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NSWCA Class D Rankings-12/2/2022

Class D
Tournament Teams
1. Aquinas
2. Thayer Central
3. Mullen
4. Neligh-Oakdale
5. Plainview
6. Elkhorn Valley
7. Hitchcock County
8. Sutherland
9. Shelby-Rising City
10. Southern Valley
Ratings this early in the season are mostly based off the end of last season’s performance.
Aquinas is the clear-cut favorite to win Class D, followed by several teams that can fight for 2nd.
Neligh-Oakdale is currently 4th , but only because of their performance from end of last season.
The move-in of Levi Drueke could very well move them to 2nd soon. Thayer Central, Mullen,
Plainview and Elkhorn Valley should all be very close at the end of the year. Sutherland returns
enough to be in the mix, and we will have to see how Shelby-Rising City competes with their
young talent. Southern Valley took a big loss by losing medalist Mason Noel to injury. First
teams out are Anselmo-Merna, Southwest and Alma.

Dual Teams
1. Aquinas
2. Thayer Central
3. Elkhorn Valley
4. Plainview
5. Neligh-Oakdale
6. Ravenna
7. Shelby-Rising City
8. Anselmo-Merna
9. Mullen
10. Sutherland
Aquinas has too much depth in this class. Several teams behind them will fill 11-12 weights
which will make the run for 2 nd come down to the flip, which team will get the matchups they
want. Elkhorn Valley and Plainview will dual the first weekend of the year at the Plainview
duals. Shelby-Rising City and Anselmo-Merna might be a little low in the ratings. We will keep
an eye on both of those teams.

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