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NSWCA Girls Rankings 12/21/23

Girls Rankings
Top 10 Teams (# of rated/contenders)
1. Westside (6)
2. Omaha Skutt (4)
3. Grand Island (10)
4. Papillion-LaVista (5)
5. South Sioux City (3)
6. Omaha North (4)
7. Ralston (3)
8. Millard South (3)
9. Scribner-Snyder (3)
10. Louisville (3)
Contenders: Crete (4), Beatrice (3), Winnebago (3), Boone Central (3), Schuyler (3), Aurora (3)
Westside has shown they are the ones to beat this year for the team title with six rated wrestlers in the top three. Skutt holds on to the number two spot with 3 top rated girls. Grand Island has put together a very solid line-up and will be a juggernaut coming out of district 4. It looks like Papillion-LaVista is still rearranging their line-up at this time. South Sioux City has their three big guns. They will need to find some additional help to stay in the top 5 as Omaha North has emerged as a very solid team top to bottom this year. The teams rounding out the top 10 all have three contenders and will be jockeying for position as the season waxes on.

1. Jocelyn Prado – Johnson County Central, 11
2. Nattlie Hull – Scribner-Snyder, 11
3. Carlie McKibbin – Bayard, 11
4. Joshyonna Coppage-Dortch – Omaha North, 10
5. Angelina Schademann – Fillmore Central, 11
6. Shantelle Mikkelson – Madison, 12
Contenders: Slaymaker – Boone Central, Hajee – Lincoln High, Stoner – Mitchell, Bennett – EV
Prado remains unbeaten and is the favorite at this weight to defend her crown. Hull has yet to wrestle but should be back in January. Mckibbin has only lost up a weight class to Negley. Coppage-Dortch and Schademann have not lost yet. Mikkelson had a big performance at the Summerland Invite with wins over Slaymaker and Bennett.

1. Payton Thiele – Louisville, 11
2. Madelynn Bohnet – South Sioux City, 10
3. Mara Vanderpool – Westside, 9
4. Mileena Notaro – Lincoln East, 11
5. Ruby Guerrero – Wood River, 12
6. Addisyn Gates – Grand Island, 10
Contenders: Negley – Gothenburg, Frihauf – Seward, Reyes – JCC, Beed – Aurora
It looks like Thiele will stay at 105 this season. With the addition of super freshman, Vanderpool, and Guerrero dropping down, this weight class is stacked. Vanderpool had a big win over Notaro. Thiele had a win over Vanderpool in the off season. Bohnet has wrestled up at 110 quite a bit and suffered her only loss to top rated Schultz. Gates is finally back in the lineup for GI. Fun weight class!

1. Sophia Schultz – Raymond Central, 12
2. Jolyn Pozehl – Ainsworth, 11
3. Makenzie Martin – Westside, 10
4. Jasmine Morales – GISH, 11
5. Carson McBride – Kearney, 10
6. Ava Cleveland – Summerland, 9
Contenders: Chessmore – Neligh-Oakdale, Darling – Wahoo, Wood – Boone Central, Astorino – Papillion LaVista
Schultz is the clear favorite at this weight and remains unbeaten. Pozehl looks like she will be dropping down after Christmas break. Martin has had a strong start to the season showing she will be a factor in Omaha. Morales won a close match with McBride at the Fracas. Cleveland and Chessmore are tough freshmen that are 2-1 against each other so far.

1. Maycee Peacher – Bennington, 11
2. Ella Reeves – Battle Creek, 11
3. Chelsey Robinson – Omaha North, 11
4. Leynn Luna – Boone Central, 10
5. Jadyn Cottam – Sidney, 11
6. Courtney Briones – Schuyler, 11
Contenders: Chambers – Palmyra, Anderson – Columbus, Wheeler – Blair, Williams – GISH
Peacher has not wrestled yet and I have heard conflicting reports on when she will be back. Reeves remains unbeaten and has had a great start to the season with big wins over Pozehl and Briones. Robinson is also unbeaten on the year. Luna did not wrestle this last week. Cottam’s only loss is to Pozehl on the year and she has a win over Williams. Looks like Chambers will be staying at 115 this season and she took a loss to Darling from Wahoo.

1. Kaylyn Harrill – Skutt, 9
2. Corah Linnaus – Stanton, 12
3. Lacy Lemburg – Lakeview, 11
4. Morgan Maschmann – Beatrice, 11
5. Saije Phelps – Sandhills Valley, 11
6. Jamelah Taylor – Papillion-LaVista, 12
Contenders: Becher – Lincoln High, Hoefer – Neligh-Oakdale, Medina – Ralston, Bisbee – Aurora, Stracke – Neb City
It looks like Harrill will move down after Christmas to make room for teammate, Aubrie to make the move to 125. Harrill is an incredible talent and will be the favorite at either weight class. She remains unbeaten and has some big wins over out of state talent. Linnaus is looking tough and remains unbeaten with wins over Lemburg and Bisbee. Maschmann also remains unscathed this season with wins over Taylor, Medina, and Stracke. Phelps remains undefeated so far, as well. Becher and Hoefer are tough freshmen looking to get into the mix. Tough weight class!

1. Aubrie Pehrson – Skutt, 11
2. Jordyn Campbell – Yutan, 10
3. Briannah Kutschkau – GISH, 12
4. Kelise Cook-Krivohlavek – Arlington, 11
5. Grace Drueke – O’Neill, 9
6. Dakota Gress – High Plains, 10
Contenders: Painter – Pierce, Osterbuhr – Minden, Alexander – North Platte, Bolles – Wayne
As previously mentioned, Pehrson looks to be down to 125 after the break. She will be the clear favorite at this class. It is tough to guess where kids are going to land with the 2-pound allowance. Campbell and/or Lyons could find there way down to this weight class. We will have to weight and see for sure. Either one would take the 2nd spot here. Lyons has a head to head win over Campbell. Campbell gave Kutschkau her only loss on the season so far. Krivohlavek remains unbeaten with a big win over Gress. Drueke is a tough freshman with a 2-1 lead over Painter in their best of three series. It looks like Alexander and Bolles will make their way down to this weight after break and will be looking to make a huge impact here.

1. Regan Rosseter – Westside, 12
2. Kalynn Lyons – Omaha Westview, 10
3. Millie Jensen – Millard South, 10
4. Sydnie Brown – Overton, 11
5. Trinity Nagatani – Kearney, 11
6. Libby Sutton – Weeping Water, 12
Contenders: McGillvray – Stanton, Williamson – Crete, Arrants – GISH, Rediger – Seward
Rosseter is the clear favorite at this weight and has a win over Jensen. Lyons remains unbeaten. Jensen beat Sutton at the Platteview Girls invite. Nagatani looks to be the real deal for Kearney with nice wins at the Fracas. Brown has wrestled all her matches at 135 and lost an OT match to Fay of Valentine. We will see if she ends up down 10 130 after the break.

1. Alexis Pehrson – Skutt, 11
2. Ann Marie Meiman – Omaha North, 12
3. Madison Davis – West Holt, 12
4. Selena Zamora – South Sioux City, 12
5. Rylan Hansen – Stanton, 10
6. Jenna Second – Papillion-LaVista, 12
Contenders: Hoegemeyer – Millard West, Coreas – Ralston, Wemhoff – Schuyler, Thomas – Wood River
Pehrson is the clear-cut favorite at this weight class. Meiman has looked good so far and has beaten Zamora twice. Davis remains unbeaten and looks to drop down after the break. Hansen was injured first weekend but looks to be back and down to 135. Second had that set-back in week one to freshman, Hoegemeyer from Millard West. She has not wrestled the last couple of weekends, so not sure what is going on there. Thomas is another good-looking freshmen from Wood River.

1. Dylen Ritchey – Ralston, 12
2. Miah Kenny – GINW, 12
3. Kayden Sipp – Adams Central, 10
4. Victoria Maxey – Norfolk, 11
5. Emma Stice – Papillion LaVista, 12
6. Fia Rasmussen – Chadron, 12
Contenders: Finecy – Lakeview, Hensch – Conestoga, Jones – Ainsworth, Henkel – Yutan
Ritchey remains unbeaten on the year with a close win over Sipp. Kenny looks to be on a mission with 23 first period pins already this season. It is very possible Maxey will drop down after the break and remains undefeated on the season. It looks like Stice will drop down to make room for teammate Graser to drop a weight class. This sets up an incredible weight class with some exciting potential match-ups.

1. Zoey Barber – Westside, 11
2. Addeline Graser – Papillion-LaVista, 10
3. Maggie Fiene – Conestoga, 10
4. Isabelle Kuehler – Pierce, 10
5. Rylie Ahrens – Crofton-Bloomfield, 11
6. Carly Wemhoff – Schuyler, 12
Contenders: Wilke – Winnebago, Lucas-Escobar – GISH, Penne – Elkhorn Valley, McClure – Ogallala
Barber is already down to 145 and it looks like Graser is headed down after break as well. Fiene remains unbeaten on the year. Will Kuehler find her way down after break as well after losing to Roberts in OT? Ahrens has only lost to Ritchey this season. Wemhoff also remains unbeaten.

1. Anyia Roberts – Grand Island, 11
2. Kristin Schellenberg – Scribner-Snyder, 12
3. Piper Zatechka – Westside, 11
4. La’Nie Green – Omaha North, 12
5. Rowyn Wiltgen – Millard South, 11
6. Emma Harb – Northwest, 11
Contenders: Rose – Central, Jones – Louisville, Alvarez – Lincoln High, Langsdorf – Neligh-Oakdale
Roberts has better matches so far and will gain the top spot over Schellenberg who has battled some sickness throughout the middle of this month. Zatechka will hold down the 155 spot for Westside and will look to move up the podium. Green has looked nice with a pair of wins over Wiltgen. Harb has had a nice opening to the season. This is a loaded weight class with a lot of contenders and those looking to become contenders who have beaten up each other. Solid weight class!

1. Makayla Vasser – Nebraska City, 9
2. Annabelle Poppe – Crofton, 11
3. Paola Vergara – O’Neill, 12
4. Catalina Jones – Louisville, 11
5. Carson Shank – Lincoln East, 10
6. Addison Arvdal – Sutherland, 9
Contenders: Janecek – Skutt, 12, Rueda – Crete, Taylor – Columbus, Carcamo – GISH
Vasser has yet to wrestle this season but looks clear to start in January. Poppe has had a great season so far with her only loss coming to out of state competition. Vergara looks set to make the drop to 170 after the break. Jones remains unbeaten so far this season. Shank lost her opening match to Taylor of Columbus but has responded well. Arvdal is another tough freshman at this weight class. Like 155, there are many contenders and those looking to become contenders that have beaten up on each other. This will be an interesting weight class down the stretch.

1. Martha Hinneh – Marian, 12
2. Macy Barber-Westside, 10
3. Ali Edwards – Grand Island, 11
4. Damian Earth – Winnebago, 12
5. McKenzie Furgison – Lexington, 10
6. Adriana Gomez – Crete, 10
Contenders: Tryon – Southwest, Johnson – Paxton, O’Brian – Fremont, Stricker – Bellevue, Blevins –
Hinneh has a win over Barber already this season with her only loss was to out of state competition. Edwards remains unbeaten and Earth is back in the line-up for Winnebago which is good news. Furgison and Gomez are a pair of tough sophomores figuring things out. They look to be near the top of those contenders chasing for a medal this season.

1. Caitlyn Sohm – South Sioux City, 11
2. Brythany Espino – Grand Island, 10
3. Audre Herron – Omaha Westview, 11
4. Evelyn Bryan-Aldrich – Palmyra, 10
5. Precious DeCora – Winnebago, 12
6. Abbey Dannelly – Millard South, 11
Contenders: Ramirez – Crete, Guererro – Fremont, Sutton – Lexington, Krebs – Summerland, Statz – Elkhorn
Sohm remains unbeaten with big wins over Herron, DeCora, and Dannelly already this season. Espino dropped her match at the Fracas to out of state competition. Herron has beaten Bryan-Aldrich twice. Bryan-Aldrich has a win over DeCora.

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