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NSWCA Girls Rankings 1/13/22

NSWCA Girls Ratings
Top 10 Teams (district assignment)
1. West Point-Beemer (A-2)
2. South Sioux City (A-3)
3. Pierce (A-2)
4. Amherst (A-4)
5. Schuyler (A-1)
6. Norfolk (A-1)
7. Grand Island (A-4)
8. Nebraska City (A-1)
9. Wahoo (A-1)
10. Yutan (A-1)
Well wrestling fans, we are just three weeks out from districts for this inaugural year of girls wrestling in Nebraska. With only taking the top three to state this year, there will undoubtedly be some good wrestlers staying home. Some districts will be tougher than others at certain weights, it’s just the way it rolls. Right now, West Point looks like the first team to get their lineup set with Cervantes down to 120 and they have been winning the tournaments since break. South Sioux City still has a few question marks with the absence of the Zamora girls. If they can get back to 100%, SSC will have the line-up to compete for the title. Pierce has the parts necessary but will need to figure out a way to get as many through districts as possible. We are still waiting to see what Amherst looks like with all 5 of their wrestlers competing at the same time. Schuyler is in the tough A-1 district and will need to get all their point scorers through to still make a run for the title. Norfolk has looked solid since break taking runner-up at Winnebago and 5th at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Grand Island continues to improve and has the potential to take a big number of girls to state. They have the depth to win the A-4 district. Nebraska City was runner-up at the Millard West Invite to Papio-LaVista who is wrestling well right now and is a team to watch. One thing of note, unfortunately, injuries are starting to take a toll on teams. It is part of this tough sport. I wish everyone good health and the best of luck down the stretch.
1. Maycee Peacher – Bennington, 9
2. Jocelyn Prado – Johnson County Central, 9
3. Azaria Ruby – Nebraska City, 10
4. Payton Thiele – Louisville, 9
5. Autumn Bartlett – Beatrice, 11
6. Ichell Rivas – Wayne, 11
Contenders: Tun-ONW, McKibbin-Bayard, Ortega-Schuyler, Flores-SSC, Hull-SS
Prado from JCC moves down a weight, and with already having a win against Thiele, will slide into the #2 slot behind Peacher who hasn’t wrestled at 100 yet this year. She has been close. Will she finally make it down to 100? Ruby gets another win over Thiele in OT at the Millard West Invite. Rivas lost in the finals at Winnebago to Hohn. Bartlett has been out the last few meets due to an injury. Hull of Scribner-Snyder had a huge day winning the Norm Manstedt Invite with pins over Hohn and Guitirrez. She may be one to watch down the stretch. Lay Lay Tun of Omaha Northwest has dropped down to 100 and she picks up a gold medal at the Phil and Pat Pisasale Invite. This weight class has become much tougher and deeper.
1. Raelyn Wilson – Weeping Water, 12
2. Fransisca Walsh – Lexington, 11
3. Taylee Williamson – Chadron, 9
4. Lilly Gomez – RCBH, 12
5. Hasley Salgado – Schuyler, 11
6. Jaydn Cottam – Sidney, 9
Contenders: Morales-GISH, Sanchez-Schuyler, Yarbrough-Valentine
It looks like Stuesse will not make it back this year. We wish her the best! Wilson lost to Peacher in the finals at Beatrice but beat Walsh in the semis. Wilson also beat Gomez in the finals at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Gomez beat Salgado head-to-head after making the drop down to 107. Williamson of Chadron has also made the drop down and her only loss is to Pozehl up at 114, so she may be tough enough to compete for the title at 107. Will be interesting to see if anybody else can make the drop to 107 and make this a very interesting weight class come February.
1. Aubrie Pehrson – Yutan, 9
2. Jolyn Pozehl – Ainsworth, 9
3. Brisa Figueroa – West Point-Beemer, 12
4. Zoey Barber – Plattsmouth, 9
5. Corah Linnaus – Stanton, 10
6. Jasmin Haller – Norfolk, 9
Contenders: Bivainis-Amherst, Plowman-Conestoga, Lemburg-Lakeview, McCrery-Bennington,
Pehrson beat Pozehl 4-1 to win the Winnebago Invite and solidified her claim to the top spot. Figueroa’s only losses are to Pehrson and Pozehl. Linnaus looks to be on track at 114 getting a win over Bivainis to take 2nd at the Norm Manstedt Invite, while Haller got wins over Reeves and Bivainis to place 3rd. Lemburg did not wrestle last week. Plowman won the Millard West Invite. After being down once, McCrery did not make this weight at Beatrice and wrestled to 3rd only losing to Cervantes.
1. Alexis Pehrson – Yutan, 9
2. Diana Cervantes – West Point-Beemer, 12
3. Madisen Petersen – Crofton, 11
4. Tiearra Pollard – Norfolk, 9
5. Korah Ellis – Amherst, 11
6. Nella Dolan – Skutt, 11
Contenders: Anderson-Columbus, Arnold-Pierce, Custard-Southwest, Taylor-PLV, Jeffrey-Platteview
Pehrson won the Winnebago Invite with a win over Pollard. Cervantes finally made it down to 120 and won the Beatrice Invite. Petersen was runner-up to Pehrson at the Norm Manstedt Invite, and Anderson beat Pollard for 3rd. Those two are now split on the year but lost to Haller and Dolan in a dual a few days later. Ellis has not been cleared to wrestle yet should happen this weekend. Arnold was beat by Anderson in Columbus but beat Jeffrey in the UTB. Custard has been wrestling tough. Taylor won the Millard West Invite.
1. Reagan Rosseter – Westside, 10
2. Pacie Lee – Nebraska City, 12
3. Brooklyn Kuester – West Point, 11
4. Victoria Maxey – Norfolk, 9
5. Angeline Skrdla – Pierce, 10
6. Masilia Arndt – Centura, 12
Contenders: Thomas-Amherst, Robinson-Wahoo, Arroyo-RCBH, Brown-Overton, Pester-Mitchell
Rosseter is still the clear favorite at this weight. Thomas struggled a little bit at the Norm Manstedt Invite placing 4th losing to Maxey and Skrdla. Lee did not wrestle last weekend. Kuester finally makes the drop to 126 and won the Beatrice Invite over Arndt. Skrdla makes the drop to 126 and finished 2nd in Columbus, Maxey was 3rd and looked good. There are many good contenders at this weight class. It will be competitive in February.
1. Rylee Hoppe – Norfolk, 12
2. Selena Zamora – South Sioux City, 10
3. Emma Richards – Valentine, 12
4. Maggie Painter – Pierce, 10
5. Lesley Rodriguez – Norfolk, 9
6. Madison Davis – West Holt, 10
Contenders: Zeleny-Wahoo, Jensen-Platteview, Rasmussen-Chadron, Second-PLV, Hensch-Conestoga
The complexion of this weight class has changed a bit, but it is still stacked. Hoppe is still undefeated and claims the top spot. Zamora was up 6-5 in the 3rd against Rodriguez when she had to injury default out of the match. She hasn’t been back on the mat since. We hope the best for her. Richards has dropped down to 132 and beat Painter at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Rodriguez must be the toughest backup in the state finishing runner-up to Hoppe at the last two meets. Davis made a big statement pinning her way through the Malcom Invite. Zeleny had a rough tournament and Jensen is struggling to get back to 100% healthy, but they will have something to say about the final results. The A-1 district is loaded and will be well worth the admission price!
1. Reagen Gallaway – Amherst, 11
2. Carly Wemhoff – Schuyler, 10
3. Dylen Ritchey – Ralston, 10
4. Adriana Cabello – GISH, 11
5. Kehlanee Bengtson – Aurora, 10
6. Karina Rainey – Wahoo, 9
Contenders: Sutton-WW, Kline-Ord, Nelson-Crete, Cuevas-Norfolk,
Gallaway won both the MVP and most pins in the fastest time awards at the Norm Manstedt Invite. She never made it past 50 seconds in any of her matches, impressive! Wemhoff still hasn’t been cleared to wrestle yet, I would expect her back this weekend at her home invite. Ritchey has still only lost to Gallaway. Cabello makes the move down to 138 but did not wrestle last weekend. Bengtson finished 2nd to Gallaway in Columbus. Rainey did not wrestle last weekend. Sutton beat Kline and Kline beat Nelson and Nelson beat Cuevas at the Norm Manstedt Invite. A-4 district is nuts at this weight!
1. Emma Stice – Papillion LaVista, 10
2. Aniya Roberts – Grand Island, 9
3. Rita Ceballos – JCC, 11
4. Catalina Jones – Louisville, 9
5. Miah Kenny – GINW, 10
6. Kenli Boeslager – Chadron, 10
Contenders: Wilkie-Winnebago, Kluethe-Ord, Miller-Pierce, Gomez-Schuyler
Stice remains unbeaten as she wins the Millard West Invite last week. Roberts and Ceballos officially make it down to 145 and both won their respective tournaments. Kenny had a big win against previously undefeated Kluethe on her way to a runner-up finish to Ceballos at the Norm Manstedt Invite. Boeslager went up a weight class for matches at Garden County and finished 2nd to Barnes. Wilkie and Kluethe wrestled well and finished 3rd and 5th, respectively in Columbus. Gomez was injured in her last match, and it looked unsettling. I hope she will be okay. Again, the A-4 district is crazy at this weight!
1. Yohaly Quinones – South Sioux City, 11
2. Maria Barnes – Ogallala, 11
3. Jayda Parker – Bellevue East, 11
4. Saige Miserez – West Point-Beemer, 12
5. Daysha Jones – Louisville, 10
6. Maria Lindo-Marente – GISH, 10
Contenders: Velasquez-Schuyler, Mader-GINW, Taylor-Columbus
Quinones remains unbeaten on the year. Barnes has only one loss to out of state competition. These two are in the same district so they will be assured of being on opposite sides at state. Parker’s only loss is still to Quinones. Miserez bumped up 165 and won to help her team win the Beatrice Invite. Jones won the Millard West Invite. Lindo-Marente drops down to 152 and wins the Norm Manstedt Invite. The picture is getting clearer at this weight class.
1. Kaylee Ricketts – Wahoo, 10
2. Paola Vergara – O’Neill, 10
3. Piper Zatechka – Westside, 9
4. Tiffany Senff – Aurora, 10
5. Lauren Sash – Millard West, 9
6. Rowyn Wiltgen – Millard South, 9
Contenders: Acosta-Schuyler, Jacobsen-Minden, Gonzalez-SSC, Poppe-Crofton
Ricketts remains undefeated, but hello, Vergara who made a big splash at the Norm Manstedt Invite finishing runner-up to Ricketts in a loaded field. Zatechka beat Senff, but was beat by Vergara. Wiltgen finished 4th to Zatechka. Sash did not wrestle last week end. Acosta, Jacobsen, and Burke all suffered injuries. Hopefully, they will all be fine. This is going to be a tough, hard fought weight class in February.
1. Kenzie Parsons – Pierce, 12
2. McKena Schramm – Fairbury, 11
3. Darian Earth – Winnebago, 10
4. Jacquelyn Zamora – South Sioux City, 11
5. Lila Bloomer – South Loup, 12
6. Belle Brodersen – Boone Central, 10
Contenders: Alba-Schuyler, Siebrass-Millard North, Hinneh-Marian, Bravo-Torcios-Fremont
Not a whole lot of change at this weight class. Parsons won the Norm Manstedt Invite over Villanueva. Schramm, Earth, Zamora, and Bloomer did not wrestle last week. Brodersen beat Alba and finished 3rd in Columbus.
1. Claire Paasch – West Point-Beemer, 12th
2. Janiyah Earth – Winnebago, 12th
3. Precious DeCora – Winnebago, 9th
4. Melissa De La Torre – South Sioux City, 11th
5. Neva Ybarzabal – Bellevue East, 11th
6. Tia Teigra – Aurora, 12th
Contenders: Edwards-GISH, Sohm-SSC, Acosta-Schuyler
Paasch lost a rematch with De La Torre but keeps her top spot for now. Earth did not wrestle last weekend, but her teammate, DeCora won the Norm Manstedt Invite. Ybarzabal got another win over up and comer, Hinneh of Marian. Teigra was runner-up to Paasch in Columbus.

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