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January 31, 2020
Top 10 Class C Tournament Rankings Valentine David City Logan View Aquinas Catholic Ord Broken Bow Amherst Raymond Central Archbishop Bergan Bridgeport   Top 10 Class C Duals Rankings (Top 8 are Power Point Standings) Aquinas (9-0), 46.0000 Valentine, (10-1), 45.9091 Logan View (11-0), 45.4545 Conestoga (12-3), 45.400 David City (13-3), 44.8750 Amherst (10-3), 44.6923 Battle Creek (11-2), 44.1538 Raymond Central (19-6), 43.6667 Twin River (11-5) Milford (6-2)     Individual Class C Wrestling Rankings 106 Riley Waddington – Wood...
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NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings Hastings Omaha Skutt Catholic Bennington Arlington Beatrice Wahoo Gering Ralston Northwest Adams Central   COMMENTS: Hastings takes over the #1 ranking based off questions marks surrounding Lazure’s health. If he is 100% and ready to go, then Skutt is the favorite but we have not seen him yet and it is getting late in the season. Staying healthy is key to finishing the season on top or even in the top 10. Blair drops out...
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