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NSWCA Class C Rankings – 12/20/19

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association Rankings-12/20/19

Top 10 Class C Tournament Rankings

  1. David City (8)
  2. Valentine (5)
  3. Broken Bow (5)
  4. Aquinas Catholic (5)
  5. Raymond Central (4)
  6. Archbishop Bergan (4)
  7. Logan View (5)
  8. Ord (3)
  9. Milford (4)
  10. Conestoga -or- Malcolm (3)


Comments: The top 10 had some shuffling after finally getting the season started and being able to see some wrestling take place. Valentine drops to #2 not because of a lack of quality but possibly a depth issue. David City is really deep and finds themselves ranked at 8 weight classes. Broken Bow jumps to #3 due to some unknowns producing some quality wins and once they get Faulkenberry back, that will distance themselves from #4. Raymond Central finds themselves entering the top 5 this week with the help of Logan Bryce at 132 and his defeat of Daniel Escandon in week 1. Conestoga and Malcolm enter into the top 10 conversation with their performances in weeks 1&2. Conestoga has the deeper team while Malcolm has more top end points. These rankings do not factor in wrestlers that are injured or have not taken the mat yet this year.


Top 10 Class C Duals Rankings

  1. David City
  2. Aquinas Catholic
  3. Valentine
  4. Broken Bow
  5. Raymond Central
  6. Conestoga
  7. Logan View
  8. Archbishop Bergan
  9. Ord
  10. Milford


Comments: David City’s depth is going to be tough to match here, while Aquinas may have the best chance, don’t count out Valentine. Broken Bow’s depth is a lot better than we may have thought a couple weeks ago, and Raymond Central is deep. However, this is where Conestoga makes a big jump. Depth is the key in duals and if you can fill weights with quality, you’ll be tough to beat. They lost on criteria to Raymond Central early last week and probably could have won that dual. Do not sleep on Conestoga this season. Once we get to see some dual tournaments and more duals take place the more we will know more about dual rankings.



Individual Class C Wrestling Rankings




  1. Riley Waddington – Wood River (9th)
  2. Aaron Ohnoutka – Bishop Neumann (9th)
  3. Jacob McGee – Logan View (9th)
  4. Ely Olberding – Fort Calhoun (9th)
  5. Trevin Edwards – Loomis/Bertrand (11th)
  6. Zach Bongers – David City (10th)


Comments: Lots of talented freshmen starting their high school careers off right. It will be interesting to see how their seasons progress. Also, Edwards’ lone loss is to Waddington in week 1. While 5 of Bongers’ losses are from a tough out of state tournament in Sidney, Montana.



  1. Casey Benavides – Bridgeport (12th)
  2. Konner Schluckebier – Milford (11th)
  3. Gage Musser – Hershey (12th)
  4. Gavin Dozler – Boone Central (10th)
  5. Luis Hernandez – Logan View (12th)
  6. Jacob Hilmer – Loomis/Bertrand (12th)


Comments: There is some speculation that Benavides will be headed to 106, but until that happens we will leave him at 113. Musser has wrestled 120 the whole year but its confirmed he’s going to 113, and has already pinned Hilmer of Loomis/Bertrand. Dozler is a darkhorse here, expect a strong season from him.




  1. Caden Arps – Archbishop Bergan (10th)
  2. Hunter Vandenberg – Aquinas Catholic (10th)
  3. Mitch Albrecht – Raymond Central (11th)
  4. Braden Ruffner – Conestoga (11th)
  5. Trey Garey – Broken Bow (11th)
  6. Matt Bruns – Hershey (10th)


Comments: Another tough weight class this year. Caden Arps is a returning state champion from class D, but in wrestling this isn’t as big of an issue as it is in other sports. Vandenberg is off to a good start though he moved up two weight classes. Interesting to point out, given the proximity of some of these schools. We shouldn’t have to wait until districts of state to see some of these matches. Vandenberg has already beaten Bruns of Hershey 8-2.



  1. Chris Williams – Valentine (11th)
  2. Daniel Escandon – Gibbon (12th)
  3. Zach Zitek – Aquinas Catholic (11th)
  4. Isaiah Shields – Amherst (12th)
  5. Ethan Zegers – Milford (12th)
  6. Dru Mueller – Logan View (11th)


Comments: Again, some speculation with Mueller of Logan View, he’s weighing in low enough to wrestle 120 but has been wrestling 126. Interesting to see how Williams adjusts with jumping 2 weight classes from last year. Escandon has beaten Zitek, and Zitek has beaten Shields. Faulkenberry from Broken Bow hasn’t taken the mat yet, but when he does, should find himself entrenched into the mix as well.



  1. Patrick Powers – Broken Bow (12th)
  2. Logan Bryce – Raymond Central (10th)
  3. Quentyn Frank – Amherst (10th)
  4. Tobin Olson – Valentine (10th)
  5. Hunter McNulty – Logan View (11th)
  6. Cameron Williams – Conestoga (11th)


Comments: It’s fair to say with a 3 time returning champion at 138, it’s made for a lot of intrigue to see what happens at 132, 138 and 145. Who chooses to move up or down and who stays and challenges. Make no mistake though Patrick Powers and his friends won’t disappoint at 132. Also with Broken Bow, Amherst, and Valentine all in the same district this year that spreads them out at the State meet and we could have an all C4 state semi final.



  1. Gage Krolikowski – Valentine (12th)
  2. Christopher Nickolite – Aquinas Catholic (10th)
  3. Owen Lade – Battle Creek (12th)
  4. Trevor Widener – Bridgeport (11th)
  5. Clayton Harris – David City (11th)
  6. Cal Janke – Archbishop Bergan (10th)


Comments: Krolikowski is the heavy favorite here and with good reason. He’s chasing his 4th State title. Nickolite beat two good opponents at the Wood River invite, Rowse from Ord and Feldner from Kearney Catholic. Both of which have medaled at the state tournament. 138 is one of the deepest weights in the state this year. Aside from #1, it’s essentially a pick from a hat situation to figure out the next 10-12 wrestlers.









  1. Morgan McGinley – Valentine (12th)
  2. Jacson Valentine – David City (12th)
  3. Jeaven Scdoris – Milford (12th)
  4. Wyatt Smydra – Norfolk Catholic (12th)
  5. Gavin Lampman – Wisner Pilger (12th)
  6. Cameron Graham – Cross County (10th)


Comments: Last years’s 3rd place finisher at 138 Morgan McGinley and 3rd place finisher at 132 Jacson Valentine are off to strong starts. State runner up at 132 Scdoris from Milford is also at this weight. Lampman from Wisner-Pilger is right there and capable of giving any of these guys a run for their money. This weight could very well come down to who is having the best day.



  1. Conner Kreikemeier – Raymond Central (10th)
  2. Nolan Eller – Aquinas Catholic (11th)
  3. Grady Belt – Shelby/Rising City (10th)
  4. Roberto Valdivia – Logan View (11th)
  5. Gavin Zoucha – Malcolm (10th)
  6. Carter Springer – Milford (10th)


Comments: This is a tough weight to work through to begin the season with a few kids that may not be down to weight yet and some that are injured and have yet to take the mat. Kreikemeier has beaten Belt 3-0, and Eller’s only loss is to Iburg from Columbus High. Belt has the same loss, and another to James from Ralston. Speculation that Kluthe from Ord is dropping to 152, where he will be a factor here if he does.



  1. Chase Olson – Valentine (12th)
  2. Joe Hinrichs – Sutton (11th)
  3. Dylan Jones – Louisville (12th)
  4. Grant Lindsley – Shelby/Rising City (12th)
  5. Conner Schutz – Hi-Line (11th)
  6. Taylor Lautenschlager – Doniphan Trumbull (11th)


Comments: Chase Olson and Joe Hinrichs are both up from 145 where last year they finished runner up and 3rd place respectively. Grant Lindsley and Dylan Jones are also returning state qualifiers.



  1. Burton Brandt – Syracuse (11th)
  2. Dylan Vodicka – David City (11th)
  3. Dylan Zoucha – Malcolm (12th)
  4. Kelen Meyer – Ord (11th)
  5. Gavin Hinrichs – Fillmore Central (12th)
  6. Ben Kment – Aquinas Catholic (12th)


Comments: 1 and 2 could flip flop easily, but went with Brandt at #1 because of his victory over Canoyer of Waverly. He has since been beaten by Canoyer in a 2-1 match. Excited to see Brandt and Vodicka meet up. Zoucha has tech’d Meyer of Ord, and Meyer beat Kment 6-4 in the finals at Wood River. Hinrichs is having a great start to his senior year and looks to be a factor here as well. Splitting hairs after 1, 2 and 3.



  1. Lathan Duda – Broken Bow (11th)
  2. Spencer Allen – David City (12th)
  3. Trevor Peterson – Chase County (12th)
  4. Kyle Sterup – Cross County (11th)
  5. Owen Snipes – Conestoga (12th)
  6. Brady Knott – Louisville (12th)


Comments: Lathan Duda is a returning state runner up at 170 and Trevor Peterson also finished 3rd in that weight a year ago. Spencer Allen is a state qualifier who’s only losses are at that Sidney, Montana invite that David City went to. Sterup is a returning qualifier who has moved up from 145 last season.





  1. Ethan Gabriel – Ord (12th)
  2. James Escamilla – David City (11th)
  3. Logan Booth – Logan View (10th)
  4. Kaden Powers – Broken Bow (11th)
  5. Quran Cook – Yutan (9th)
  6. Tucker Alexander – Twin River (12th)


Comments: Gabriel returns for his senior year after having missed his junior campaign due to an ACL tear in the state football finals a year ago. He has yet to wrestle outside of the 1st period. Was a runner up as a freshman and got 3rd as a sophomore. Escamilla and Booth are both going to be in the mix all year, and after that its really anyone’s guess as we’ll get some separation as the season wears on. The freshman, Cook, is unbeaten and all of them are by fall. Will be interesting to watch as his season unfolds.



  1. Peyton Cone – Archbishop Bergan (12th)
  2. Wayne Moore – David City (12th)
  3. Landon Beaver – Wisner Pilger (12th)
  4. Kolby Johnson – Madison (11th)
  5. Keifer Anderson – Broken Bow (10th)
  6. Jon Matulka – Bishop Neumann (12th)


Comments: Returning state champion Peyton Cone is off to a good senior campaign. David City’s Wayne Moore has only lost to out of state competition in Sidney, Montana. Landon Beaver’s only loss is to #1 heavyweight in the country Nash Hutmacher of South Dakota who is a Nebraska football recruit.



  1. Jakob Jerabek – Arcadia/Loup City (12th)
  2. CJ Hoevet – Ord (12th)
  3. Kale Nordmeyer – Malcolm (10th)
  4. Jake Ingwersen – David City (11th)
  5. Nathan Scheer – St Paul (11th)
  6. Eli Simonson – Archbishop Bergan (12th)



Comments: Jerabek is a  heavy favorite here as well. He is returning from winning the Class D title a year ago. Hoevet has beaten Nordmeyer from Malcolm and Scheer from St Paul. Nordmeyer defeated Scheer in week 1. Ingwersen and Simonson are both very much big players here. You could invert 2 through 6 and still feel ok with projecting a finish of that kind.



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