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Wayne Wrestling Club Tournament

March 14 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Wayne Youth Wrestling


March 14, 2020

Where: Wayne High School 611 West 7th Wayne NE



Division Check in Start time
Pre K and K 8:30 to 9:30 AM 10:00 AM
1st and 2nd grade 9:00 to 10:00 AM Will start when division before is done
3rd and 4th grade 10:00 to 10:30 AM Will start when division before is done
5th and 6th grade 10:30 to 11:00 AM Will start when division before is done
7th and 8th grade 11:00 to 11:30 AM Will start when division before is done


Registration:  Registration must be completed online throught Trackwrestling (  You must be preregistered by midnight on March 13th. We WILL NOT be accepting MAILED IN Registrations.


Entries: $20.00 registration fee for applications.


*Weather pending may allow walk-ins


Check In: You must be checked in by the designated time or you will be scratched! No refunds will be given for late/missed check ins.


Weight Class: There will not be any set weight classes.  You will be bracketed with kids of similar weight and experience when possible.


Officials: Certified Officials and Experienced College Wrestlers.


Admission: $3.00 for Adults           $2.00 for studnets       6 and under Free


Awards: Trophies for 1st, medals for 2nd-4th.  Back this year after popular demand, TEAM TROPHY!

Rules:   4 man round robin for all classes when possible.  All ages and divisions will be scored.  No headlocks PK to 4th grade. Teammates seperated when possible.

Questions: Contact Danny Rockhill 402-369-1154 or Levi Pofahl 402-929-0531 or email


Weather Updates/Cancellations: Will be posted on Wayne Wrestling Club Facebook Page.


Wayne Youth Wrestling Tournament Rules Sheet


  1. Pre-K….First pin will win the match, will continue to wrestle out 1st period or until 3 pins take place.


  1. 1st-8th grade… wins and ends the match.
  2. Locked hands will not be awarded points in Pre-k. 1st-2nd grade will get one warning and then points will be awarded….3rd-8th grade will use high school rules & points will be awarded for locked hands.
  3. Pre-k will begin all periods in the neutral position….if wrestlers go off the mat, they will return to the mat in the position in which they go off. 1st-8th grade will start 1st period in neutral position then flip for choice the next 2 periods.
  4. 12 point tech fall for prek-2nd grade. 15 pt. tech fall for all other grades.


  1. Varsity Overtime Rules. 1 min. sudden death, 30, 30, sudden death 30


  1. All matches will be 1 min. periods….time permitting 5th-8th grade may be switched to 90 seconds periods


  1. Bracket ties will be determined by criteria below
  2. Head to head
  3. Number of pins
  4. Number of tech. falls
  5. Number of takedowns
  6. Number of reversals
  7. Number of escapes
  8. Coin toss
  9. Weight challenges will be discussed at Coaches meeting.
  10. Team competition: Teams will be made up of 10 wrestlers max. A coach must submit a team roster before the meet starts of the 10 members. The coach is responsible for reporting the match outcome & placings of each team member at the end of the meet.