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NSWCA Class D Rankings 11/3/23

Class D
Team Rankings
1. Aquinas Catholic
2. Shelby Rising City
3. Sutherland
4. High Plains Community
5. Wisner-Pilgner
6. Burwell
7. Pleasanton
8. Anselmo-Merna
9. Franklin
10. Howells-Dodge

Dual Rankings
Aquinas Catholic
Shelby Rising City

Aquinas will look to try and keep the crown on their heads as we head into the new
season. They bring a lot of top-end power that will score big points at the state tournament. Looking to be close to a full team they will have the bullets to be a tough dual team. SRC brings youth with tournament experience. They will have to win some big matches at state and find a way to get guys in the finals to keep up with Aquinas.
Sutherland returns their whole team from last years run and looks to have a great dual
team. They have the depth to compete for the top spot this year. They will have to have some guys step up to get the job done. At 4th-7th each team has their 4-5 core guys. Can these teams find some supporting cast members to help boost their state tournament run?

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