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NSWCA Class D Rankings 1/6/21

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association
Rankings 1/6/21 Class D

NSWCA Class D Tournament Team Rankings

  1. Plainview
  2. Elkhorn Valley
  3. Neligh-Oakdale
  4. Thayer Central
  5. Winside
  6. Ansley/Litchfield
  7. Maxwell
  8. North Central
  9. East Butler
  10. Southwest




    1. Eli Lanham, Plainview  So. (13-0) 
    2. Nolan Osborn, Twin Loup Jr. (21-1)
    3. Hayden Neeman, Superior So. (19-1)
    4. Reece Kocian, East Butler So. (10-1)
    5. Triston Wells- Thayer Central So. (17-5) 
  • Carter Brandyberry- Alma So. (15-1) 

Comments: Joining the Ranks this week at #1 is Lanham of Plainview who was last years State Runner-Up, he previously has been wrestling 113 this season. #2 Osborn Dropped a 5-2 Decision Dierks Nekoliczak of Central Valley  at the semi-finals of the Elgin Pope John Meet which he has since avenged with a fall in 5:38 at the Pleasanton Invite. ##3-Neeman Dropped a 6-11 decision to Class C#4 Meyer of Filmore Central, also has a 9-4 win over #4 Kocian of East Butler, A 7-0 win over #5 Wells and a 13-0 Major Decision over #6 Brandyberry of Alma. Wells added to more losses one to # Neeman 7-0 and to a Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln wrestler. 



  1. Hunter Bennett, Elkhorn Valley Sr. (16-0) 
  2. Eli Paxton, Mullen So. (13-1) 
  3. Lane Bohac, East Butler So. (11-2) 
  4. Carter Beckman, Elgin/Pope John So. (11-1) 
  5. Kole Nielsen Minden So. (12-3)
  6. Carsen Whitesel, Neligh- Oakdale So. (10-4)


Comments: Bennett last years State Champ at 106 remains undefeated, as does Paxton of Mullen.  Bohac of Eat Butler adds a 2-0 loss to a tough Arlt of Oakland- Craig. #4 Beckman adds a loss to 106 # 1 Lanham of Plainview by fall 0:58. New to the ranks are #5 Nielsen and # 6 Whitesel.



  1. Scout Ashburn, Plainview Sr. (12-0)
  2. Cayden Ellis, Winside Jr. (17-1)
  3.  Dayton Gipe, Sandhills Valley So.(12-0) 
  4. Logan Peterson, South Loup Sr. (9-1) 
  5. Cauy Morgan, Sutherland Fr. (13-1)
  6. Ashton Sinn Jr. (20-2)


Comments: Ashburn returning State Champ still undefeated Ellis still only has one loss to Ashburn in Sudden Victory. I would imagine they will see each other again before state. #3 Gipe is a solid wrestler worth keeping an eye on this season. This is a pretty deep weight class with lots of guys who could be ranked.


  1. Adam Miller, Elkhorn Valley Sr. (15-0) 
  2. Zach Dickau, North Central Sr. (13-1)
  3. Nickolas Kuehn, Kenesaw So. (14-1) 
  4. Koby Smith, Elm Creek Sr. (19-3)
  5. Jacoby Mann, Winside Jr. (13-3) 
  6. Brenner McLaughlin, Thayer Central Jr. (22-2)


Comments: #2 Dickau dropped a 2-1 decision to Class B #5 Bohling of Pierce. Who Miller of Elkhorn Valley has a 6-4 decision over. Kuehn’s only loss remains an 8-6 decision to Class C#3 Waddington of Wood River. Both Dickau and Kuehn have close wins over #4 Smith. #5 Mann and a loss to Class C #5 Dozler of Boone Central. McLaughlin of Thayer Central continues to have a good season. Interesting part there is Thayer Central hasn’t wrestled in an individual tournament yet, but they have seen some really good competition in duals.


  1. Jeremy Larson, Brady Sr. (16-0)
  2. Jon Peterka, Sutherland Jr. (12-2)
  3. Thomas Klemesrud, North Central Sr. (14-3)
  4. Tanner Frahm, Plainview So. (13-0)
  5. Maverick Hagemann, Elkhorn Valley Fr. (13-4)
  6. Drake Belville, Doniphan-Trumbull Sr. (9-2)


Comments: # 1 Larson has a 7-2 decision over Peterka. Fraham and Hagemann switch places with a common opponent win over Wayne. 



  1. Hunter Heath, Minden So. (15-0) 
  2. Samuel Foster, SutherlandJr. (15-0)
  3. Art Escalante, Winside Jr. (21-3)
  4. Garrett Latimer, Southwest Sr. (24-3)
  5. Carter Fjell, Shelby Rising City Sr. (11-3)
  6. Kyle Oakley, Central Valley Jr. (11-3)


Comments: #1 Heath and # 2 haven’t wrestled since our last rankings. #3 Escalante adds a loss by fall in 0:28 to Class C#1- Kunz of Central City.  Fjell adds a loss to Higby of Clarkson but then beats Mosel Plainview who beat Higby. New to the ranks this week is # 6 Kyle Oakley of Central Valley



  1. Ruger Reimers, Palmer Sr. (19-2)
  2. Gabe Escalante, Winside Jr. (19-3)
  3. Nolan Blevins, Weeping Water Sr. (15-5)
  4. Grady Belt, Shelby Rising City Jr. (18-1)
  5. Brooks Armstrong, Red Cloud/Blue Hill So. (16-3)
  6. Devon Tunender, Plainview Sr. (11-4) 


Comments: #1 Reimers now has 2 wins over Blevins. Blevins does have five however, 2 of which are to Reimers,  1 to Class C #1 Gilmore and one to Dickinson of Freeman at 160. So he has seen plenty of solid competition so far this season. Escalante remains at 3 Losses Reimers, Gilmore and McNulty. Belt’s lone loss of the season is a 4-3 decision to Escalante. Armstrong lost a 4-3 decision to Haedyn Brauer of North Platte since the last rankings. The competition at the top of the podium looks to be pretty stiff still room to fight for at the bottom.



  1. Colton Holthus, Garden County
  2. Matt Van Pelt, Southwest
  3. Levi Lewis, North Central
  4. Ayden Molzahn, Alma
  5. Dominic Stewart, Thayer Central
  6. RJ Wilmes, Creighton



Tyson Coufal, Howells-Dodge

Ethan Baumert, GACC

Bode Wortman, Plainview



Holthus remains unbeaten and dominant at 152. Van Pelt has also stayed undefeated. Lewis picked up a few wins over the holidays. Molzahn and Wilmes haven’t competed since our last ratings. Stewart has one match so far at 152 and I assume he will be here after their break. 



  1. Aiden Kuester, Neligh-Oakdale
  2. Will Gunning, Plainview
  3. Brody Dickinson, Freeman
  4. Trevin Brecka, East Butler
  5. Brett Tryon, Southwest
  6. Levi Belina, Howells-Dodge



Spencer Denaeyer, Mullen

Colin Arehart, Ansley/Litchfield

Wyatt Jenkins, Arapahoe




Kuester hasn’t competed since the last ratings and Gunning is yet to be back. Dickinson’s only loss comes from out of class. Brecka pinned his way through the Fillmore Central Invite. Tryon won his home invitational. Belina was champion at SRC.


  1. Sutton Pohlman, Stanton
  2. Alizae Mejia, Plainview
  3. Christian Leonard, Bayard
  4. Hunter Arehart, Ansley/Litchfield
  5. Jestin Bayer, Howells-Dodge
  6. Slate Micheel, Twin Loup



Sam Vortherms, Creighton

Jason Burch, Weeping Water

Connor Dempsey, Neligh-Oakdale




Pohlman picked up a decision over Mejia at SRC making him the new #1. Leonard, Arehart have been inactive since the last ratings. Bayer moves up with his showing against Pohlman and Mejia. Micheel was the champion at Pleasanton.



  1. Reece Zutavern, Sandhills/Thedford
  2. Conner Schutz, Hi-Line
  3. Cooper Slingsby, Ansley-Litchfield
  4. Cash Meier, GACC
  5. Lucas Hammer Plainview
  6. Jace Ostrom, Burwell



Keegan Shuler, Hitchcock County

Brett Bridger, Fullerton

Cole Downey, Southwest




Zutavern and Schutz are both undefeated on the season, hearing Schutz could be down to 170 soon. Slingsby and Ostrom haven’t competed since the last ratings. Meier will be back down in a couple weeks where he has competed well. Hammer was back in action as the champion of the SRC Invite.



  1. Kolby Larsen, Ansley/Litchfield
  2. Gunner Reimers, Palmer
  3. Gavin White, Sutherland
  4. Reed McFadden, Sandhills/Thedford
  5. Colton Horne, Doniphan-Turmbul
  6. Bobby Evans, Cambridge



Chesney Stancyzk, Garden County

Dawson Kaup, Neligh-Oakdale

Sid Miller, Anselmo-Merna




Larson hasn’t competed since our last ratings. Reimers remains undefeated picking up a 1-0 decision over Horne in the finals at Fillmore Central. White also remains undefeated after an OT win over Stancyzk at Sutherland. McFadden picked up a decision over Miller. 




  1. Chet Wichmann, Palmer
  2. Brandon Knoles, Perkins County
  3. Luke Howitt, Maxwell
  4. Gavin Barela, Ansley/Litchfield
  5. Sam Agena, Johnson County Central 
  6. Kaden Dady, Brady



Tel Kvanvig, Mullen

Julien Grindle, Cambridge

Landon Nichols, North Platte St. Pat’s 




Wichmann was champion at both the EP/PJ and Fillmore Central Invites. Knoles pinned his way through the Pleasanton Invite. Agena moves into the ratings while Dady lost a few close matches with other contenders. Howitt and Barela haven’t competed since the last ratings.


  1. Levi Kerner, Arapahoe
  2. Kayden Stubbs, Maxwell
  3. Payton Christiancy, Superior 
  4. Brayton Branic, Sandhills/Thedford
  5. Bryson Shoemaker, Southwest
  6. JySeann Pugh, Pleasanton



Austin Meyer, Perkins County

Dalton Carlson, Overton

Caden Reikofski, Elkhorn Valley



Kerner remains undefeated picking up wins over Dady and Pugh in the process. Stubbs pinned Meyer to claim first at Sutherland. Christiancy still hasn’t lost to anyone in Class D. Branic hasn’t wrestled since our last ratings. Pugh enters the ratings with a decision over Meyer at Pleasanton. 


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