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NSWCA Class A Rankings-1/21/21

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association Class A rankings 1/21/21
Class A Top 10 Meet Teams
1. Millard South
2. North Platte
3. Papillion-LaVista
4. Lincoln East
5. Grand Island
6. Omaha Central
7. Columbus
8. Omaha Westside
9. Norfolk
10. Lincoln Southwest
1. DJ Bonam Omaha Central
2. Miles Anderson Millard South
3. Logan Edwards Omaha Westside
4. Mohamud Abdi Omaha Bryan
5. Gabe Truman Lincoln East
6. Presden Sanchez Creighton Prep
Comments: Miles Anderson makes a big jump after his stellar weekend at Metros. Gabe Truman enters the rankings. This weight class is STACKED.
1. Brandon Baustert Lincoln East
2. Adrian Bice Columbus
3. Archer Heelan Kearney
4. Juan Pedro Grand Island
5. Evan Fuchs Lincoln SE
6. Jason Campbell Papillion LaVista
Comments: No changes. Will see Fuchs vs Campbell in a couple weeks.
1. Caleb Coyle Millard South
2. Keith Smith Lincoln East
3. Gabe Grice Bellevue East
4. Solomon Allerheiligen Millard North
5. Juilo Reyes Omaha Burke
6. Blake Cerny Columbus
COMMENTS: Coyle back up top after his victory over Smith. Grice should be back this weekend at the latest. Not sure if he will go 120 or 126. Quentin Donald is right in the mix of this, but with limited matches its hard to put him in.
1. Conor Knopick Millard South
2. Blake Cushing Grand Island
3. Caden Arps Fremont
4. Kash Bates Lincoln Southwest
5. Cadyn Kucera Columbus
6. Nathan Rubino Omaha Burke
COMMENTS: Rubino drops to 6 and may drop out. Hearing some rumblings, he is done for the year. Bobier from Papillion is a solid kid who could sneak in.
1. Garrett Grice Bellevue East
2. Jaylan Ruffin North Platte
3. Landon McLaughlin Lincoln Southwest
4. Westin Godfrey Norfolk
5. Rogelio Ruiz Grand Island
6. Aiden Roberston Millard South
COMENTS: No changes here. McLaughlin will be vying for a state finals spot. Grice is just another level. Recently broke the takedown record as a junior with only 1 career loss. Just next level.
1. Darin Diaz North Platte
2. Joel Adams Millard South
3. Daniel DeRosier Bellevue East
4. Ian Rudner Papillion LaVista
5. Nic Swift Lincoln East
6. Grant Kingston Elkhorn South
COMMENTS: No changes again. Adams is dangerous and would be a fun match with Diaz. DeRosier and Rudner are solid, but I think outside looking in at the top spot.
1. Tyler Antoniak Millard South
2. Brody Arrants Grand Island
3. Jake Licking Norfolk
4. Beau Hostler Kearney
5. Westin Sherlock Lincoln East
6. Ian Mendoza Lincoln Southeast
COMMENTS: Kueny drops to 138, not sure if that means a drop from Davis is happening. Sherlock should a pin over Mendoza, but than a 8-5 loss at the HAC. Seems like the bottom of 145 might get crowded.
1. Nick Hamilton Papillion LaVista
2. Scott Robertson Millard South
3. Deon Davis Omaha Central
4. Gage Ferguson Kearney
5. Michael Myers Omaha Westside
6. Tyler Salpas Grand Island
COMMENTS: No changes. Hamilton is still scary good. The showdown with Robertson is going to be something once we finally see it. Davis will have something to say about that showdown. Myers is Sophomore and will be dangerous in years to come.
1. Antrell Taylor Millard South
2. Josh Licking Norfolk
3. Tommy Wentz Fremont
4. Ayden Welch Elkhorn South
5. Kolby Lukasiewicz Grand Island
6. Ray Hubbard Omaha Central
COMMENTS: Top 4 doesn’t change. Kolby gets the nod at 5 just because of his close match with Licking. Hubbard did not compete this weekend, but could beat anybody at anytime.
1. Cole Price Papillion LaVista
2. Jack McDonnell Bellevue West
3. Blayze Standley Columbus
4. Guillermo Espinoza Millard North
5. Caeden Olin Millard South
6. Cash Arensdorf North Platte
COMMENTS: Seems like a tough deal for Miller out of Norfolk not sure if its true his season is done or not, but it knocks him out for now. Price hits win #150 and is well on his track to his state title.
1. Gavin Brauer North Platte
2. Justin Davis Omaha Central
3. Cater Abels Kearney
4. Henry Thomsen Elkhorn South
5. Noah Blair Millard West
6. Max McClatchey Lincoln Southeast
COMMENTS: A little flip flop with Blair and McClatchey. McClatchey got stuck in the 3rd period at the HAC Dontae Thomas is a name to look out for. Still on the collision course which is Brauer and Davis!
1. Vincent Genatone North Platte
2. Cole Haberman Omaha Westside
3. Charlie Nosel Millard West
4. Connor Hoy Millard South
5. John Friendt Lincoln Southeast
6. Aiden Ingwerson Lincoln East
COMMENTS: By far the hardest weight class to rate. So many tough guys that seem to beat each other. Hoy loses to Ingwerson. Ingwerson loses to Friendt. Hoy beat Friendt. Nosel loses to Haberman and than sticks him a week later. It is just a mess. Your guess is as good as mine
1. Tony Pray Creighton Prep
2. Noah Spriek Lincoln Southwest
3. Dario Rodriguez Kearney
4. Ryan Zatechka Omaha Westside
5. Grant Moser Fremont
6. Christian Nash Millard South
COMMENTS: Big changes here. Spriek enters the rankings as a force. Moser drops with lack of any competitions since December. Nash beats Uhl and enters for another Millard South guy in the ratings.
1. Cade Haberman Omaha Westside
2. Zephaniah Sivels Millard North
3. Nolan Olafson Millard South
4. Michael Isele Grand Island
5. Brayden Heffner Norfolk
6. Tyson Danner Omaha Northwest
COMMENTS: Danner enters the ratings as I am told was up on Haberman early in their match at metros. He ended up getting pinned but being up on a stud like Haberman gets you recognized. All solid big boys here. You will have to earn your podium spot!

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