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NSWCA Class D Rankings-2/13/20

NSWCA Class D Rankings-2/13/20

NSWCA Class D Tournament Team Rankings


  1. Plainview
  2. Mullen
  3. Burwell
  4. Neligh-Oakdale
  5. Howells-Dodge
  6. Maxwell
  7. Weeping Water
  8. Twin Loup
  9. Southwest
  10. Palmer



Postseason wrestling is in full swing with the State Duals concluding this past Saturday with the Plainview Pirates repeating as State Champions. Much like last year, they look to be the team everyone will be chasing down in Omaha as well. Class D has an interesting component to districts where teams may enter up to 14 varsity wrestlers regardless of weight class. Every district will take advantage of this and we’ll see higher participation across the board because of it. It’s highly likely that we will have multiple state medalists at the same weight from the same school happen again this year. This postseason’s district hosts will include D1 – Plainview, D2 – Central Valley, D3 – Southern Valley, and D4 – North Platte St. Patrick’s. A look at this year’s district team races include the following teams from each district:

D1 – #1 Plainview, #3 Burwell, #4 Neligh-Oakdale, #8 Twin Loup, Thayer Central

D2 – #5 Howells-Dodge, #9 Southwest, #10 Palmer, Centennial

D3 – #6 Maxwell, #7 Weeping Water, Ansley-Litchfield

D4 – #2 Mullen, Sandhills/Thedford, Hemingford

These are the final rankings of the year so again, thank you to the coaches who take time to send information and contribute to these rankings. Hopefully all of your districts run smoothly and best of luck to all Class D wrestlers and coaches!  See you all in Omaha!


*(denotes district)


  1. Eli Lanham, Plainview (D1)
  2. Hunter Bennett, Elkhorn Valley (D1)
  3. Ashton Dane, Plainview (D1)
  4. Tristin Grooms, Mullen (D4)
  5. Ashton Sinn, Thayer Central (D1)
  6. Lane Bohac, East Butler (D2)



Carter Beckman, EPPJ (D1)

Hayden Neeman, Superior (D3)

Eli Paxton, Mullen (D4)



  1. Scout Ashburn, Plainview (D1)
  2. Jesse Sauceda, Shelton (D3)
  3. Cayden Ellis, Winside (D2)
  4. Logan Peterson, South Loup (D3)
  5. Jacob Fox, Axtell (D3)
  6. Brayden Brecka, East Butler (D2)



Braxton Volk, Pender (D1)

Zac Hartl, Elkhorn Valley (D1)

Kaleb Christofferson, Hitchcock County (D4)



  1. Cyrus Wells, Anselmo-Merna (D2)
  2. Teven Marshall, Mullen (D4)
  3. Sam Melton, Maxwell (D3)
  4. Brock Kester, Neligh-Oakdale (D1)
  5. Thomas Klemserud, North Central (D2)
  6. Tate Phillipps, Burwell (D1)



Nickolas Kuehn, Kenesaw (D3)

Koby Smith, Elm Creek (D3)

Oscar Medina, Harvard (D3)



  1. Samuel Foster, Sutherland (D4)
  2. Adam Miller, Elkhorn Valley (D1)
  3. Shaye Wood, Central Valley (D2)
  4. Gaven Schernikau, Centennial (D2)
  5. Doug Rainey, Southern (D3)
  6. Tanner Fraham, Plainview (D1)



Connor Wells, Anselmo-Merna (D2)

Lane Barton, Meridian (D1)

Jacob Gholson, Maxwell (D3)


  1. Jeremy Larson, Brady (D1)
  2. Ruger Reimers, Palmer (D2)
  3. Nolan Blevins, Weeping Water (D3)
  4. Ryan Payne, Centennial (D2)
  5. Art Escalante, Winside (D2)
  6. Garrett Latimer, Southwest (D2)



Jon tenBensel, Cambridge (D1)

Carter Buchheit, Hemingford (D4)

Jon Peterka, Sutherland (D4)



  1. Enrique Martinez, Central Valley (D2)
  2. Nate Christensen, Plainview (D1)
  3. Dustin Klingsporn, Axtell (D3)
  4. Connor Sonderup, Fullerton (D1)
  5. Gabe Escalante, Winside (D2)
  6. RJ Wilmes, Creighton (D1)



Dennis Vogl, Crawford (D4)

Austin Rudolf, Neligh-Oakdale (D1)

Xavier Perez, Elm Creek (D3)



  1. Colton Holthus, Garden County (D4)
  2. Matt Van Pelt, Southwest (D2)
  3. Cody Hanvey, Creighton (D1)
  4. Levi Lewis, North Central (D2)
  5. Cooper Coons, Twin Loup (D1)
  6. Chase Pawloski, Pleasanton (D3)



Dominic Stewart, Thayer Central (D1)

Roy Guzman, Palmer (D2)

Serbando Diaz, Dundy County-Stratton (D4)



  1. Colby Coons, Twin Loup (D1)
  2. Will Gunning, Plainview (D1)
  3. Aiden Kuester, Neligh-Oakdale (D1)
  4. Elijah Green, Nebraska Christian (D3)
  5. Brett Tryon, Southwest (D2)
  6. Ayden Molzahn, Alma (D2)



Wyatt Jenkins, Arapahoe (D1)

Christian Leonard, Bayard (D4)

Damon Crawford, GACC (D2)



  1. Derek Gibson, Maxwell (D3)
  2. Blake Racicky, Ansley/Litchfield (D3)
  3. Jace Ostrom, Burwell (D1)
  4. Reece Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford (D4)
  5. Jackson Fuelner, Thayer Central (D1)
  6. Levi Belina, Howells-Dodge (D2)



Matt Christensen, Plainview (D1)

Sam Vortherms, Creighton (D1)

Triston Stearns, Brady (D1)



  1. Alizae Mejia, Plainview (D1)
  2. Issiah Borgmann, Stanton (D2)
  3. Dylan Soule, High Plains (D3)
  4. Wyatt Hegemann, Howells-Dodge (D2)
  5. Ben Slaymaker, West Holt (D3)
  6. Gunner Reimers, Palmer (D2)



Talan McGill, NPSP (D4)

Hunter Arehart, Ansley/Litchfield (D3)

Gavin White, Sutherland (D4)


  1. Corey Dawe, Burwell (D1)
  2. Daylan Russell, Alma (D2)
  3. Bryan Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford (D4)
  4. Kolby Larson, Ansley-Litchfield (D3)
  5. Justin Kuta, Palmer (D2)
  6. Trevor Schumacher, Howells-Dodge (D2)



Cash Meier, GACC (D2)

Dawson Kaup, Neligh-Oakdale (D1)

Bobby Evans, Cambridge (D1)



  1. Carl Mundt, Nebraska Christian (D3)
  2. Kaleb Pofahl, Neligh-Oakdale (D1)
  3. Ty Kvanvig, Mullen (D4)
  4. Kayden Stubbs, Maxwell (D3)
  5. Wyatt Haverluck, Meridian (D1)
  6. James Hargett, Southern Valley (D3)



Cole Downey, Southwest (D2)

Colton Thiele, Summerland (D1)

Jake Sellman, Hemingford (D4)



  1. Carter Throener, Howells-Dodge (D2)
  2. Collin Gale, Plainview (D1)
  3. Clayton Hassett, Mullen (D4)
  4. Luke Howitt, Maxwell (D3)
  5. Trenton Baier, Weeping Water (D3)
  6. Braden Klover, Southern (D3)



Remington Hodges, Hitchcock County (D4)

Delton Haines, Dundy County-Stratton (D4)

Andrew Burnett, Anselmo-Merna (D2)



  1. Kien Martin, Overton (D2)
  2. Marcus Cave, Weeping Water (D3)
  3. Levi Kerner, Arapahoe (D1)
  4. Bryson Shoemaker, Southwest (D2)
  5. Brayton Branic, Sandhills/Thedford (D4)
  6. Zach Kerwood, Meridian (D1)



Carsen Fehlhafer, Centennial (D2)

Kyle Pickhinke, Howells-Dodge (D2)

Payton Christiancy, Superior (D3)




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