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Class A Top 10 Teams in Duals/Meets, & Top 6 Individuals 12/7/18

Top 10 Class A Teams in Duals/Meets, & Top 6 Individuals

Top 10 Teams Meets

  1. Omaha Burke
  2. Millard South
  3. Columbus
  4. Kearney
  5. Lincoln East
  6. Papillion LaVista
  7. Grand Island
  8. Papillion LaVista South
  9. Norfolk
  10. Lincoln High

COMMENTS:  After the first weekend of the season, I feel moved to switch Millard South and Burke, with Burke going to number 1.  I saw Millard South Saturday at Omaha North, due to a snow cancellation, and early it seems they have a few weak spots in their middle lineup…perhaps will fill in later?  Burke’s Westside transfers started strong, and for now….Burke on top.  The cancellation of the Kearney meet sure hurt rankings this week!  That one usually gives many head ups among top kids.  What I saw opening weekend is that many teams (Grand Island) have new faces ready to make their mark.  There are TONS of these kids everywhere this season….very solid kids making debuts on Varsity, and looking good!   This should make for a very interesting season ahead, filled with ups and downs, wins by unheralded kids…sounds like fun!

Top 10 Teams Duals

  1. Millard South
  2. Omaha Burke
  3. Grand Island
  4. Kearney
  5. Lincoln East
  6. Columbus
  7. Papillion LaVista
  8. Papillion LaVista South
  9. Norfolk
  10. Gretna

COMMENTS:  Not much to go off after 1 weekend, with a few dual meets, but mostly single duals.  The single biggest dual win I saw was Grand Island beating Columbus 31-30…with many of Columbus’s lower weight kids wrestling up a weight, probably due to descent plans.  Papio beat Papio South in  a close neighborhood brawl Tuesday night.  There will be many dual meets this coming weekend to help sort things out, so not to much commentary for now, other than to say there will be A LOT of great, close duals this season!

Top 6 Individuals


  1. Gabe Grice Bellevue East
  2. Caleb Coyle Millard South
  3. Juan Pedro Grand Island
  4. Nate Rubino Omaha Burke
  5. Michael Colling Omaha Westside
  6. Nate Hartman Millard West

COMMENTS:  Grice is the clear early favorite after beating Coyle 7 – 1 in the North finals last Saturday, a matchup only made possible when M South had their meet canceled, and came to North!  Pedro is a bigger 106 this season, and should be tough.  Rubino transfers from Skutt to Burke, and certainly bolsters their light weight lineup.  Collings should be tough…will see Grice this Saturday @ the Chieftain Duals.


  1. Haynes Omaha Central
  2. Garrett Grice Bellevue East
  3. Blake Jackson Millard South
  4. Quentin Donald Omaha Benson
  5. Hunter Nagatani Kearney
  6. Clay Cerny Columbus

COMMENTS:  Haynes starts on top after his 3rd place @113 last year, with my Super FR Grice moving into 2nd by virtue of his 1st period pin over #2 preseason #2 Blake Jackson of Millard South.  Grice and Haynes won’t meet up until Metro’s in January, but Jackson gets a rematch December 18th in a dual @ Bellevue East.  The others are all talented, with Nagatani of Kearney intriguing, as he is a runner up transfer from Hawaii.  Should be a good weight class!


  1. Jakason Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Nathan Rizek Lincoln East
  3. Rylie Steele Kearney
  4. Ian Rudner Papillion LaVista
  5. Kael Kingery Grand Island
  6. Garrett Carbullido Millard South

COMMENTS:  This is a weight most people would run from, as Burks is an elite national talent, in the discussion for best pound for pound wrestler any grade in NE.  Burks is an easy favorite, and I just don’t see anybody pushing him hard.  It will be a battle for the remaining places, with plenty of wrestlers either cutting down, or bumping up to avoid Mr. Burks.  There are others who could be on this list by season’s end.


  1. Brayden Smith Kearney
  2. Ladamien Sturdivant Omaha Bryan
  3. Cody Niemic Papillion LaVista
  4. Conor Knopick Millard South
  5. Camden Russell Millard West
  6. Daniel DeRosier Bellevue East

COMMENTS:  Smith starts out #1, by virtue of his 113 State title last season over Sturdivant (2 – 0 decision in Finals), a 2 time state runner up. This weight is super deep, with every kid ranked a returning state placer at one weight or another.   This should be one of the state’s best and most competitive weights in Class A.



  1. Phillip Moomey Kearney
  2. Cody Carlson Fremont
  3. Antrell Taylor Millard South
  4. Nolan Niemic Papillion LaVista
  5. Jerryd Hernandez Lincoln Northstar
  6. Peyton Meink Millard North

COMMENTS:  Moomey is perhaps the #1 kid in NE, and many would like to wrestle a weight class he is not in.  Still Carlson is super tough, runner up at 132 last year, and will be one of several kids striving to meet Moomey in the Finals in Omaha in February. Super FR Taylor is the real deal, after seeing him in person last Saturday…athletic! He beat Niemec 3-2 to win North.  Hernandez and Meink are both returning state medalists also, so this is actually a darn tough weight, aside from stud Moomey!


  1. Maxx Mayfield Lincoln East
  2. Tyler Antoniak Millard South
  3. Chris Kueny Omaha Central
  4. Kevin Castle Omaha Burke
  5. Gage McBride Kearney
  6. Preston Mort Lincoln NE

COMMENTS: Mayfield is a prohibitive #1 to start the season, coming off his State title at 120 last year, along with winning Preseason Nationals in Des Moines.  He seems near unbeatable, much like several other #1s in the rankings. Super FR Antoniak is very talented, after watching him win North last Saturday. Kueny jumps in and past Castle, after beating him 8 – 6 in an early dual.  Lots of uncertainty at this weight, with only 2 State medalists here…could be many others in the mix!



  1. Nick James Kearney
  2. Creighton Baughman Papillion LaVista
  3. Trey Nielsen Omaha Burke
  4. Deon Davis Omaha Central
  5. Levi May Millard West
  6. Caleb Conner Papillion LaVista South

COMMENTS: James returns after winning the 138 title last season, and is a strong early #1.  Baughman is a 3 time state medalist, who definitely could challenge James by Omaha in February. Nielsen is an interesting transfer from Westside to Burke, and is ahead of Davis by virtue of pinning him in their dual last week.  May and Connor are tough guys who are in line to medal this season also.  Good weight!


  1. Chance Fry Lincoln East
  2. Deson Stapleton Omaha Burke
  3. Josh Licking Norfolk
  4. Alex Irizarry Papillion LaVista South
  5. Cole Price Papillion LaVista
  6. Ethan Valencia Millard West

COMMENTS:  Fry goes for State Title #3 this season, and is a strong favorite to win it.  Burke super Soph Stapleton is a dangerous, athletic kid who should be opposite Fry in the Finals.  Aside from those 2, there are no returning State Medalists in this weight class, so plenty of kids will be scrambling for medals in Omaha come February!


  1. James Burks Omaha Burke
  2. Brayden Splatter Norfolk
  3. Liam Kirk Elkhorn South
  4. Aiden Williams Grand Island
  5. Avery McMeekin Columbus
  6. Jack McDonnell Bellevue West

COMMENTS:  Another Burks brother, another big favorite, with James going for his prestigious 4th State Title.  He has been such a hammer, and is a great competitor who showed in football season he can put a team on his back.  There doesn’t seem to be tons of competition for him here, with Splatter and Kirk the only other returning State medalists.  Lots of balance after Burks, and perhaps some others will surface during the season.


  1. Isaiah Alford Lincoln High
  2. Cole Huss Gretna
  3. Grant Lyman Lincoln East
  4. Nolan Miller-Johnson  Omaha Westside
  5. Blaze Standley Columbus
  6. Alex Deras Grand Island

COMMENTS: Continuing the year of the big favorites, defending champ/UNL recruit Alford is an absolute beast!  He should win.  Huss got 3rd at 152 last year, and is very tough. Lyman is very physical, and got 4th last year @ 170.  The rest are non medalists.   Again, a weight that could have many people vying for State medals!


  1. Isaac Trumble Millard South
  2. Carson Zwingman Columbus
  3. AJ Muthersbaugh Lincoln East
  4. Trajan Linear Papillion LaVista South
  5. CJ Relford Elkhorn
  6. Marcel Austin Lincoln High

COMMENTS:  182 is a weight that does NOT have a prohibitive favorite, as the top 3 are all returning State runners-up, with Muthersbaugh at 182 last year. I am going with Trumble of Millard South to win it, as he gave James Burks 2 rare losses last season, and has a superb attitude and work ethic.  A deep weight, with all 6 ranked kids a returning State medalist.  This should be one of Class A’s best weights to watch at State!



  1. Dillyn Miller Omaha Burke
  2. Anthony DeAnda Columbus
  3. Josh Trumble Millard South
  4. Preston Walker Kearney
  5. Kevin Fierro Grand Island
  6. TJ Huber Gretna

COMMENTS:  Back to prohibitive favorites…Miller beat DeAnda 16 – 8 in last years State Finals, and they are the favorites to meet again in Omaha this year.  Trumble medaled 6th @ 170, but everyone else is a non medalist.  Another weight where there could be several kids not ranked surfacing to medal at State.


  1. Kasten Grape Columbus
  2. Tony Pray Creighton Prep
  3. Gavin Peitzmier Millard South
  4. Dylan Sales Omaha Burke
  5. Mike Cisneros Lincoln Pius X
  6. Tyler Spicer Lincoln SE

COMMENTS:  The first weekend already changed the preseason rankings, as due to the snow, Millard South came to North’s meet, where previous #1 Peitzier lost to Prep’s Pray, raising Pray up the ladder to 2nd. Grape was 3rd last year way down at 182,so we will see how he goes with Pray and others as the season progresses.  The rest are non returning medalists, so the door is open at 220 for State medals!



  1. Connor Cowling Norfolk
  2. Jack Hasz Creighton Prep
  3. Cade Haberman Omaha Westside
  4. Ethan McPhillips Grand Island
  5. Eddie Laredo Columbus
  6. Jake Mayfield Millard South

COMMENTS: Cowling returns from his 3rd place at State last year atop the opening rankings. Hasz and Haberman are certainly talented enough to challenge him, and the heavyweights look to be a very competitive weight this season.

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