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December 30, 2020
NSWCA Class C Rankings 12/30/20 Team Rankings – Tournament 1 Aquinas   Projecting 131 points 2 Central City    Projecting 116 points 3 David City Projecting 99 points 4   Cross County/Osceola Projecting 96 points 5 Milford Projecting 81 points 6 Logan View Projecting 78 points 7 O’Neill Projecting 70 points 8 Raymond Central Projecting 62 points 9 Valentine Projecting 61 points 10 Arlington Projecting 59 points Aquinas takes over the top spot with their depth, combined with enough top-end...
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NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings Gering Beatrice Broken Bow Aurora Blair Pierce Bennington Ogallala Ralston Waverly The top 10 teams all remained the same but there was a little shuffling around of teams due to changes in the individual rankings. It appears that Brody Nelson from Beatrice will not wrestle this year due to an injury so that took Beatrice out of first place and moved Gering up. Currently the top 2 are almost dead even however there is rumor...
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