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NSWCA Class B Ratings-1/26/24

Class B Tournament Rankings
1. Waverly
2. Omaha Skutt
3. Blair
4. Beatrice
5. Scottsbluff
6. Bennington
7. York
8. Cozad
9. Gering
10. Plattsmouth
The John Higgins Invitational this past weekend included 5 of the top 10 teams plus Lexington (at #11) with teams from one end of the state to the other. This helped shape the individual and team rankings for us. Scottsbluff got two important pieces back to help them back into the top 5.

Class B Dual Rankings
1. Waverly
2. Bennington
3. Omaha Skutt
4. Blair
5. Hastings
6. Beatrice
7. York
8. Cozad
9. Gering
10. Plattsmouth
The first 6 teams have some common connections in duals to help rank them. Waverly beaten all class B teams to put themselves clearly #1. After Bennington got all their kids down to their final weight classes, they have beaten Skutt, Blair, and Hastings. Skutt is ahead of Blair just based off how both teams competed against Bennington. Blair split with Hastings but won the last. Hastings beat Beatrice to come in at #5. Based off the depth teams showed at Lexington last weekend Beatrice, York, Cozad, and Gering fall in that order.

Class B Individual Rankings
1. Ben Ziola, Omaha Skutt
2. Talon Belding, Beatrice
3. Brayton Holding, DC West
4. Greg Klucas, Waverly
5. Tannon Bellamy, Blair
6. Jude Connelly, Gering
No changes here from the last rankings.

1. Cadyn Coyle, Bennington
2. Cole Welte, Omaha Skutt
3. Josh Sheard, Omaha Gross
4. Royce Klucas, Waverly
5. Trindyn Degodt, Hastings
6. Kaleb Keiper, Northwest
After the first two, it is a mess from #3 to #9 and anyone can finish anywhere here. Erickson’s loss to Wallace at Lexington drops him out of the rankings and moves everyone else up one spot.

1. Hunter Jacobsen, Waverly
2. Chris Gamino, Scottsbluff
3. Cole Karlin, Beatrice
4. Garrett Schultz, Wayne
5. Odin Anschutz, Plattsmouth
6. Isaiah Murillo, Gering
No changes here.

1. Hudson Loges, Blair
2. Chance Houser, Scottsbluff
3. Daylen Naylor, Lexington
4. Gavin Vanover, Beatrice
5. Jackson Bailey, Alliance
6. Drake Hasbrouck, Cozad
The top 3 are pretty solid if Loges is healthy. Eimermann drops out after losing to Hasbrouck. Bailey jumps in because he has been overlooked and is looking good.

1. Tristan Reinke, Beatrice
2. Jordan Shirley, Gering
3. Garrison Brehm, Waverly
4. Aaron Wilson, Cozad
5. Gabe Hartman, Nebraska City
6. Roland Mendoza, Northwest
Reinke and Shirley switch spots after Reinke’s win over Shirley. Wilson drops down from 138 to enter into the #4 spot and the others adjust accordingly.

1. Brayden Canoyer, Waverly
2. Tyson Brown, Blair
3. Jorge Carrizales, Ogallala
4. Jaden Meyer, Hastings
5. Aaron Wilson, Cozad
6. Chris Ramos, Omaha Skutt
Meyer drops out after some losses and Wilson drop down to 132. Ramos, Dirks, and Meyer move up to take the 4, 5, and 6 spot.

1. Tyler Harrill, Omaha Skutt
2. Drue White, Cozad
3. Pedro Carrizales, Ogallala
4. Braxton Peacher, Bennington
5. Tristan Campbell, McCook
6. Brenden Ging, Plattsmouth
White drops down from 150 and beats Carrizales to take the #2 spot. Peacher split last weekend with Campbell but seems to control the match better in the second match to win so I give him the slight edge.

1. Kyler Lauridsen, Bennington
2. Garrett Rine, Waverly
3. Atticus Dick, Blair
4. Chris Shannon, Schuyler
5. Bryan Morales, Scottsbluff
6. Isaac Christo, Omaha Skutt
White drops down to 144 and Cervantes has not wrestled yet this year, so we are taking him out. That moves everyone else up.

1. Cesar Cano, Lexington
2. Rece Knight, Gering
3. Noah Bordovsky, Wahoo
4. Brock Malcom, Cozad
5. Kruse Williamson, Beatrice
6. Ty Bouaphakeo, Bennington
Malcom drops down from 165 and based off his Lexington results comes in at #4. Williamson has returned from injury, so we put him back in the rankings at #5.

1. Riley Johnson, Omaha Skutt
2. Brock Templar, Blair
3. Levi McGrew, Lincoln Christian
4. Brooks Loosvelt, York
5. Dalton Rhoten, Bennington
6. Brock Malcom, Cozad
Malcom drops down to 157 so that brings Clark into the #6 spot. All others remain the same.

1. Drew Moser, Waverly
2. Frankie Trevino, Scottsbluff
3. Jackson Cooley, Lincoln Christian
4. Blaise Baughman, Blair
5. Merrick Johnson, Beatrice
6. Treyton Tweton, Ashland-Greenwood
Trevino sees his first action of the year and is back at #2. That pushes everyone else down one spot.

1. Cade Ziola, Omaha Skutt
2. Seth Erickson, York
3. Yordi Dominguez, Columbus Lakeview
4. Adrian Curiel, South Sioux City
5. Patrick McCartney, Sidney
6. Cam Chaffin, Waverly
No changes here.

1. Mason Villwok, Elkhorn
2. Tony Palmer, South Sioux City
3. Sebastien Boyle, Scottsbluff
4. Caleb Adkins, Plattsmouth
5. Joe Stein, Northwest
6. Carver Konzem, Ashland-Greenwood
No changes here either.

1. Keagyn Linden, York
2. Orion Parker, Plattsmouth
3. Owen Rowell, Auburn
4. Landon Hanes, Sidney
5. Chris Ruano, Cozad
6. Harrison Smith, Waverly
Smith drops down to 215 and his teammate Ruano gets in the lineup at the #5 spot. Based off the Lexington results Hanes jumps to #4 and Glynn drops out.

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