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AAU Nebraska National Team Statement:

We at Nebraska AAU want to make sure we are clear with this statement. Due to AAU Nebraska Wrestling having a qualifier for our national teams.  For you to be able to wrestle at either Iowa or Disney you must wrestle at the AAU State  tournament in March or fill out a waiver.  The waiver will be accepted or denied based on circumstance.  The only other way you can go is if we have enough space that we could take you as an alternate and we allow you to wrestle for another team that needs a wrestler.  The other way to be able to wrestle on another team at these events is to go through the Nebraska AAU director Doug Denson and he would have to release you to another team.  This is not something he does very often or ever for these events. His email is if you would like to ask.

Nebraska AAU National Teams

Iowa Duals

We will take 2 freshman/Sophomore teams, 2 Junior High teams, 2 High school girl’s teams, and one k-8 team girls team to Iowa.  We will take alternates if hotel rooms and bus space allow for it.  If you go as an alternate we will try to get you on another team.  

Disney Duals

We take 2 All Star teams, 2 Developmental teams of boys, and two Girls All Star teams to Florida.

How qualifier works:

  1. If you wrestle in the qualifier at 98 pounds or 106 pounds and win your bracket and the 98 pounder wants to go to Disney  you will have to wrestle off for the Disney duals spot that day.  The 98 pounds weight class is just for the freshman/sophomore team going to Iowa.
  2. If you are interested in wrestling at either Iowa or Disney no matter if you placed or not you need to come and sign up as soon as you are done wrestling. Sign up will be posted but has been located where weigh ins have been for the boys in the tournament. 
  3. The reason you need to sign up is we are sent only the information for 1st – 6th place.  If you do not sign up and we still have spots to be filled we start looking for any kid to fill these spots.  These kids that did not wrestle at AAU State that get signed up will have to pay the entry fee that every wrestler had to pay, plus the fee for the National Dual. 

Iowa Freshman/Sophomore duals

These teams will be filled with the top freshman or sophomore at each weight.  We will keep going down the list if someone turns us down until we get to sixth place. At this point we start finding kids to fill this team.  Reminder to get signed up even if you do not end up in the top six so we have your information and know that you want to go. 

All Star Team/Developmental team

The All Star Teams are filled by the kids that get first or second at AAU state.  If any of them turn it down we keep going down the list of the top 6 till we get it filled. 

The developmental team can only be filled with kids that did not place at the NSAA state meet. If you place in the top one or two and are not a state placer you have the choice to go on the All Star Team or the Developmental team .

If you are willing to go, remember to come sign up.  If you are even willing to go up in weight to make a team you need to let us know so we can get a hold of you.  If you do not sign up we are under the assumption that you do not want to go.  We have 56 spots for boys and 24 for girls to fill and we will get them filled one way or the other.


If you cannot make it to AAU State but would like to go on any of these teams we need you to send an email to or  If we get to the point no one is signed up or we have an alternate spot open we will get a hold of you.  We understand that things do come up that are out of your control.