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NSWCA Class D Rankings-12/3/21

NSWCA Class D Tournament Rankings
1. Sutherland
2. Winside
3. Mullen
4. East Butler
5. Plainview
6. Burwell
7. Neligh-Oakdale
8. Howells-Dodge
9. Arapahoe
10. Thayer Central
There are kids that have not bodyfat tested yet, but we feel that we can get a good feel for
preseason ratings. Sutherland is the front runner with a senior dominant class and a few
transfers did not hurt. Winside and Mullen will be a tight 2 nd . Winside gets the node early in
the year because of a strong senior class, but I can see Sutherland-Mullen be the first 1-2 state
finish out of D4 in several years. East Butler, Plainview and Burwell have enough solid wrestlers
to push the teams at the top but could use more depth. The bottom 4 teams have some good
individuals, but we don’t think they have as much as the teams in front of them.
NSWCA Class D Dual Rankings
1. Sutherland
2. Mullen
3. Thayer Central
4. Ravenna
5. Pender
6. Arapahoe
7. Summerland
8. Bridgeport
9. Maxwell
10. Twin Loup
There are several teams that will fill close to all 14 weight classes making for an exciting state
dual meet at the end of the year. We must go with Sutherland as #1 right now. They have too
much depth and quality to put any other team at the top. We will have to watch injuries and
which weight classes kids end up. We can see most of the team 2-10 fighting for 2nd . There is
good depth on all the teams, so Sutherland isn’t going to get state duals handed to them.

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