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NSWCA Class C Rankings-12/30/20

NSWCA Class C Rankings

Team Rankings – Tournament

1 Aquinas   Projecting 131 points

2 Central City    Projecting 116 points

3 David City Projecting 99 points

4   Cross County/Osceola Projecting 96 points

5 Milford Projecting 81 points

6 Logan View Projecting 78 points

7 O’Neill Projecting 70 points

8 Raymond Central Projecting 62 points

9 Valentine Projecting 61 points

10 Arlington Projecting 59 points

Aquinas takes over the top spot with their depth, combined with enough top-end hammers.  If they stay healthy, they look very tough to beat.  David City moves up a spot.  Cross County/Osceola jumps up from #6.  Milford holds steady at #5, but their projected points trended up.  Logan View drops from #3 to #6.  Their depth isn’t quite there right now.  O’Neill continues to impress, pushing up to #7 and increasing their projected points.  Valentine jumps back in at #9, although there looks to be some uncertainty with some of their guys.  Arlington holds on based on projected points of Gilmore and Miller.

Dual Rankings

1 Aquinas 

2 David City  

3    Central City


5Raymond Central

6Logan View


8 O’Neill

9Boone Central


With limited action since our last set of ratings, there really aren’t a ton of changes.  Still, here are the updated ratings.  The 2 lb. allowance will definitely start to factor in to some weight class changes now.


  • Drew Garfield, Central City 11
  • John Alden, O’Neill 9
  • Pedro Hernandez, Wilber-Clatonia 10
  • Travis Meyer, Fillmore Central 10
  • Robbie Fischer, Crofton-Bloomfield 9
  • Conner Kohout, Milford 9

Still no Ashton Dane (Gordon-Rushville, yet to test).  Trevin Edwards (Loomis/Bertrand, up at 113) has been up at 113, but qualifies to get down to 106.  Will Trenton Arlt (Oakland-Craig) get here also?  He also qualifies for 106.  Meyer beat Kohout 4-0 at Logan View.


  • Jacob McGee, Logan View 10
  • Ely Olberding, Fort Calhoun 10
  • Trevin Edwards, Loomis/Bertrand 12
  • Jose Escandon, Gibbon 11
  • Cole Kunz, Central City 11
  • Zack Bongers, David City 11

Seems to be a fairly deep weight class for now as we wait to see if some are dropping to 106.      McGee stays on top for now.  Was really hoping to see him and Olberding at the Logan View Invite, but McGee wasn’t there.  We’ll slide Edwards in at 3 as he is 11-0 at this weight.  Right with these guys are the likes of Kavan (Aquinas) Wood (Boone Central), Trowbridge (Fillmore Central) and Arlt (Oakland-Craig).  Still no sign of Grooms (Valentine).


  • Aaron Ohnoutka, Bishop Neumann 10
  • Lance Olberding, Fort Calhoun 10
  • Kaleb Baker, St. Paul 10
  • Tristan Burbach, Central City 9
  • Zander Kavan, Aquinas Catholic 10
  • Simon Schindler, David City 11

Trying to hold true to only rating kids where they have wrestled.  We had Mueller (Logan View) at #2 and Ruffer (Conestoga) at #3 here last time, but they have yet to wrestle 120.  Again, Waddington (Wood River) and Dozler (Boone Central) can both get here from 126.  Schindler and Burbach both move in.  Johnson (Twin River) and Goebel (Syracuse) also in the hunt here. King (Battle Creek) also projects here when he returns.


  • Chris Williams, Valentine 12
  • Zach Zitek, Aquinas Catholic 12
  • Riley Waddington, Wood River 10
  • Alex Schademann, Filmore Central 10
  • Gavin Dozler, Boone Central 11
  • Konnor Schluckebier, Milford12

An uncertain weight as there could be some moving parts.  Waddington had a weekend before break, dominating Albrecht and beating Dozler.  Schademann also took down Schluckebier.  Hard to put a defending champ at #6, but based on recent results that’s where he fits.  Brandt (Syracuse) is next in line here.  Mueller (Logan View) and Ruffner (Conestoga) also right there. 


  • Quentyn Frank, Amherst 11
  • Logan Bryce, Raymond Central 11
  • Ty Rainforth, O’Neill 11
  • Eli Vondra, Milford 11
  • Noah Scott, Aquinas Catholic 12
  • Keaghon Chini, Conestoga 11
  • be rated.  Not much changed here.  


  • Dyson Kunz, Central City 12
  • Hunter Vandenburg, Aquinas Catholic 11
  • Seth Fairbanks, Bishop Neumann 12
  • Cameron Williams, Conestoga 12
  • Dylan Ancheta, Wood River 11
  • Logan Burt, Tekamah-Herman 10

Kunz is the clear favorite here.  Poppe (Crofton-Bloomfield), Lokken (Wilber-Clatonia), Chapman (Milford), Talton (Norfolk Catholic) and Kluthe (Ord) are right in the mix also.


  • Hunter Gilmore, Arlington 12
  • Christopher Nickolite, Aquinas Catholic11
  • Brady Thompson, O’Neill 11
  • Hunter McNulty, Logan View 12
  • Colby Homolka, Wilber-Clatonia 11
  • Cal Janke, Archbishop Bergan 11

Henkel (Yutan) moves out as Homolka returns.  We haven’t seen Olson (Valentine) since opening weekend.  Plowman (Conestoga), Hinrichs (Fillmore Central), and Stauffer (Milford) are next in line.


  • Conner Kreikemeier, Raymond Central11
  • Trevor Widener, Bridgeport 12
  • Ethan Mullaly, North Bend 12
  • Christopher Feldner, Kearney Catholic 12
  • Tanner Schneiderheinz, Central City 12
  • Clayton Harris, David City 12

Mullaly moves up with a solid tournament at Logan View.  Feldner’s only loss (2-0) is when he bumped up to wrestle Graham.  Schneiderheinz has been solid all year.  Harris moves in at #6, with Valdivia (Logan View) moving out.  Next in line is Calleroz (Arcadia/Loup City), Olson (Valentine), Battershaw (Battle Creek), and Drueke (O’Neill).


  • Joe Hinrichs, Sutton 12
  • Cameron Graham, Cross County-Osceola 11
  • Nolan Eller, Aquinas Catholic 12
  • Garret Kluthe, Ord 12
  • Gavin Zoucha, Malcom11
  • Carter Springer, Milford 11

Menke (Bridgeport, yet to compete) and Green (Nebraska Christian) are the next in line.  I would expect to see some 170’s come down here after break.


  • Josh Miller, Arlington 12
  • Sam Moore, Central City 12
  • Bryce Reed, Cross County-Osceola 12
  • Jaxson Jones, Twin River 12
  • Tre Daro, David City 11
  • Chris Scdoris, Milford 11

Looks to be Miller’s weight to win.  Still no Battershaw (Valentine).  Vrana (Bishop Neumann) is a contender also, as well as freshman Kollars (Norfolk Catholic), Gonzalez (O’Neill), Pascoe (Gordon-Rushville), and Schafer (Boone Central).  Reed and Jones have close victories over Daro this season, but I don’t see much separating #2 through #8 here.


  • Dylan Vodicka, David City 12
  • Burton Brandt, Syracuse 12
  • Kelen Meyer, Ord 12
  • Jesse Drahota, Ravenna 12
  • Caden Egr, Yutan 12
  • Michael Andel, Aquinas Catholic 11

Vodicka and Brandt had a heck of a match right before break, with Vodicka coming back from an early deficit to win by one.  Meyer has an 8-7 victory over Drahota this year. Virka (North Bend) is done for the year.   Andel slides in at #6.  Tough to find much depth after these six guys.


  • Brandon Beeson, Tri County 12
  • Aiden Worthey, HTRS11
  • Hunter Oborny, Milford 9
  • Reilly Miller, Aquinas Catholic11
  • Joel Abramson, Loomis-Bertrand 12
  • Richard Cleveland, Boone Central 12

Hearing that Booth (Logan View) and Casey (Quad County NE) will be coming down from 220.  Will Brandt (Syracuse) stay down at 182 and challenge Vodicka for a title?   Beeson has a 3-2 victory over Worthey.  Miller has been wrestling up at 220, but started the year here.  Cleveland slides in at #6.


  • Kyle Sterup, Cross County-Osceola 12
  • Logan Booth, Logan View 11
  • James Escamilla, David City 12
  • Jazper Ames, Lutheran High NE12
  • Quran Cook, Yutan 10
  • Nathan Coley, Mitchell 12

In holding true to the other weights, I’m trying to rate guys by where they are competing right now.  Mundt (Nebraska Christian) and Johnson (Madison) may be coming down from 285.  Booth (Logan View) may be on the move to 195.  But, for now, this is how it looks.  Janssen (Crofton/Bloomfield) drops out as Ames slides in.  Bogard (Amherst) is also right there, along with Casey (Quad County NE) and Meysenburg (Aquinas), whom Bogard has beaten.


  • Terrence Hayes, Cross County-Osceola 12
  • Carl Mundt, Nebraska Christian 12
  • Jake Ingwersen, David City 12
  • Daven Whitley, BRLD 10
  • Kolby Johnson, Madison 12
  • Nathan Scheer, St. Paul 12

Hayes (Cross County-Osceola) made his statement, beating Mundt.  Ingwerson has beaten Whitley. Whitley has beaten Johnson . After the top 6 you have the likes of Nordmeyer (Malcolm), Zlomke (Battle Creek), Cone (Logan View), Burr (Syracuse), Asche (Fillmore Central) and Fehlhafer (Centennial).  Zlomke did win a tough 285 bracket at Logan View.

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