Jayashree Bray – Omaha North, 9
6. Praizh Suggs – Omaha Westview, 11
Contenders: Alba – Schuyler, Godinez – SSC, Tryon – Southwest, Arroyo – Summerland
Hinneh takes the top spot here as Earth revenged an earlier loss to Barber in the finals at Districts. Barber is now 1-1 with both Hinneh and Earth and holds a win over Edwards. This sets up a crucial quarterfinal match for Hinneh and Barber. The winner will more than likely make their way to the finals from the top side of the bracket. Huge implications for Westside and the team race here. Alba had a day at districts. She started as the 8 th seed and pinned her way to the district championship. There are several tough first round matches here including Barber vs Bray, Suggs vs Tryon, and Godinez vs Arroyo.

1. Caitlyn Sohm – South Sioux City, 11
2. Audre Herron – Omaha Westview, 11
3. Precious DeCora – Winnebago, 12
4. Evelyn Bryan-Aldrich – Palmyra, 10
5. Surenity Lewis – Alliance, 10
6. Brythany Espino – Grand Island, 10
Contenders: Guererro – Fremont, Ramirez – Crete, Krebs – Summerland, Najera – Lexington

Sohm and Herron take the top two spots, respectively. The newcomer to the party is Lewis. She has avenged many of her early season losses and had a great district knocking off Espino and Najera to take gold. Will she be able to keep this run going at state? Top matchups for the first round include Lewis vs Ramirez and Guererro vs Espino. Huge implications for GI in the team race here.

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