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NSWCA Rankings Class B-12/17/20

Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association
Class B Rankings 1-17-20

NSWCA Class B Tournament Rankings
1. Omaha Skutt Catholic
2. Hastings
3. Bennington
4. Arlington
5. Gering
6. Beatrice
7. Wahoo
8. Blair
9. Northwest
10. Aurora

COMMENTS: Omaha Skutt and Hastings are clear #1 and #2 right now. Both are missing wrestlers and it may come down to who is the healthiest at state. #3 through #5 are almost dead even in my points so the slightest change in placing at state can rearrange these. Beatrice is not far behind at #6 and Wahoo at #7. #8 through #13 are also extremely close. Blair moves up based off their 285 climbing in the rankings. Northwest stays steady at #9 but can shoot up the rankings if they get hot at state like last year. Aurora has been hanging out just outside the top 10 until now. They come in at #10 because they get their 182 lb. wrestler in the line up for the first time this year. Ralston, Adams Central, and Central City are all contenders just outside the top 10.

NSWCA Class B Dual Rankings
1. Hastings
2. Omaha Skutt Catholic
3. Bennington
4. Blair
5. Adams Central
6. Beatrice
7. Gering
8. Central City
9. Columbus Lakeview
10. Nebraska City

COMMENTS: Not a lot of changes here but a little shuffling. It appears that Omaha Skutt will not have enough duals to compete in the State Dual Tournament, if the schedule on the NSAA website is correct. I am still including them because these are rankings and not a tournament seeding. I feel if Skutt had all their wrestlers back they are the second best dual team. If they do not get everyone back, then a couple teams may pass them up. Bennington beat Blair at the EMC Duals so that switched those two. Norris had a stunning upset over Nebraska City, so I dropped Nebraska City a little, but I still think they are a solid dual team and worthy of the #10 ranking.

Individual Rankings

1. Kael Lauridsen, Bennington
2. Zach Ouranda, Omaha Skutt
3. Tristen Obermiller, Adams Central
4. Caden Svobada, Aurora
5. Drew Garfield, Central City
6. Hayden Schalk, Nebraska City

COMMENTS: Obermiller, Svobada, and Garfield have all wrestled each other a fair amount this year and have traded wins. All three are pretty equal. Ouranda has not wrestled much in the state so it is difficult to gauge where he is at compared to all the others.

1. Quinton Chavez, Gering
2. Jeremy McKee, Ralston
3. Andrew Wilder, Scottsbluff
4. Braiden Kort, Adams Central
5. AJ Parrish, Bennington
6. Grady Arends, Northwest

COMMENTS: No changes here.

1. Drew Arnold, Beatrice
2. Paul Ruff, Gering
3. Paul Garcia, Scottsbluff
4. Thomas Ivey, York
5. Ty Rainforth, O’Neill
6. Tyler Curtis, Blair

COMMENTS: Ruff beats Garcia so that drops Garcia down and the top two move up. Everyone else stays the same.

1. Dyson Kunz, Central City
2. Shawn Buchanan, Crete
3. Landon Templar, Blair
4. Landon Weidner, Hastings
5. Lucien Engel, Columbus Lakeview
6. Kaleb Eliker, York

COMMENTS: Nagel has taken a couple losses and recently to Weidner. Eliker lost to Engel. This all shuffles the rankings, and someone must drop out with Engel entering the rankings. Looks like Nagel drew the short end of the stick this time.

1. Caleb Lazure, Omaha Skutt
2. Hunter Gilmore, Arlington
3. Trevor Reinke, Beatrice
4. Bryce Brown, Hastings
5. Nathaniel Murrillo, Gering
6. Logan Jaixen, Columbus Lakeview

COMMENTS: No changes here. Lazure has not wrestled yet this year. Most likely the best wrestler if he returns but if it is much longer we may see him drop in the ratings just because he will not be in top shape.

1. Trevor Kluck, Aurora
2. Collin Quandt, Northwest
3. Nate Rocheleau, Gering
4. Cameron Kort, Adams Central
5. Brady Thompson, O’Neill
6. Joel Lemburg, Columbus Lakeview

COMMENTS: Stokey moved up to 145. That moves everyone else up one spot and brings Lemburg back into the rankings.

1. Joey Orsi, Omaha Skutt
2. Gage Stokey, Ogallala
3. Noah Talmadge, Ralston
4. Brady Fago, Lexington
5. Colby Puck, Bennington
6. Tanner Schneiderheinz, Central City

COMMENTS: Stokey moves up from 138 and is ranked #2. That moves everyone else down one spot and Cole Maschmann out. Other contenders are Daniel Wellnitz, Sean Martin, Jeff Samuelson, and Owen Friesen. This weight class is fairly deep and wide open. Almost anyone can win it, place high, or not medal at all.

1. Nicholas Stoltenberg, Omaha Skutt
2. Mason Brumbaugh, Hastings
3. Cameron Zink, Ogallala
4. Peyton Walling, Wahoo
5. Josh Colgrove, Plattsmouth
6. Jarret Koch, Beatrice

COMMENTS: No changes here. We have not seen Brumbaugh on the mat since the first week. If he is not back soon, he may start dropping in the rankings. Tough to come back after a long layoff.

1. Izaak Hunsley, Hastings
2. Josh Miller, Arlington
3. Brady Robb, Sidney
4. Connor Drahota, Omaha Skutt
5. Trey Shanahan, Wahoo
6. Sam Moore, Central City

COMMENTS: No changes here.

1. Evan Canoyer, Waverly
2. Cooper Hancock, Wahoo
3. Brody Nelson, Beatrice
4. Brett Tinker, Pierce
5. Kobe Lyons, York
6. Dylan White, Crete

COMMENTS: No changes here. Canoyer missed the EMC Duals with a minor injury and looked like he will be back soon.

1. Damen Pape, Hastings
2. Luke MacDonald, Bennington
3. Kobe Wilkins, Arlington
4. Brekyn Papineau, Aurora
5. William Marxsen, Schuyler
6. Braden Hanson, Blair

COMMENTS: Papineau has been on the mat for the first time this season and comes in at #4. We will see how he does in the next couple weeks, he may move up or down after that. He pushes the other guys down one spot. Other contenders are Dakota Adams and Kaden Lyons.

1. Eli Jansen, Omaha Skutt
2. Seth Firmanik, Fairbury
3. Alec Langan, McCook
4. Evan Morara, Hastings
5. Kole Bordovsky, Wahoo
6. Imanol Munoz, Holdrege

COMMENTS: No changes here.

1. Grady Griess, Northwest
2. Garett Menke, Bennington
3. Dylan Meyer, Norris
4. Dylan Kuehler, Pierce
5. Jordan Kavulak, Seward
6. Jacob Deckert, Adams Central

COMMENTS: No changes here. We missed out on an opportunity to see Menke and Meyer wrestle at the EMC Duals because the weather caused Norris to miss the first day. Hopefully we get to see that match at the EMC individual tournament.

1. Remmington Gay, Arlington
2. Neil Hartman, Concordia/DC West
3. Mike Leatherdale, Wayne
4. Alfredo Valquier, Nebraska City
5. Brady Soukup, Blair
6. David Hernandez, Ralston

COMMENTS: Soukup looked good at the EMC Duals, he took Valquier into overtime before losing. That earns him the 5th spot and moves everyone else down. Swhan was back and now out again, not sure if we will see him again.

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